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Carroll and Rosamond In Labyrinth
Posted on September 7, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

“My biopic on the artist Rosamond was optioned by Oscar-winning producer Ronald Schwary”
Lewis Carroll (Dodgson) was in love with Christine Rossetti, and moved in Pre-Raphaelite circles. Gabriel Rossetti did a painting of Fair Rosamond, as did other Pre-Raphaelite. In the probate of Rosamond is the claim I filed in 1997 where I state I am the only one worthy to author my late sister’s biography. I mention the Pre-Raphaelite and tell the executor it was my dream my family could be the next Rossetti family. Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland has been cited as a source of Pan’s Labyrinth. Above are photographs taken by Carroll, one of them being Fair Rosamond and Eleanor.

“In the interim between his early published writing and the success of the Alice books, Dodgson began to move in the Pre-Raphaelite social circle. He first met John Ruskin in 1857 and became friendly with him. He developed a close relationship with Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his family, and also knew William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, and Arthur Hughes, among other artists. He also knew the fairy-tale author George MacDonald well – it was the enthusiastic reception of Alice by the young MacDonald children that convinced him to submit the work for publication.[23][25]

Here is Julie Lynch who was hired to promote Rosamond, generate interest in her prints, and thus increase the sales of Rosamond’s work – for the sake of my two nieces, the Heirs. The book was a utter failure and my nieces are angry. Lynch made a movie, and had a Showtime series ‘Getting Off”. This sketch is like Alice in Wonderland and Pan’s Labyrinth, where Christine hid in a closet with a flashlight so as to draw in peace. My sister’s death is strange and fictional. If Ronald Schwary makes a movie about my late sister, then my review of this movie will be devistating. My true story will destroy this bullshit. Anyone who gets in my way, my chance for a movie to be made from the truth, will be dealt with by my attonrey.

Jon Presco

Similarities to Alice in Wonderland

Throughout Pan’s Labyrinth there are many similarities between it and Alice and Wonderland. By stepping into her imaginary world, Ofelia is escaping lies, death, and pain just like Alice was trying to do while escaping her marriage. In her article Alice’s Little Sister: Exploring Pan’s Labyrinth, Edwards says, “… this world seems to value energy and action and extols rebellion, disobedience and freedom of choice (Edwards 142). Ofelia is similar to Alice when she disobeys her mother by destroying her new dress while she was hunting the toad and also by ignoring the fairies and choosing a different door to unlock just like Alice did. Captain Vidal is also like a human version of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Vidal’s obsession with his pocket watch, time, and organization are mirror images of the white rabbits actions. The Mad Hatter’s lavish tea party is almost a replica of the Pale Man’s dinner in front of the scorching fireplace. The elongated table that stretches over a red and white checkered floor is reminiscent of the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland. Furthermore, the small imaginary doors that Ofelia drew out of chalk are very similar to the small doors that Alice had to climb through. Ofelia and Alice are very similar in character and personality, almost like the same spirits just living in two different times.

Rosamond Press

Stacey Pierrot hired another ghost writer who tells such a incredible lie that it could be considered a fairytale, but for the fact it is devoid of any magic. She says Christine’s kindergarten teacher gave a testimony about how talented this five year old was. How old would this teacher be? Did she write a letter, or make a recording. If a letter existed, why was it not scanned and put in this liar’s boiography? If she was thirty in 1952, she would be 90 today. How was she found? What school did she teach in? What city? Why are liars like this allowed around creative people?

Christine told me she rendered the image above in order to deal with Bill’s death. How did she deal with the Liars that surrounded her?


If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this…

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