Mary Magdalene Rosamond Wear

Now that I discovered a Real Rose Line, Rose Grail, and Sword, I am going to conquer the Fashion Industry by founding Mary Magdalene Rosamond Fashions. Millions of women identify with Mary Magdalene, the love of Jesus’s life, and some say, his wife.

I also found Rosamond Western Wear, inspired by the clothing my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor wore in the movie Giant, and the art of my kin Thomas Hart Benton who illustrated Steinbeck’ Grapes of Wrath. I will do a Tortilla Flat line, and a Newsom line. I want to do a line based upon the Million Dollar American Princess. Of course my later sister, the artist ‘Rosamond’ will be an an inspiration. Christine made many of her clothes, and did our mother, and our grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond. My first love, Marilyn, played my Mary Magdalene and made clothes for her friend, the actress, Maggie Trett. My wife, Mary Ann, the lover of Thomas Pynchon, wore Marilyn’s ‘Train Dress’ at our wedding. She was photographed by her friend, Steven Silverstein who studied under Sarah Moon. I will be introdcuing the Brevoort ‘Night Owl Line’ next.

John Rosamond Presco

Freddie Guest – Wikipedia

Getty’s first forays into collecting began in the late 1930s, when he took inspiration from the collection of 18th-century French paintings and furniture owned by the landlord of his New York City penthouse, Amy Guest, a relation of Sir Winston Churchill.[21] A fan of 18th-century France, Getty began buying furniture from the period at reduced prices because of the depressed art market. He wrote several books on collecting, including Europe and the 18th Century (1949), Collector’s Choice: The Chronicle of an Artistic Odyssey through Europe (1955) and The Joys of Collecting (1965). His stinginess limited the range of his collecting because he refused to pay full price. Getty’s companion in later life, Penelope Kitson, said “Paul was really too mean ever to allow himself to buy a great painting.”[22] Nonetheless, at the time of his death he owned more than 600 items valued at more than $4 million, including paintings by RubensTitianGainsboroughRenoirTintorettoDegas, and Monet.[10] During the 1950s, Getty’s interests shifted to Greco-Roman sculpture, which led to the building of the Getty Villa in the 1970s to house the collection.[23] These items were transferred to the Getty Museum and the Getty Villa in Los Angeles after his death.

In addition to helping fund Newsom’s early business ventures, the family has been a mainstay as he pursued his political ambitions. Eighteen Gettys — including Gordon, Ann and actor Balthazar Getty — have collectively donated more than a half-million dollars to Newsom’s nine campaigns, starting with a total of $750 to his 1998 campaign for supervisor. Members of the family have spent more than $362,000 supporting his current gubernatorial bid.

A spokesman for the Gettys did not respond to a request for comment.

In addition to helping fund Newsom’s early business ventures, the family has been a mainstay as he pursued his political ambitions. Eighteen Gettys — including Gordon, Ann and actor Balthazar Getty — have collectively donated more than a half-million dollars to Newsom’s nine campaigns, starting with a total of $750 to his 1998 campaign for supervisor. Members of the family have spent more than $362,000 supporting his current gubernatorial bid.

A spokesman for the Gettys did not respond to a request for comment.

How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom’s political ascent – Los Angeles Times (

Getty family – Wikipedia

The Getty family of the United States identify with George Franklin Getty and his son Jean Paul Getty as their patriarchs. In the 20th century they were heavily involved in the petroleum industry. The Getty family is of Scots-Irish ancestry from their patrilineal lineage, their ancestors having migrated to North America from Cullavmor, County Londonderry, Ireland.[1] Several members of the Getty family have lived in England, including Sir Paul Getty who took British citizenship.

Frederick Edward “Freddie” GuestCBEDSO (14 June 1875 – 28 April 1937) was a British politician best known for being Chief Whip of Prime Minister David Lloyd George‘s Coalition Liberal Party, 1917–1921. He was also Secretary of State for Air between 1921 and 1922. He won the bronze medal with the British polo team in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.


Early life[edit]

Frederick Edward Guest was born in London, the third son of Ivor Guest, 1st Baron Wimborne (1835–1914) and Lady Cornelia Spencer-Churchill (1847–1927). The Guest family had made its fortune in the iron and steel industry in the 18th and 19th centuries and had married into the aristocracy. The Wimbornes were Conservatives who had been friends of Benjamin Disraeli. His mother was the eldest daughter of the John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough.[1]

Guest’s four brothers were also politically active, with Ivor Guest serving as 2nd Baron, 1st Viscount Wimborne, a junior minister, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. In addition, Henry Guest and Oscar Guest were Members of Parliament (MPs), while Lionel Guest (1880–1935) was a member of the London County Council. His sister Frances Charlotte Guest (1865–1957) was married to Frederic Thesiger, 1st Viscount Chelmsford, who served as Viceroy of India.

Guest was a first cousin of British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillCharles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough, and Henry Innes-Ker, 8th Duke of Roxburghe as well as a nephew of Conservative politician Lord Randolph ChurchillGeorge Spencer-Churchill, 8th Duke of Marlborough, and Lady Anne Emily Spencer Churchill who was married to the 7th Duke of Roxburghe. His cousin, the 8th Duke of Roxburghe, was married to American heiress Mary Goelet, the only daughter of Ogden Goelet.[1]

Sarah Moon – Silverstein – Marilyn

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


Here is the testimony of Steven Silverstein who met and worked for the real Sarah Moon. Marilyn Reed was a friend of the Silverstein family and posed for a photographic shoot on Malibu Beach, where Steven honed his skills that would make him world famous. I did a painting from this image and gave it to my childhood sweetheart.

“I was broke when I returned but a month later got a call from Sarah Moon whom I had met while in Paris. She asked if I would help her crew with a production in Los Angeles. With the money I made, I bought a new 35mm Nikon and launched the testing I hoped would take me back to Paris. I worked hard at it, working twice a month with two models, Amy and Pam. To support myself I took a job as a waiter but was so bad at it I only lasted a week! As luck would have it, the very day I was fired, I got a call from Warner Bros. Records to do an album cover. I started picking up freelance jobs with more record labels and magazines – A&M Records, Capitol, Playboy and others.”

Here is the real SaraH Moon with the H put back in her name.

Last night I discovered Steven has become an artist. His art resembles the work I did inspired by Stefan Eins. I am going to e-mail Eins – of FasHion Moda – this post and have him go to the June Bateman Gallery in New York.

I suspect Red Baron publishing was founded by Ira Cohen who owned Ira Roberts Gallery. I believe 1979 was the year Christine went with Circle Gallery, and did very well. Was Ira jealous? Did he want revenge? After all, he claims he developed her style. Rosemary told me Ira wanted me in his stable of artists, before Christine sued him. Marilyn did take some of my work to his gallery, but, they were not what he was looking for. He wanted Fashion Portraits, like Christine and Sara Moon were cranking out.

So…..will the real Sara Moon, and Christine Rosamond…..please stand up!

Here is a photo of Rosemary with her doves. Throw some roses around her and you got the faux Sara Moon. The name – works! From Rosemary was born a world famous artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, and a pre-Brown solver of mysteries, as my letter to Lillian proves. But, here is the clincher.  Belle’s parents conducted Labyrinth rituals that are linked to the name Rosamond, thus the Legend of Fair Rosamond, who was the subject of several Pre-Raphaelite portraits, that can be linked to Grail Lore. Fair Rosamond has been making a fashion statement for hundreds of years. She is the archetype lineage of beautiful women, who suggest they have good genes. No one can handle a Ugly Jesus! Why? Because, he’s like a Muse – and the Republican party has got him.

The well-to-do Republican hands his wife a Gold Card and a pic of the blue-eye Chefon Jesus and bids her to go shopping. Gone is the wealthy Catholic feeling of worshipping Mary ‘Rose of the World’ Queen of Heaven with crescent moon.


My plan was to have Belle Burch come to my home where several empty canvases await. But, on the way here a wicked witch and demonic fairy, captured her, put her under her spell, and she fell asleep! Right on que! Now there grow a mountain of thorns and roses, maintained by the Rose Baron.

Let us not forget about Marilyn, who makes a living sewing, and went to Paris to learn how to be a fashion designer. Rosemary wanted to be my muse, but, Marilyn would no let that happen. Why do artists and writers capture beautiful women and shut them away in a tower and labyrinth? Is it so their mothers can’t get at them?

Hey! Where did Leonardo go? M – for Mother! We all got one!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015



Red Baron Art Publishing, Inc. filed as an Articles of Incorporation in the State of California and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately thirty-six years ago on Tuesday, May 1, 1979 , according to public records filed with California Secretary of State.

THE story of “Fair Rosamond” and her mazy Bower, though it cannot lay claim to that standard of authenticity which is generally required of historical data, has for so long occupied an honoured position in the realm of popular romance that, in a book professing to treat of mazes from a broad point of view, we cannot dismiss it quite as briefly as we might perhaps do in a book on English history.

Catherine brought Javanese gamelan music to Eugene in 1992 with the founding of Gamelan Nuju Laras, well known for accompanying labyrinth walks.


Steven SILVERSTEIN has gained a significant reputation photographing fashion and beauty for over thirty years and began shooting abstract fine art in 2013. Known throughout his career for conceptual work, lighting and a graphic simplicity that allow for an instant read, his images – whether fashion or fine art – often draw the viewer in for a closer look.
Born in Los Angeles, SILVERSTEIN began his accomplished fashion photography career with help from photographer Sarah Moon and her husband, publisher Robert Delpire, who introduced his work to Peter Knapp, the legendary art director at French Elle in the 1970s. Based primarily in Paris, he went on to work with other major fashion magazines, advertisers and designers. In addition to shooting portraits of Catherine Deneuve, Carol Bouquet, Charlotte Rampling, Isabelle Adjani, Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix and many other luminaries, he has created over 50 covers and nearly a thousand editorial fashion pages for international publications such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar.
SILVERSTEIN has also shot campaigns for some of the most prominent brands in the world including Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Ungaro, Carolina Herrera, Helena Rubenstein, Lancome, L’Oreal, among many others. His fashion photography has been in group exhibitions including Living the Bon Chic Life (BCBG) in Los Angeles (2014) and Moda in Italia, 150 Anni Di Eleganza (Vogue Italia) at the Venaria Reale in Turin, Italy (exhibition catalog, 2011), as well as published in numerous books including Elle Mode: 600 covers de 1945 à nos jours (Lagardère/Glénat, 2011), Style Elle: Nos Années 80 (Filipacchi, 2003) and Style Elle: Nos Années 70 (Filipacchi, 2002). One of his portraits was chosen in the top 200 from 200,000 images in People Magazine’s history for People: Favorite Pictures (Time Inc., 2000). In addition, SILVERSTEIN has been featured in NPA Pro Spotlight video (2011), Nikon World Magazine (2009) and PhotoArt – Hong Kong (1985), as well as garnering press in other art, design and mainstream media outlets.

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