The Lion of God

I told Argyl Smyth about my book ‘The Lion of God’ and mentioned it several times on my e-groups – that Dan Brown allegedly was eavesdropping on. I am going to complete this story – and have Mary be the wife of John the Baptist who he hands over to Jesus, who is his kin a Go-El Redeemer. John is going to be beheaded. Mary is steeped in John’s teaching about the Holy Spirit. She is the one that passes this Spirit on to The Twelve! John Presco Copyright 2021

Rosamond Press

I began my religious novel ‘The Lion of God’ in 1991. I had read all of Luke one night, and was in the light. However, when I read Acts – on – I was deeply disturbed by enverything Saint Saul-Paul said and did. Paul claims Jesus forgave him for being a mass murderer of Jews. He tortured woman and children in order to denounce “their Lord”. Why? What was his motive? Why did Jesus, who is on his way to being declared the God of the Gentiles – and no longer the God of the Jews, have a great interest in having a serial killer COMPLETE his mission? When I read how Paul and his disciples confronted the disciple of John the Baptist, I knew there was a Great Lie at work here. I set out to discover what it was, and expose it. I employ roses and rose thorns. …

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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