Governor of Northwestern Alliance

I am at least a Write In Candidate for the office of Governor of Oregon! I will be running as a Traditional Republican after my kindred, John Fremont, a co-founder of the Abolitionist Republican Party. With the new redistricting, and addition of a New Representative, it is time for Oregonians, and others, to return to their traditional roots. Believing in The Truth is foremost to owning the totality of our Human Experience here on Earth. Most elected Republicans have signed The Alliance of The Big Lie, and thus are against American Democracy – and our Way of Life and Voting!

Above are members of the Oregon National Guard being deployed to our NATO duties. The Trumpite Cultist have cut all Americans off from the rest of the world. World leaders see our leaders – AS LIARS! This is the greatest crisis for the United States of America – since the Civil War! As the Governor of Oregon I will concentrate on RESTORING THE TRUTH…….For the Truth will keep us all free!

When I take office, I will call upon all members of NATO to sign an ALLIANCE OF TRUTH!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

DVIDS – Images – Oregon National Guard Soldiers mobilized to support NATO partners in Poland [Image 5 of 24] (

Oregon Treaty 1846 · Origins of the Ideology of Manifest Destiny. · HST 325 – U.S. Foreign Relations to 1914 (MSU)

Oregon Treaty 1846

The Oregon Treaty between the U.S. and British. Signed by President James K. Polk on June 15th, 1846. 

The Oregon Treaty was one of the first successes of Manifest Destiny. The Oregon Territory, was valuable to both the U.S. and Britain. At first, the territory was split among both nations. Drawn by the Willamette Valley and its vast resources, settlers moved west to the Oregon territory (U.S.). President James K. Polk made it his goal to enforce manifest destiny, no matter what the cost. He told the British the Oregon Territory would not be shared and this ultimately led to the Pig War (U.S.). The signing of the treaty in 1846 was important to Manifest Destiny because it showed the U.S. was willing to fight for westward expansion. 

19th century newspaper on the importance of the new territory 1829By The Savannah Georgian 

This piece from the Savannah Georgian talks about the Oregon Territory. It mentions that the territory is useless because it would cause conflict with other nations while the other side says that the soil is rich and it would be a great place to farm and have new territory to live. Although there are conflicting thoughts on the matter, the manifest ideals would win due to the aggressive nature the U.S. would take on gaining the territory from the British. 

Map of the Oregon Territory showing what the U.S. claimed and what both the U.S. and Britian claimed 1845-1846


Map of Oregon Territory after Treaty of Oregon 1846


This map on the left shows what parts were claimed by both the U.S. and Britain, and what the U.S. themselves claimed. The territory consisted of present day Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. The green area under the British-America Boundary became the major disputed area with the coined term “54-40 or Fight” by the U.S. to push their claims to the boundary.

The map below shows how the land ended up after the Treaty of Oregon. With this new land, the U.S created several new territories that would soon turn into the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Due to manifest destiny, President Polk was willing to go to war with Britain in order to obtain this land and warding off British influence in the area. Manifest destiny made Americans bold and willing to push boundaries in order to obtain what they wanted.

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