Jehan of Rose Street

I Am Jehan


John Presco

Copyright 2021

After showing his old muse the home on Rose street, Jehan asked, with humor;

“So…Do you want to be an Attic Creature, or, a Basement Creature? Where will you feel the safest?”

“Rena smiled, pleased that her old savior had read her right, got it right, after all these years, he knowing her choice – before she did.

“The basement. I will be comfy there!”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” said Mr. Bond.

Opening the door, James was greeted by a very hard look from a woman he had heard rumors about, but, Starfish quickly put away her disarming cold-fish look, and now wore a praticed Bohemian fashion smile she had rehearsed for her new assignment, which included attending college for the first time.

“I came about the room! Who are you?”

James extended his hand.

“Bond……James Bond! No need for your disguise, here.”

Stepping into the empty living room, she spotted Jehan Preskowitz standing my the fireplace.

“I know you. I’ve seen your WANTED poster. You’re the dude that hounded Belle, and made Alley Valkyrie’s life a living hell!”

“I’m innocent. It was Belle who stalked me!” retorted Jehan, he doing his best to silent the pounding of his heart, for he already was looking for the courage to ask Starfish to take off all her clothes so he could paint her.

“No need to explain. They just arrested Valkyrie in France for castrating a priest with her gang of witches – using their crescent moon witch knives!”


“Relax. I’m only kidding! Show me to my basement room.”

“Ah….that room had been taken.” Said Rena as she came out from the kitchen she was not happy with. “It needs an upgrade. Some granite surfaces.”

“And…who are you?” Starfish asked, she told she would be the bodyguard of an old couple. But, this woman was – still stunning. Her aura, was – still exciting. Miriam had to control herself. She had just come back from Holland where she did a special confession introduced by the head of the Swan Brethren who made her swear an oath it was all over between her and Victoria.

“I’ll swap you!”


“How about a coin toss?”


When Starfish gave Rena her infamous fish-eye, James stepped in and bruskly grabbed Starfish by her upper arm. It was like a crocodile getting hold of a leopard. Starfish let go a primate yelp and did all she could not to deliver a karate chop to 007. That would have been the end of her career – and her life?

“Mind your manners! You are scaring a woman you swore to protect. Why do you act like this. Why can’t you act your age?” Bond gruffly scolded the most dangerous spy in the world.

“Excuse me!” Rena interrupted. “You’re James Bond, the guy who has a license to kill. And, this woman is – another psycho-killer? And you – are a WANTED stalker of women? You brought me here – to protect me? From what?”

“Look!” Jehan said, and moved close to Rena. “There are dark forces at work, and, the end of the world is a real possibility. I have been having dreams, and premonitions. I wanted to be with you….at the end of the world. I love you Rena!”

Tears welled in Rena’s eyes.

“I too have been having premonitions. When I recite poems at random, certain poems keep coming up in interesting sequences. I have been piecing stanza’s together. There is a message. I’m – really afraid!”

Rena and Jehan came to embrace for the first time in thirty-two years. Starfish and James looked on and were deeply moved.

“Hey you two. Who is really scaring whom? Enough of this doom and gloom. Let’s go shop for furniture. There’s a Czech factory that makes famous Amish furniture. Let’s check it out.”

“What about me?” Starfish piped. “There’s no place to sit!”

“You stay here – and meditate! We can’t let this place be bugged while we are gone.”

To be continued

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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