MGM Grand Air

Sande Green was married to a very wealthy man she does not give the first name of. Some wealthy people – who work for a very wealthy people – like to keep their names out of the limelight. Does Stacey Pierrot know Green’s first name? I suspect selling my family legacy and history to an outsider was done to – conceal information – and discovery! The Greens flew into Monterey Air owned by Robert Brevoort Buck – in their private jet – quite often. Robert would know this guy. I have wondered if the Green family hired Buck – who did not charge attorney fees. Why? Are they in business?

Sande (and her husband at the time) who took Christine parasailing, says;

Christine was terrified of water, at least the ocean.

As I recall, my sister was terrified of flying – and the ocean, which makes you wonder why she went into that dangerous cove – with her daughter! Her friend, and her husband, are trying to get Christine to FACE HER FEARS! Hmm! Sande and Christine fly on MGM Air for $3,000 dollars. Wow! Did they go to Vegas – to gamble? Do High Rollers – ride for free?

My friend, Michael Harkins, spotted Sande outside the chapel and exclaimed;

“What a looker!”

I just got a glimpse of her and believe that is Sande on the far right in painting above. Looks like Liz Taylor on the left who is being eye-balled. But, Christine did not know Liz, or know she was her cousin. That would have raised her status – immensely! Because I have proven Liz is my kindred, I am keen to clear my good name, and my families name, of the accusation we looted Rosamond’s house after the funeral. Did Sande hear of this? If so, she must have been SHOCKED! Did she feel compelled to back the “gallery personnel” who did not take part in the looting, or, so their hired ghost writer says, in what can be construed as slander. Is this why Stacey Pierrot never made an offer to me to have a show at the Rosamond Gallery? She invited Drew Benton to show her work. For sure, she did not help loot her own estate.

I’m going to take some time off to render works of art, and, will be wanting to look for gallery right away who would handle my work. I do not want nasty rumors floating around that I was one of the looters, so, I am asking Stacey Pierrot to make a video exonerating me. She should notify Sande and tell her the surviving artist – IS INNOCENT! She might want to invest in my art, This way…..THE DREAM WON’T DIE!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

WAIT A MINUTE! I just noticed the pointing finger in Rosamond’s painting ‘The Story Teller’ Hmm! Sande was in the hotel business. Did she know ‘The Gambler’ who owned MGM? Did Sande and Christine -really pay $3,000 dollars? Rosemary told me her daughter was putting her backers in her paintings. Was there any other crimes besides – GRAND LOOTING? Yes, the IRS was auditing the Bentons. Executor Sydney Morris said he took care of that matter. Hmm! I wonder if I can have my first art show at the MGM Hotel?

Have you solved the riddle about the most valuable item in Rosamond’s home – was? Don’t give up. The High Rollers are here. Some folks like to stay under the radar, and keep their noses clean. What has alarmed me when I purchased another copy of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ three years ago, was how Christine’s credibility is destroyed over and over! Was Sande pissed to read this? Did Snyder get her to sing a ND? I do wonder if Mr. Big got to Patrice Hanson, who destroyed my GRAND STORY. This is what is activating my PTSD.

I just heard in the video that was dedicated to keeping his name out of the news. Did Garth do a mural at Kerkorian’s house, that led to other commissions?

Pablo Picasso pieces to be auctioned in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal (

MGM Resorts International plans to auction off 11 pieces by Pablo Picasso this fall worth upward of $100 million.

The resort company is teaming with luxury art firm Sotheby’s to auction off Picasso works in MGM Resorts’ fine art collection, the companies announced Wednesday. The auction will take place Oct. 23 at the Bellagio and represents “the largest and most significant fine art auction to ever take place in Las Vegas,” the announcement said. Picasso would have turned 140 on Oct. 25.

Kabul Airport Explosions Hit Crowds Amid Evacuations (

MGM Grand Air Had ‘Emirates’-Like Luxury In The 1980s (

MGM Grand Las Vegas – Wikipedia

MGM Resorts International – Wikipedia

Tracinda – Wikipedia

Kirk Kerkorian and the First MGM Grand Hotel | ONE (

Sande Greene ‘The Wrench’

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

As I type the world is alas seeing the real Mr. Trump. The fabuosuly weathy like to own the Cloak of Invisibility. Such is the case of Sande Greene’s husband who had a very powerful – and invisible influence on the probate of Christine Rosamond Benton, especially if he is a good bud of Robert Buck.

In the chapter ‘Flying High’ Snyder does Raymond Chandler. Tom parts the curtain, and we get just a glimpse of how The Rich’ beheld all the chaos of the ‘Little People’. See how they pretend they are not playing Greek Gods on High, we just pawns in their game, they making sure of the outcome – they favor!

“It wasn’t that I hadn’t been warned that Sande Greene is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde, and smooth as a Gulf Shore breeze, which pretty much covers it.”

I just got a glimpse of Sande at the funeral. I should have persued her, and asked her to be my muse. She would have been flattered – somemore – because she is the blonde in the group painting Christine did. Instead, I went for Rena Easton, who  after listening to her schoolmate, went and told deputy sheriff, Dan Mayland, I was some sick stalker trying to turn her into the goddess, Venus. There is an old movie on this.

“Sande tells me she met her former husband, an investor, in Houston.”

Aha! Tom spills the beans! Geroge W. Bush, Houston = Oil Investor! Does Mr. Greene know Mr. Bush? How about Mr. Buck of the Big Buck Oil folks? How hard can this be?

“Christine and I met while I was living with my husband,” Sande says, “who had a mural painted by Garth Benton, together with some Rosamond originals. I’d heard of Rosamond and remembered her work from the 1970’s, though I knew nothing of Garth. But one of our favorite places to go – my husband had a private jet that could take us anywhere on a moments notice – was the Monterey Peninsula. We’d fly in whenever we wanted, a limousine would pick us up, and we’d hang out for a few days!”

Who did they hang out with, and, where did they stay? And, pray tell where is ‘The Lost Benton Mural’? I am on a Art Case. I want to know – for my book! Let me put on some ‘Thinking Music’ as we look at this list. You can play along! Us poor folks get to have some of the fun, some of the time! We don’ have to be fooled – all the time!

It appears the Mysterious Mr. Green, met Christine, purchased some Rosamonds, and, hired Garth to render a mural for him – before he met Sande! I surmise this mural is not in his home. Here is the Lost Getty Oil Man Mural that Mr. Green may have seen in person. Notice the arches. I wonder if Christine and Greene were having an affaire, and he had a desire to get Garth out of town. How sexy!

What is utterly out of this world, is, the painting my kindred ‘Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor’ is pretending to render on the beach. A hired ghost artist did this seascape. There is another close-up. It shows a BIG WAVE crashing on the rocks. There is a woman at its mercy. In the foreground is a figure dressed in black. Is this a premonition? Some say………”Art is the truth!” I agree.

This post is probably the story Christine was telling in her disappeared autobiography. ‘The Story Teller’ depicts a bunch of rich women gossiping about their rich and powerful men.


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“To Garth with appreciation of your wonderful assistance and with warmest, best wishes.”
– Betty and Gerald Ford
“What a joy to have your murals!”
– Bob and Dolores Hope
“Your work is truly fine, and you go above and beyond the call of duty. So when you present your final bill to me, make it for whatever you like…within reason, of course.”
– Barbra Streisand
“To master artist Garth Benton, and his two talented daughters, and with gratitude for your beautiful additon to our new home.”
– Rhonda “Mann” Flemming
(Partial List)
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hope
Pres. and Mrs. Gerald Ford

Sande Green – Blonde Bombshell | Rosamond Press

Are Sande Greene & Robert Buck – Friends? | Rosamond Press

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