Code of Jeanne (John) de Rougemont

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The Queen Mother

Joanna/Jeanne of Ferrette/Pfirt, is consider the Queen Mother of all the Habsburgs. She had many children late in life. Her first five children were stillborn. Then she had Rudolph. She had her last child when she was fifty-one, which leads me to suspect there were surrogate mothers. Jeanne had two sisters. Jeanne went before the Pope to take a test to see if she was qualified to be the exception to the Salic Law. Then there is the strange burials of the Habsburgs. It’s is as if they knew there was a different linage. Rudolph invented a code. He married Catherine of Bohemia, and thus the long and complicated bond with the land that was ruled by the Senshiem and Schwarzenbergs. Jimmy Rosamond, the caretaker of the Rosamond genealogy, says the Rosamond name stems from the name Rougemont.  Were the Stuttmeisters related to the Schwarzenbergs?

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