Sande Green – Blonde Bombshell

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Michael Harkins spotted Sande Green getting out of a limo and walking ahead of us to attend Christine Rosamond Benton’s funeral.

“Look at her. What a knock-out! Who is she?” my best friend asked.

“I don’t know!” I replied.

I too was taken in by this beautiful blonde who I  believe is the blonde on the far right in Rosamond’s painting ‘Story Teller 2″  When I saw this painting on the wall in the house Christine lived in, I had an epiphany. I believe Sande and her husband were at the meeting I was kept away from on March 27, 1994. I believe my mother was at that meeting because she had come up from LA to celebrate Christine’s first sober birthday in AA. I believe the man who gave me a dirty look at the funeral reception at the gallery, was Sande Green’s husband, who was also at that meeting, for, how did Rosemary know he was “rich and powerful”.

When my good friend, Michael Harkins – a Private Investigator – suggested “murder” could not be counted out because of the lies. My family latched on to that as their defense. I had to be mentally ill, delusional. The proof was all on me. I was isolated. My daughter took Vicki’s side. Heather and her mother accused me of being abusive. If they could have committed me to a mental hospital, they would have.

I was not trying to prove a case of murder. I still want to know what happened! Michael worked with William Lindhart who worked for Chessman, and was asked to contribute to Oliver Stone’s movie about his good friend, Jim Morrison. Thomas Pynchon is in my family tree.

Michael took me out to the Rosamond’s garage and showed me the projector Christine had set up there to crank out more images that were stacked to the ceiling. Here was THEIR MOTIVE. They believed these prints would triple in price, now that the ARTIST WAS DEAD! Rosamond’s success was waning, and she owed money to members of our family.  My uncle was good friends of Walter and Margaret Keane and had them to his house for dinner. Consider how Margaret was captured and held prisoner. Christine’s husband was not selling his art.

Michael worked for William Lindhart who was hired by Cayrl Chessman. Bill took us out to lunch and then we took him to KTVU for an interview. Michael was good friends of the Stackpole family. Peter took photos of our kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who I bring into the picture to trump the destructive influence the wealthy Greens had on this creative family legacy that I founded as a boy.

At this time I suggest my Muses, Rena Easton, and Belle Burch, make amends with me. I do not want them to end up on the wrong side of history. I also want them to model and submit photographs.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

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    I’m going to drop a Chessman Bobm on Bill Arney and knock him off – my pedestal – that was meant for me…And he knew it! Bill is a usurper!

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