Ephod Solar System

Here is a post I made on April, 14, 2014 ten days after I met Belle.

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I have a theory the Ark carried a crystal solar orb that omitted a powerful light after being exposed to the sun. Moses and Aaron were Egyptian Artisans who led a revolt amongst the Jewish people who were making pyramids. The ephod had jewels upon it that were laid over this orb and broadcast a solar system inside the Kings Chamber. This is the Thummim and the Urim. These jewels were not set in a square pattern. When laid over a sphere, these lights were broadcast in all directions. This is why there was a portable tent (tabernacle) and why the Holy of Holies was pitch dark.

Jon Presco

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Thummim (תוּמִים) is widely considered to be derived from the consonantal root תתּוּמִים (t-m-m), meaning innocent,[1][2][3] while Urim (אוּרִים) has traditionally been taken to derive from a root meaning lights;[

An ephod (Hebrew אֵפוֹד) (/ˈɛfɒd/ or /ˈiːfɒd/) was an…

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