Conspiring With La La Land Angels

My broken-down car was in a movie. I told Agyle Smyth I’m going to insist Marilyn to write three pages about how she got off sexually comparing me to Jesus, while she saw herself as Mary Magdalene. Now that I own Mary Magdalene Fashions, I’m going to make a movie about the reincarntation of Mary Magdalene being eighteen in La La Land in 1963. She will hang with black Jazz Artists in Watts, where Kesey had a Acid Test with The Dead.

The Black Doll Of La La Land | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press


The great fear of an artist, or anyone, is that someone, some force, has conspired against you, to not only turn your dream into shit, but, put it in the hands of someone who stole it from you. And now, it is their shiny thing, that mocks you wherever you go and ruins you at every turn, every chance you may have to own a new endeavor you can truly call your own, and never, will it be taken from you………again.

Not four seconds into the movie La La Land, is my worst fear realized: for there is my old car, my 1977 Toyota Corolla, that I named ‘The Mustardmobile’.

Damn! My old car is the star of the show! Walt and Hollywood have done this before!

I whipped out my infamous camera, and start shooting. I need this evidence, that Belle and Marilyn, conspired to steal our story – my…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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