Bond Bashing Galore!

I should have been posting on this blog examples of the thinking on a James Bond group that inspired me to invent a Provincial Midwest Bond who takes a nice old couple shopping for Amish furniture to go in the house M16 has bought them after Jehan wrote the British Embassy in Lincoln.

“Dear Sirs; I just discovered my old muse has moved back to Nebraska and is living in a small trailer in the parking lot of the church she attends. Parishioners are keeping her alive with donated food, that for the most part, consist of Tomato Soup and Garbanzo Beans. She is too stoic, to complain. She was married to Commodore Sir Ian Easton of the British Defense Staff. She gets his Naval pension of $76 dollars a month. This is an outrage.”

When these names were typed in, a large file came up – including pics of the nude shoot Rena did in the woods for the Oktoberfest held at the University of Oregon. Her mound of Venus got allot of attention, and she became the secret pin-up girl for allot of secret agents. As it turned out, Sir Easton was a spy and was on a very secret mission when he expired. His secret dossier – is missing. James Bond is sent to the rescue. He is on a fishing expedition. When he takes Rena and Jehan to the Amish furniture store, he is asked to put out his cigarette.

“No. I won’t put it out. I need to smoke while I’m concentrating. What pattern would you choose for the recliners?”

Security is called. A scuffle breaks out. Bond calls the British Embassy and a Special Foreign Entitlement is rushed over. This angers the other shoppes, some wearing red MAGA caps.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Bond…..James Bond!”

Jehan of Rose Street | Rosamond Press

After my last post about the Art Empire of Elisa Stephens, it should be clear to Robert Brevoort Buck, the A-Team he blessed is the old A-Team that drove the Rosamond Dynasty into the ditch, and, the Pierrot Family really LOWBALLED the whole operation. WE CAN start over again. Put me at the helm! Give me a bundle of Art Money!

John Presco

EXTRA! I just posted this on my 007 group.

Wonderful stuff. I have taken the liberty, as an American, to lift some of the Bond Bashing stuff and paste it on my blog. I am kin to Ian Fleming and have two Bond books going at the same time. I created a more provincial Midwest Bond who has taken an old couple shopping for Amish furniture. When he discovers he is expected to assemble said furniture, he draws his gun on the two delivery guys, two startled students on break from the University of Nebraska.

Ben Kingsley in aeroplane scene from Sexy Beast as Don Logan – “Its the one with the ginger hair” – YouTube

James bond 007 fan group | Facebook

Why do you all want a load of depressing Bond films, Moore said himself that Bond films are supposed to pack humour and uplift you not depress you like the new ones.

It’s really crazy how much hate is thrown at Craig! Not to mention the big hard on for Timmy Dalton the absolute worst Bond ever!

I’ve been a member of this group now a few months and have to say after tonight I’m disappointed in alot of its members.Being a Bond group you’d think the majority of members would be a bit more mature to others in the group especially when someone posts its got to the point their leaving. Some of the comments left on the group members post were utter childish and showed no respect for a fellow fan. Is that really the kind of group this is? Maybe next time instead of leaving a nasty comment, stop and think and perhaps scroll on. Its a more mature thing to do.

  • Is this about the guy who left because not everyone shared his opinion on Craig? If so absolutely ridiculous. If you don’t like debate or different opinions, stay off Facebook1
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    • Yet, a post like this demonstrates a profound disconnect and ignorance of human nature.These sort of soapbox posts do little to correct human behavior.Your time would have been better spent crafting a post about 007.

The grass IS greener!
The Craig bashing in the comments on a particular post are the final straw and I’m done with this group.

Everyone has their own favourite Bond. Stop asking who’s the best . Many say Connery , and many say Moore . Others say Craig. Bond fans have their own favourite 007.2

Craig didn’t so much “rejuvenate” it as he did reWRITE it. Bond is no longer the suave charming sophisticated Brit. He’s now an angry hooligan. But modern audiences love

Craig made Bond more nuanced and complex therefore a much better character study. For those who want a simple cartoon character who does the exact same thing every film there are several Disney movies for that. In the early Bond movies, 007 did make lots of mistakes and Craig has gone back to that welcome spirit. I enjoy not knowing what’s going to happen instead of yawning through the preposterous Bond films of the previous 3 decades.

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