Norbert And Mary Magdalene

How synchronistic. I did not know about Ludwig when I posted this in 2016. For Morris&Buck to sell my family’s literary history – and art – to hostile outsiders, is the Cultural Crime of the Century!

John Presco

The Myth of Psychoanalysis: Wittgenstein Contra Freud (

In his remarks on Freud, there is both ambiguity and ambivalence in Wittgenstein’s views. The ambivalence stems from Wittgenstein’s admiration of Freud combined with his staunch condemnation of psychoanalytic theory. This ambivalence perhaps underscores the tension Wittgenstein felt between his own loyalty to science and his intuition that only mythologies – that is, invented manners of speaking – dissolve problems lying beyond the scope of scientific analysis.

“Here we go! I got a movie script for sale! This movie will unite the Bohemian World!

The Hypnotic Private Eye

A Movie Idea


Jon Presco

Copyrght 2016


A group of Freud’s disciples team up with a group of men’s magazine writers (known as The Lustful Eye), a couple of horror movie makers, the King of the Beatniks (who owns the Hungry 1) and Princess Marie Bonaparte, who claims she is the grandmother of Caryl Chessman. Together they hatch a scheme to alter the conciousness of the world, with the help of the Macumba Love Drug. They want to create a vortex of super creative people in the legendary Shangri-La that Carl’s father, Prince Peter, discovered in his visit to Tibet. This is the scheme that Ken Kesey stumbled upon when he lived in the experimental community on Perry Lane in Menlo Park. There is powerful evidence Ken was put in a hypnotic trance he never got out of. The giant image of Kesey in Springfield holds the key that will unlock your mind! Study that bookcase! Long live the Grateful Dead of Macumba!”

Rosamond Press

Yesterday I owned a very clear picture of Garth and Drew Benton in Christine Benton’s home, while my family was at the funeral. I just woke up from my old man nap, and I was at 13th. Street where I lived with The Loading Zone. The young Rena was asleep in the attic room. I couldn’t wait to see her face again. I awoke, and, I was just dreaming.

I have conducted the most magnificent piece of Detective Work – in history! I own the view of my destiny from my grandparents eyes. I have overcome one of the greatest obstacles a human being can encounter. Total Illusionists had invaded the World of Art and Literature, and I exposed them. I uncovered them. Now, I will bury them in a great work of literature. True History and True love of art, will be cleansed.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

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