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My childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, and I were at the Human Be-In. It had rained the night before and the grass was wet. It got warm in a hurry, but very few people had something to sit on. This is why in the video so many people are standing.

Nancy and I were confused as to what was being laid before us. We were very concerned about the war in Vietnam, and hoped there was a solution – from the left. We were already doing a Alternative Reality by taking LSD with our friends. We questioned the motives of what looked like leaders – on the stage – with Hell’s Angels backup to keep the sound equipment from being stolen. Bullshit! The artist, Michael Bowen put this on. He and Cohen help a previous event where Ken Kesey was present, but, stayed in the background. I noticed there are similarities between Bowen and I who published the Oracle, a alternative newspaper.

With the chaos in Afghanistan, the Free World is doing some deep soul searching. We are reminded of the withdrawal from Vietnam. What is – THE TOTAL COST – of both wars? Could we have spent THE MONEY more wisely? What is – THE OBJECTIVE? I think my generation was sold a bill of goods by so called Beat Authors who were abusing drugs and alcohol together. Jack and Ken died of alcoholism. My late friend drank with Michael McClure, Jim Morrison, and me. I abused drugs and alcohol, and haver thirty-four years of sobriety. Does this count for anything? Yes…..because we get a RESTART! We get to AUTHOR a enduring sober secular ticket on how we are going to handle our powerful enemies – which include the Racist Red State Menace – that China throws in the face of our diplomats in the cultural war they are having with THE BUBBITES that Trump played to. We are engaged in a Cultural Civil War – and all of Europe knows it. They crossed their fingers and hope Biden could – heal us. He failed. Europe depended on us for backup!

I just informed my friend Peter Shapiro, about what happened to my best friend, Keith Purvis. He was Nancy’s lover on Pine Street, and I was Carrol’s. Keith found a lost bag of designer drugs behind the refrigerator of our friend. He was babysitting their Afghans and had a week to search for that shit. He found it behind the refrigerator – and took them all! His brother came down to LA to get me. We could do nothing.

I’m going to hang our Hippie Hat on Joaquin Miller who has the Cogswell family in his tree. Joaquin was labeled a ‘Bohemian’. He went to Europe and got much attention. I have been taking away the Fremonts from the Red State Neo-Confederate Menace, but, so far the Left does not get it. Most want a black and white choice. Many have opted for a drug solution in Pot. They work on their comfort zone. They want easy solutions while the wolf is blowing down all our doors. I am taking a hard look at my Anti-drug stance I took in 1967. Check out THE LOOKS OF GOOD SCEPTICS. Nancy and I asked’

“Leaders? We need no stinken leaders!”

The Hippie Movement died – that day! The war in Vietnam – may not be over! Jesus – is not the answer! What is?

John Presco

In U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia sees an opening (

Moscow — In the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan following the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces this week, Russia sees an opportunity to step up its role as a regional power in its own backyard. But it also faces a host of risks, prompting the country to pursue a dual approach: diplomacy with the Taliban and displays of strength along its border.

Human Be-In – Wikipedia

Michael Bowen (artist) – Wikipedia

The Love Pageant Rally took place on October 6, 1966[1]—the day LSD became illegal—in the ‘panhandle’ of Golden Gate Park, a narrower section that projects into San Francisco‘s Haight-Ashbury district. The ‘Haight’ was a neighborhood of run-down turn-of-the-20th-century housing that was the center of San Francisco’s counterculture in the 1960s.

The major instigators of the rally were Allen Cohen and artist Michael Bowen, the creators of the San Francisco Oracle, which first hit the streets in September 1966. The occasion was the banning of LSD, by the California legislature in Sacramento, an enactment which virtually created a neighborhood of outlaws in the Haight, where ‘acid’ was a staple of community culture. Since the new law was to go into effect on October 6, 1966, Cohen and others related the event to the number of the Beast of Revelation. On a more serious level, busts for drugs were ramping up locally and on the national level, and confrontations between the hippie communes and the local police were getting more intense and led to street protests and rioting, followed by neighborhood curfews. A better form of protest, more suited to hippie culture was needed.

“Without confrontation,” said Allen Cohen, “we wanted to create a celebration of innocence. We were not guilty of using illegal substances. We were celebrating transcendental consciousness. The beauty of the universe. The beauty of being.”

Posters advertising the event invited participants to “Bring the color gold… Bring photos of personal saints and gurus and heroes of the underground… Bring children… Flowers… Flutes… Drums… Feathers… Bands… Beads… Banners, flags, incense, chimes, gongs, cymbals, symbols, costumes, joy.”[2]

Thousands showed up for the event, read a “prophecy of a declaration of independence” written by Cohen, after which many placed a tab of acid on their tongues and swallowed in unison. Music was provided by the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin,[3] both invited to play by Michael Bowen for free. Ken Kesey was on hand with the Merry Pranksters in the legendary bus.

The Love Pageant Rally drew several thousand people. It was a warm-up for the Human Be-In[4] the following January, which brought 30,000 together and established media attention to hippie culture that then led to The Summer of Love.

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    I was a Beatnik when I was twelve years old. I hitchhiked to New York City in 1963 when I was seventeen years old and lived in The Village. I am kin to Liz Taylor and the Getty family who have backed the political career of Gavin Newsom who is going to hold on the Governorship. Time to open Europe up to Young Idealists again.

    The campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom lost so much momentum in the past month that bettors now say there’s over an 85% chance that the effort fails.

    Betting markets swing in favor of Gov. Gavin Newsom as California recall effort enters home stretch (

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