The Lord-Angel of the Nazarite Vow

Royal Rosamond Press can be called…A Pulp Fiction Newspaper. I report on the Ridiculous and the Sublime. I sit atop Rose Mountain, now. I see a young man. His name is Christian Greystoke. His father, John Greystoke has passed away and left him a chest of papers containing his life’s work. John had taken the Nazarite Vow, and is bidding Christian to go into the Drakensberg Mountains in search of a lost Dutch church who discovered some truths at the home of the Brotherhood of the Swan that made an alliance with the Zulu Nazarites.

Rosamond Press

The Angel of the Lord has bid me to go to South Africa and baptize the Shembe-Zulu Nazarite, and instruct them. Many Jews living in foreign lands, to the Nazarite Vow. I am sure the disciples of John the Baptist went into many lands to bring the Lost Sheep into the fold. These men, women, and slaves, made a pilgrimage to the temple to complete their vow. They were filled with the Holy Spirit that came to dwell in John – before he was born! John shared this Holy Spirit with Jesus – while in his mother’s womb.

Paul has altered the teaching. He was not spreading the Holy Spirit throughout the Diaspaora. It was everywhere when he got there. Paul was a Roman spy and agent, hired to alter the True Teaching, and intercept it.

I am done playing the Fool and being humiliated by those who do not…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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