I am in love with my model Alina Timo. She is…A Woman Named Melodramatic! She admits she can not be with her friends for more than twenty minutes. She has a super brain that may come from Harald Hardrada, who may be the smartest man that ever lived.

I want her to star in my movie – just about Starfish. Where does she get these incredible hand-jesters?  She is saying she is her own best company, and, no one can keep up with her. This is why she is extra-explaining. No one is going to get her. Genius!

“I’m mentally unstable. I’m always going through something. I can give you twenty minutes. Then – Ding-dong – you got to go!”


Rosamond Press

Starfish – is real! There is no greater reward for a writer then to see one of your fictional characters – come alive. Alina (Rena) Timo is Russian. In this video she says she is going to break “the man code of the universe” because she is a savage and a Cossy (Cossack). This is amazing adlib. The making busy work with her hands as she asks for “the man” to come clean, and admit he has a job, is getting paid for coming up with these unbelievable smooze-lines women have endured for years. This is why BAD hired Miriam Starfish Christling as Victoria Rosemond Bond’s bodyguard. Her parents invented Rocky Mountain Foot Fighting. Victoria has lived a sequestered life – with no female friends to mimic – while getting filled in on the Girl Game. You do not want to be next to this woman on a bar stool…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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