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The Anti-White People wanted the statue of Jack London – torn down! To STOP this, I cloaked ART in Science Fiction. With THE TRUTH a large portion of the White Southern Christian Nation of Jesus, is deliberately using a Red State Plague to divest Biden and the Democrats – OF POWER – so David-Trump will be INSERTED back into the White House in eight months – where he will give his O.K. for the rebuilding of the Temple – I can no longer support religious realities as they exist. RELIGION IS NOT THE ANSWER. God is dead!

Jack’s ‘The Scarlet Plague’ has come true! How did her DO IT should be the primary a concern OF ALL RACES on the planet! Did any Native American Shaman’s see this coming from


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Science Fiction Square

A Proposal


Jack Presco

Copyright 2021

In 1987, the head of Serenity Lane and the Buckley House in Eugene Oregon, suggested I was a Walk-in after I told Hillary I had a near-death experience in 1967. Several times I wondered if the spirit of Jack London had come back to complete some un-finished work. Yesterday, I learned Jack delivered a racist rant that suggested a plague be put upon the Chinese People so their numbers would be severely decreased. Later that evening, I discovered Jack wrote a science fiction novel titled..


Now, I am not Jack’s apologist, but he may have had a glimpse into our future when he shot his fool mouth off. Perhaps it was – the booze talking? But, the truth remains, Jack London qualifies to be titled..


What I am proposing, is the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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