Lilibet Mountbatten Descends From Bohemians

Fake Christians for Liar Trump want to end Bohemianism in California. Keep Gavin. Stop The Liars!

Rosamond Press

Crazy Mr. Noodles was trying to convince me Queen Elizabeth descends from a Super White Race that comes down to him from William the Conqueror.

White Supremist do not like the swarthy look of the Princess Elizabeth Frederick V, Elector of Palatine, King of Bohemia who looks like the Prescos – who came from Bohemia! I don’t think Meghan – cares about the poor Irish and their never ending identity crisis. If King James has supported Frederick, world history would have drastically changed. But, he is fighting with his kin in Scotland – over supremacy of that wretched land full of blue painted rebels and mad men called Celts. Here is the name to look at. From the House of Orange comes William the Conqueror who had the right to invade England from Holland. This is why Whitey Noodles went after Lara Roozmond calling her a “Gypsy skank”. He knew…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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