CIA Controlled Culture

I am going to contact members of the European and see if they will send representatives to the West Coast – for starters!

Rosamond Press

I have been stuck between two worlds. As a religious-leftist, neither side likes, nor reads my stuff. They choose to ignore me – or hate me! I am a new breed of journalist: Half Prophet & Half Crazy. But, there is a Realist Streak in me that cuts like a Angel’s Knife!

POTUS and the Republicans claim Mueller did not dig deep enough. How far he dug – is none of their business!? Now a Impeachment Group goes to work. This is how it goes. Consider John Wilson and Shakespeare. We have a Wester Culture to sustain. With Putin’s interest in genealogies that matches the cosmology of Herbert Armstrong, there is so much to work with. My newspaper is the last Counter-culture Rag – standing!

When Rena had Deputy Dan give me a jingle I launched a the CCF on Bozeman in order to capture ‘Beauty’.  I then tried to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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