Bond of Nebraska

It has become clear to me I am an enlightened being who has given up hope of having enlightened offspring – on my side. I was the enlightened being in my natal family, and both my sisters borrowed my light. They are gone. My dark brother is hiding from his light-brother lest I see there no longer is a comparison, a contest. Both my Bond books are prophetic. With Biden saying the Red States must end their divisive ways, and get vaccinated for their own good – at least – my Bond of Nebraska has come true. These Reds want to be martyrs, and take down the Blues with them. They are aiding and abetting our enemies.

I look like a Brit in the pic above. I like to think Ian Easton and I would have gotten along. I have to an admit…..I am a agent. I am not just a author of a Bond novel – or two.

Republicans Are Wiping Themselves Out As Delta Variant Surges In Red Areas And GOP ( 

Republicans Are Stopping Biden By Not Getting Vaccinated. They Are Wiping Themselves Out

The Republican refusal to get vaccinated is not going to politically stop President Biden or put Donald Trump back into office. If anything, an ongoing pandemic crisis will give Biden even more motivation to push for the implementation of his agenda.

‘Obey the Rules’: China Warns U.K. After Royal Navy Enters Waters (

“Earlier in July, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace inflamed existing tensions between the U.K. and China by insisting the Royal Navy would sail wherever international law permitted. The navy is permanently deploying two warships to the region after its new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and escort ships sail to Japan through the disputed Asian waters. “

Rosamond Press

James of Nebraka

A Novel


John Presco

Relative of Ian Fleming Creator of James Bond

Copyright 2020

James went downstairs from the observation car, grabbed his bag from the storage compartment, and tapped his decorative cane rapidly as if this would cause the door to open so he could get off what a fellow passenger called;

“The Red Death Ride. That’s what we call it. We know this may be our last Cornhusker game. If we die in the new stadium they can’t fill, like in the good old days, that is a true blessing. We don’t want to die isolated in our beds, or, taken prisoner if a doomed nursing home!”

Mr. Bond let out a long breath as if he held it all the way from Chicago where he landed. He wanted to come back to America. He came to Lincoln in in 1970 to get his…

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