Conspiring With La La Land Angels

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The great fear of an artist, or anyone, is that someone, some force, has conspired against you, to not only turn your dream into shit, but, put it in the hands of someone who stole it from you. And now, it is their shiny thing, that mocks you wherever you go and ruins you at every turn, every chance you may have to own a new endeavor you can truly call your own, and never, will it be taken from you………again.

Not four seconds into the movie La La Land, is my worst fear realized: for there is my old car, my 1977 Toyota Corolla, that I named ‘The Mustardmobile’.

Damn! My old car is the star of the show! Walt and Hollywood have done this before!

I whipped out my infamous camera, and start shooting. I need this evidence, that Belle and Marilyn, conspired to steal our story – my story! And now it is their story, the tale of The wrathful Muses, The Fallen Angels of my attempt to have it all…….The Past, The Present, and the Future. And to prove I am not deluded, not imaging things, here come the Blue Bicycles – Belle’s Bicycle – that is the symbol of my soaring dream, and my humiliating downfall. Mia and Sebastian come out of a on-lot Deli, and up ride folks on blue Schwinns – just like the one I gave Belle – to model for me! Rub it in! This is not synchronicity! This is pay back!

I make a whimpering sound that got the attention of my Mystery Date, who has gorgeous hair. She won’t let me get a pic of her face, Why! Was I alone? How many screenwriters, and wanna-be writers, knew La La Land was stolen from them. I was just another Sadsack, another chump, now digging thru my old photos and love letters – for the proof!

C’mon people! Between the A and the L. There it is, at the very center of the opening scene, that The Thief wants me to see, and, die inside: for he, or she, or they, have gotten over me – BIG TIME! One critic said La La Land was another example of Hollywood being in love with itself. Are you kidding, They made a movie about a evil car named ‘Christine’. How can anyone respect themselves after working on that monstrosity. I think take-it-up the ass, Cobian, was the stand by hot-wax guy on that one!

After the entrance of the Blue Bicycle, comes that hideous utterance from Sebastian where he accuses Mia of wanting him to fail, wanting him to be a total loser – and he loses her!

What the fuck! Somebody wants me to fail – BIG TIME! Was this always the case? I think it is time to consult an attorney! No one fucks with my Freedom of Expression. Not even Hollywood!

Jon Presco


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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