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The two daughters of Senator Thomas Hart Benton held Salons. Jessie Fremont had one in San Francisco that Mark Twain and Bret Harte attended. Susan had a salon in Paris, and I can not find any information. Her son was Philip Boileau who rendered images of beautiful women that remind me of his kin, Christine Rosamond Benton. Armarylus Fleming had to know about her mother’s Salon because she grew up in Eve’s house on Cheyne Walk. Jessie Lyman is the daughter of the famous artist Thomas Hart Benton who was a good friend of Jackson Pollack. The Lyman family had a Salon of radicals on Fort Hill that were extended famiy members – who could have been supported by the Benton Art Legacy. Two family members starred in the movie Zabriskie Point.

The Fremonts at Black Point

Posted on September 11, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

Jessie Benton held a Salon at the Fremont home on Black Point. Hermnan Melville stayed with the Fremonts, and Bret Harte was a frequent guest. Three miles away in Belmont, William Ralston was entertaining Mark Twain in his Salon. You can see Jessie’s features in my niece, Drew Benton. How could the so called “Caretaker” of the Rosamond legacy miss all this important family history?

Jon Presco

Jesse Benton Fremont by Susan Saperstein She is thought to be the real author behind the successful writings of John C. Fremont (general, senator, presidential candidate, and the Pathfinder of the West) describing his explorations. Jesse Benton Fremont (1824– 1902), Fremont’s wife, was also the daughter of Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton, a leading advocate of Manifest Destiny, a political movement pushing expansion to the West. And in her event-filled life, some of her happiest times were at her house in San Francisco’s Black Point area, now known as Fort Mason. The Fremonts lived there between 1860 and 1861. The prop- erty included three sides of the point, and Jesse described it “like being on the bow of a ship.” They had a clear view of the Golden Gate, so named by John when he first viewed it in 1846. Alcatraz was so close that Jesse is said to have called the lighthouse on the island her nightlight.

Rosamond Press

From the vantage point of Mary Ann Tharaldsen at our wedding reception held at my brother’s house, the world was beginning to look like her oyster. Bryan McClean played at our wedding, but did now show up at my brother’s house. Mary Ann is a peer of Jessie Benton who would become my kin when Christine married Garth Benton. I had a fantasy of marrying the widow, Mimi Farina – when I met her in 1966. Peter Shapiro played at our wedding reception in Oakland, and played at two of the Acid Tests. I just read a great article on Owsley, which made me ask what I am doing here, putting people together who pioneered another dimension which had ten thousand built-in philosophies in it. What if Ludwig Wittgenstein had -dropped? Now our military is suggesting aliens are real?

That makes three family newspapers. Jessie Benton had a salon in…

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