Jack and Ken Were Alcoholics

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

After promising me he WOULD NOT employ The Presco Family Sobriety in his evil biography of a famous woman artist – with a massive drinking problem – Tom Snyder, the ghost writer – went to town! He had himself a field day! What does that mean? I’m sure Patrice and Heather Hanson filled Snyder in on all my literary plans I shared with my newfound daughter and her mother – who agreed to be my wife – then denies it after she stole my child once again! Can this be labeled – ATTEMPTED MURDER? Christine Rosamond is given allot of posthumous support for her recovery – that ended on her first sober birthday – the day she drowned! In AA we don’t honor – DEAD DRUNKS!

My daughter and her family have given me a strong message they do not support my poor sobriety, and do not care if I feel isolated and sorry for myself and go back to drinking! Add to this the fact Jack London was a alcoholic who committed suicide, then I being thirty-four years sober – is a miracle – because I have written more words then all three authors – combined! And they are Beat and Bohemian-like paragraphs – that do not promote drug or alcohol. How many Beat-Bohemian newspapers are there in the world?

Jack Kerourac – was a basket case! He lived with his mother in a quaint village. When he came to speak at Harvard, my friend Ed Corbin was elected by his English class to HELP the King of Beat Writers, show him the town, take him out to dinner. They were up all night drinking. They came on the stage – drunk! Jack told the class;

“Ed knows me and my work. He will be speaking for me!”

The professor dragged Ed off the stage, and told Jack he signed a contract. Jack did not own a car after that – which is a good thing! He pushed a grocery cart around town. He could have gone on a world speaking tour and made a million dollars – but he blew it! He was not – TRUSTWORTHY!

I filmed Ed several years ago, along with his art that was piled in his closet. I should have asked him about that historic day in English Literature, and thus there would be a historic record from the horses’ mouth! I am kin to the Bohemian Artist, Augustus John, via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and all members of the Getty family. Allot of substance abuse went down. I compare the artwork of ED AND HIS SONS to the John family of artists and musicians.

The town of Greenville burned down a couple of days ago. California is drying up! The scenic Beat Town of Mendocino – has run out of water! Can I put some of the blame on the Buck Family of oil and timber exploiting? We know the World Climate – is toast!

In 1968 I went to Mendocino with my sixteen year old girlfriend, Cindy Blake, and stayed in her sister’s geodesic dome. Her husband got up at five in the morning and took a boat out fishing. This is how this Super Hippie couple made a living. Harry Blake was Johnny Carson’s make-up man. Cindy took over when her father retired, but, it was not the same. I suspect this is why Carson retired. The Blake family lived next door to the Molnar family who i was staying with when I came down with Whooping cough when I was twelve. I dropped acid with Tyler and Rand Molnar that Kath Blake mailed them from Mendocino. They kept sugar cubes in the freezer. I dropped with Cindy when she was fourteen. Here we are in my parents pool. Her parents paid for cost of fixing up a shed by their pool that became our Love Nest. I was like Tarzan. I lived with my mother – and swam in two pools! The teen girls next door invited me to swim naked with them – in their Mom’s pool. Provincial Jack – could not cope! He had East Coast morays, and – was too hung up! Read Buknowski again and study these pics.

After I split and went back up North, my kin Michael Dundon showed up. Harry offered his $10,000 dollars to marry Cindy – and take her off his hands. Both daughters were fierce Hippie Rebels – and he was their Mark. This is the real ‘Wonder Years’.

My sister-in-law was Sue Lyon’s best friend. My brother drove this actress to Santa Monica City College where they went to school. Cindy is a Valley Girl – the real deal!

When I ran into Nancy at Far Mann’s she gave me a long hug and said she was going to see our ex-roommate, Barry Zorthian when she goes down to the Bay area. Her late-father was was titled ‘The Last of The Bohemians’. I believe I own this title because I KNOW JACK BETTER than all writers, because I have walked in his shoes. I look at these pics of Jack, and I see – ME! For my family to treat me like I am a using drunk, while, blessing outsiders who do not suffer, is an outrage blessed by the law firm owned by Robert Brevoort Buck, who set up Alcohol Justice and a scientific search for longevity – as Marine runs out of water. What is Wells Fargo bank doing about this real crisis? The Hippies and Beats are being blamed for everything, because their plan to Save The World – FAILED! They also FAILED – to end all wars! As for freedom of speech – they back the Democrats who stole the election. And thus, many Republicans are refusing to wear a mask and get vaccinated.

  1. MILITARYa review or an exercise, especially in maneuvering.
  2. 2.NORTH AMERICANa day devoted to athletic contests or other sporting events, typically at a school.


For Kerouac, Off the Road and Deep Into the Bottle, a Rest Stop on the Long Island Shore – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

The historic California town of Mendocino is running out of water and the reservoir it depends on is drying up amid a devastating drought in the state. 

“It’s dire and it’s only getting worse,” said Ryan Rhoades, the town’s groundwater manager. Rhoades said he’s considering bringing in water by train. In the meantime, the local high school has offered some of its reserves, which is only one truckload of water per day. “That’s the problem,” he said.

More than 84% of California is experiencing extreme drought, where the current water supply is deemed inadequate for agriculture, wildlife, and urban needs, according to the National Integrated Drought Information System. So far, this year has been the third driest year on record in terms of precipitation, and it comes after another remarkably dry year, according to Jay Lund, an environmental engineering professor at the University of California, Davis.  

California tourist town Mendocino running out of water amid drought: “It’s dire and it’s only getting worse” – CBS News

Into the Bottle, a Rest Stop on the Long Island Shore

By Corey Kilgannon

  • Dec. 31, 2006

NORTHPORT, N.Y. — The King of the Beats was already a literary celebrity when he moved with his mother, Gabrielle, to this Long Island harbor town in 1958, but the locals remember him mainly as a broke barfly who padded about barefoot or in bedroom slippers.

“He never had any money, so he’d get your ear till you bought him a drink, always Schenley’s whiskey,” Bob Reid, a 69-year-old clammer, recalled of Jack Kerouac’s six years here, much of them spent in Murphy’s, a salty bar overlooking the public dock where the fishermen, lobstermen and clammers would come in still wearing their smelly hip waders.

“He dressed like a bum, wore an old ratty overcoat and always needed a shave,” Mr. Reid added. “We knew he was a writer but we didn’t know he was famous. He never talked about books, maybe because we weren’t exactly a book crowd.”

Another clammer, Denny Teal, 63, stepped off his work boat and waved his hand dismissively when asked about Kerouac. “He liked to sit by the gas heater in the back of Gunther’s,” Mr. Teal said, referring to another tavern Kerouac frequented, “and he could talk up a storm when the drinks were flowing. If he could’ve wrote down half of what he was rambling on about, that’d be the best Kerouac book of them all.”

Using some of his advance from “On the Road” for a down payment, Kerouac, at 36, bought a house on Gilbert Street, but he shunned the persona of suburban square.

He did not mow his lawn, drive a car or have a job. He read avidly from the local library, but refused to enter, choosing instead to have a librarian retrieve his books while he waited outside. He drank at home late into the night, playing music from his vast collection of reel-to-reel tapes, often blasting macabre selections from requiem Masses past midnight.

“He never had a car, so he walked or got a ride wherever he was going,” said Louis Goldin, 77, who lived next door to the house Kerouac moved into in 1962, at 7 Judy Ann Court. “He was just another guy in the village. You’d see him walking into town pulling one of those old-lady shopping carts for groceries.”

Associated more with places like Greenwich Village or San Francisco, Kerouac told friends that the bucolic New England feel of Northport reminded him of his hometown, Lowell, Mass. In Northport, an hour’s drive from Manhattan, he could maintain contact with artistic and publishing circles, yet escape the pressures and pitfalls of fame.

He was not especially productive here, working unsteadily on a number of shorter projects and a novel he called “Memory Babe.” Emotionally fragile and beset by alcoholism, not to mention a complicated relationship with his mother, Kerouac was declining physically, disillusioned by his celebrity and growing apart from his radical friends and artistic colleagues.

Booth-Kelly Lumber Company In Springfield

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

“Hi Dan. Ten years ago we talked in your office about the white equestrian statue outside your office. According the ongoing Kesey Square Myth, this horseman may come alive in the night, and drag Kesey statue over to Springfield – with your assistance. Is this true?”

I have known Dan Egan since I moved to Springfield eleven years ago. Recently, we discussed his prophecy that Springfield would soon own the statue of Ken now located in Eugene. Or, did Neil Laudati tell me this? There is a Trojan Horse, here? I have found the hidden Mr. Burns. In theory, I own the history of Springfield. Helen is my friend. I have talked about running for Mayor. I will beautify this lumber town. I own the real story of a lone poor man taking on the powerful and rich man with a bevy of attorneys, who depicted my famous sister as a deranged and dangerous lunatic, thus her legacy had to taken over by sane outsiders!

“Mr. Buck is a prominent Mason, a Knight Templar and Odd Fellow, and a member of various clubs, including the Bohemian, of San Francisco; the Pacific-Union of the same city, the San Francisco Gold and Country Club, the Claremont Country Club, of Oakland, California, and the Sutter Club, of Sacramento, California.”

From Frank would come the largest family trust on earth that is worth a billion dollars. Because there was alcoholism in the family, it was founded to combat this disease, and help the poor people of Marin. Maybe we can get Springfield in on this action, because Buck bucks, built this town – and Beverly Hills!

After my friend, Mark Gall, paid for my membership in the Emerald Art Association, I talked with Dan in his office at the old Springfield train station. He gave me his last copy of the history of Springfield which I donated to a merchants organization on Main street, that is now defunct. Then, came the rejection of the history I was compiling on the Fremont-Benton family by the founders of Emerald Arts, who I was told by the director were the widows of the men who owned logging companies. Were any of them kin to Frank Buck, the President of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company that built a huge lumber mill in Springfield, and, was based in Eugene. Frank was the major stock holder. Why haven’t we heard of him. Where is his monument and plaque. He is the real Mr. Burns!

“Mr. Buck is interested as a stockholder and Director in the Rodeo Land & Water Co., of Los Angeles, which owns 3100 acres of land near Los Angeles. The townsite of Beverly stands on part of this land. Mr. Buck is President of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company, of Eugene, Oregon, and has heavy timber holdings in that section of the Northwest. He also is a Director of the Bakersfield Iron Works.”

Why did the artist who designed the Kesey mural put these Biblical words where the signature of the artist traditionally go? I and my niece have been fighting a conglomerate that made millions fro Oregon trees.

A month ago, my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, saw the real me. I was having dinner at Far Manns in Springfield. My waitress was giving me the eye, again. She took over my station just to wait on me. I found out her middle name was Rose, which was her grandmother’s first name. I told her about my Rosy family. We made a date, and she tells me she lives in a recovery house. I tell her I just had my thirty year birthday. I offer to be her sponser until she get’s one. I turn to say something to Rose, and am staring at Nancy. She is with Jerry in a booth. I say hello!

Nancy tells me she did not hear our conversation, but, she is being polite, and shy. She asks me if I have talked with Bill’s sister, his lover, and his son. Bill was killed on railroad track on my eighteenth birthday. He was a beautiful artist and writer. He was the love of Nancy’s and Christine’s life, who did this painting in memory of my childhood friend. This painting is discussed in my sister’s biography. I am vilified in this book of lies. Garth Benton says Christine received a letter from me wherein Bill is mentioned.

I read words suggesting if I had passed a letter to Bill, that Christine wrote, she could have saved Bill, and, he would still be alive, today. This lie was conjured up by a member of the Buck family. It was meant to destroy me. People wanted me to take my life. People who surrounded Rosamond, thought she would take her life. I have shown a powerful lawfirm who handled Christine’s probated………….they own no death scene!

I was doing a painting at the time of Bill’s death. I set up my easle before the T.V. because my friend’s two favorite movies were on; ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. It was just after midnight. I was painting a railroad track at night. I put my friend standing by the tracks looking at me.

“Hello Bill!”

Nancy made references to the video I made at the dedication of the Kesey mural in Springfield. She appologised for the ending. She said she was shy. I told the first girl I ever kissed that she was one of the most honest and integral human beings I ever met. We hugged each other. We went to – that place! We were so beautiful – and perfect! We were perfect every day. When we awoke, and wondered again, if this perfection would ever end, we smiled, for to wonder such a thing is such a perfect thing to wonder about.

I have not read ‘Sometimes a Great Notion’. I could barely watch the movie, for, there is our Bill captured under the log, and we are so helpless. We tried. He was a suicide. He was nineteen. His play had just been rejected by an editor who made a point to come see him. Bill believed the worth of a man is judged by the worthiness of his enemy. ‘The Fountainhead’ was another favorite book. Bill became Howard Roarke. He saw himself as Lenny. I was George. Nancy gave George a hug at Far Manns. Nancy honored ‘The Survivor’ of one of the most beautiful and creative bond, the world has ever known – if only someone would tell the tale.

When I visited Nancy and the Springfield Creamery in 1986, she suggested I write the history of the Hippies because I could recall so much. I knew she wanted me to write Bill’s story. I had grown up in his shadow. But, this time, at Far Mann’s, she no longer wanted me to author Bill’s story – or mine! She told me she and Jerry had not come to this restaurant for twenty years. When they did, they got to see the real me, the hidden me. I can see that Ken admired John Steinbeck, and his mice who want to be men.

“What is a man?”

I am a Lamed vav Tzardikim. I am the ‘concealed one’. In this life I am ‘The Rose of the World’. I am the Beautiful Rose Artist. I have come to save………..Art! I have been elected. How I was elected is what Ken’s two novels are about! I even did a cote of arms – before I knew who I was – fore sure. I have suffered. No artist has suffered more. No artist has loved art – more! My betrayal is so complete, there is nowhere to go. There is not diversion. No one to blame. I have been elected by a process that does not understand itself. I am on the railroad tracks. There is a train coming. Last night………I found that train. It is…….on time! Of course you are going to title me ‘Mad’. That’s what you do! That’s your job! It’s all about making money, and having money – for you!

Nancy was at my graduation from Serenity Lane. She had me meet Ken several times. I heard he had a drinking problem. Here is the Buck Trust.


Buck & Fargo In The Recovery Industry

Posted on June 6, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Coyright 2021

Is it possible aspects of the Buck Foundation, and Wells Fargo, had plans to corner the market on the ‘The Recovery Industry’? Along with research that extends the lives of folks who suffer from ‘Death’, is there a new plan and program to cure folks from Death Due To Drink? My science fiction novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ – has come true! Big Brother Buck took over my family. The Prescos were kidnapped by…..BIG RECOVERY. Watch this video!

“Seeking submissions. SUBMIT – OR DIE!”

You can’t make this shit up! Or – can you?

I began The Gideon Computer in 1986 while I was still using. I got into the New Hope program at Serenity Lane to get sober, so I could live to finish it. It has become true. The Gideon Institute – is for real!

John Presco

President: California Barrel Company

The Gideon Computer Atop Beacon Hill | Rosamond Press

(52) REEL Recovery Film Festival – San Francisco 2014 – Highlights – YouTube

How Court-Ordered Alcoholics Anonymous Works (verywellmind.com)

Inside The $35 Billion Addiction Treatment Industry

Dan MunroContributorHealthI write at the intersection of healthcare technology and policy.FollowThis article is more than 6 years old.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency estimates that over 23 million Americans (age 12 and older) are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), just under 11% (2.5 million) received care at an addiction treatment facility in 2012. SAMHSA also estimates that the market for addiction treatment is about $35 billion per year.

The vast majority of addiction treatment is based either partially or entirely on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but is there scientific evidence to support AA as a clinical treatment? Should addiction treatment centers make enormous profits by simply funneling substance abusers into the free fellowship of AA?

These are the primary questions behind The Business of Recovery ‒ a new documentary that opened earlier tonight at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Like many documentaries, there are some startling statistics ‒ including this provocative one delivered early in the 81-minute film.

I became the Director of the Alcoholism Treatment Unit at Harvard’s McLean Hospital. I’ve probably treated a couple of thousand people who have one addiction or another. Almost all residential treatment programs in the United States are 12 Step based, so their effectiveness will depend entirely on whether 12 Step programs work and the statistics for AA are not good. It is helpful for 5‒10% and that’s a good thing. That’s 5‒10% of people who are being helped by A.A. ‒ it’s a lot better than zero percent ‒ but it shouldn’t be thought of as the standard of treatment because it fails for most people ‒ for the vast majority of people. Lance Dodes, MD ‒ Addiction Expert & Author ‒ Harvard Medical School Graduate in The Business of Recovery

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