William Pynchon and God Crucified

Around the seventh of this month I expressed my deep depression to Mr. Smyth, who I talk to almost everyday. I told him I got a real glimpse into our future, and saw the end of America due to games Trump zealots are playing with COVID19. I said here is the main ingredient, and motive for going deadly-insane…..”Persecution! Persecution! Persecution! ”

Trump is working the Christian love of – going to their cross – like no other! Our EX is being instructed. We are seeing New Witch Hunts. I claim my Puritan History in the name of Secular Sanity. https://rosamondpress.com/2021/08/09/rabid-christian-monster-loves-sin/


Rosamond Press

Two days before I discovered the writing of William Pynchon, I debated whether or not I would apply my belief the Crucifixion of Jesus ‘The Man’,  never happened, to the Moravian church. Jesus is not God, because there would be TWO Gods.. The Jews considered this a heresy, that their ONE God was crucified, and somehow, became the God of the Christians. I believe this idea was invented by Paul/Saul of Tarsus in order to wrest Jesus ‘The Jew’ from the Judaizers who still clung to the Laws of Moses that God gave to Moses, and ‘The Jew’. Moses saw God – in person! Paul did not see God, or Jesus, after Jesus -died! This is a Great Transference, and is Anti-Semitic, a issue that was voted on in ur Congress. Most of Christianity teaches Anti-Semitism.

Paul is a GOD-HATER, who rarely talks about Jesus, he very busy talking about…

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