Every Day Is Daughter’s Day

Jesus and Mary Magdalene are alleged to have had a daughter, that the age of fifteen is assigned to. I am having arguments with Ian Sinclair on egroups, about whether he was of Mary Magdalene’s Holy Bloodline – when my daughter appeared to me in a dream! I asked executor, Sydney Morris, to help me find her. I am sure he, and Robert Buck had a good chuckle, they going to the bar to celebrate their good fortune, that they have absolute proof I am insane!

Here is Heather and my granddaughter, Ember Dew, who I am not allowed to see, she taken from me by my daughter ‘The Prostitute’ who founded a Women’s Empowerment Group who helped her in the latest Child Abduction. When I first met Heather and her Mom, I showed them a Holy Grail book by Lawrence Gardener!

“Poleeeease! Just show us the money. We already got OUR Women’s Plan. We know Rosamond had allot of Art Money. Why hide it from us? Don’t lie. You and your family are rolling in art doe!”

I hope Netflix will chomp down hard on my idea for a series, and, film my candidacy for President as background noise for the New Mary Magdalene Craze!

I just noticed Heather is wearing aunt Linda’s, wicked smiled. That baby – is for her. Linda has a big pile of money and pitted my daughter against me. She has no child. She convinced her niece that I was withholding art money from her because I hate drunks. I had it out for them. This is why I took my drunken friend Ed on a food and beer run with my little broke down car I titled the Mustardmobile. With the death of Ed, I face the truth – I never had a daughter to lose! She wanted money, and wanted to be a drunk – before we met – just like rich aunt Linda, who dangles he money in front of…… ANOTHER NEWBORN CHILD! What an evil piece of shit! It was Ed who pointed out the typed letter sent to me was not written by Heather, but her mother. Heather just signed it. This is the stuff Netslix is made of, and the series ‘I Cladus’. the Flavian family could just not approach getting their needs me – in a normal fashion! They wore the purple! We wore…..the rouge rose!

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Everyday Is Daughter’s Day

Idea For Sitcom


John Presco

Copyright 2021

The daughter I didn’t know I sired, came into my life in April of 2001. She answered a call her mother found on the Rosamond webpage, for those who knew Christine Rosamond, to contribute. Patrice Hanson never knew Christine, but, – she had her niece! When I saw Heather for the first time, she auditioned for me. Her mother left us alone in the living room as she played her guitar and sang. She was not that good – at doing either! A couple of weeks later she told me in a phone call that she had to get off in order to watch ‘American Idol’ with her utterly untalented mommy. I asked if I could be a part of that. No answer.

I believe Heather was disappeared from my life just before her graduation, so we could…

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