Attacking Black Widows

I consistently beat the computer at chess. Last night I had a real exciting match. I backed off an attack with the queen, and then trapped her in a corner when she went for my knight that took a rook. I advanced with my knight and queen, side by side, keeping the king in check. I castled. Then checkmated one move later. You play for games like this. Several times I made the computer pause, think, then retreat. It was a queen’s pawn attack of the center. I kept advancing the weak pawn, until it controlled the board. Since I have been publishing my newspaper, I see the whole board better. I begin my morning by looking at the headlines. I go with stories of interest, then, see how they relate with other news – and the major theme of this blog. Even though I do much cut and pasting, I have to edit, then add my comments.

Last night while on my android I found a very complex article on the series Black Widow. I spent five minutes looking for it and settled for other articles. If I find it later, I will add it. When I began ‘The Royal Janitor’ I had no idea what I was getting into. Creating these stories is highly developed. Critics are ready to – attack! I have the advantage because Victoria Bond is based on a real person – who attacked me because she did not like my character development of her. My daughter and her lover called me a “parasite” even though I work ten hours on this blog, and, then go help my disabled friends. There is a long list of women who have attacked me, and tried to destroy me – and/or – get money out of the estate of my famous sister! Why I don’t get help from people, is what I and my therapist are trying to ascertain. The taking down of this statue is perhaps – a clue?

Charlottesville removes Lewis and Clark statue featuring Sacagawea along with Confederate statues (

I am in a position to ATTACK the people responsible for the removal of this statue because my kin are related to this history – that I know much about. Henry Brevoort was on a Lewis and Clark expedition, and may have known this female Native American. My late friends, Ed Fadely was attacked by a woman who claimed this politician was making sexual innuendoes at her. Yesterday I saw a image of Trump signing the Bibles – that women handed him. These women know of the alleged crimes the ex-President was accused of. But, they chose to believe God sent them another King David – to empower them and make Christian prophecy – come true! I have been preparing to publish several posts on evangelical women who encourage other church women – and men – not to get vaccinated. These women are endangering the lives of thousands, and, are threatening secular solutions. These women believe they are warriors for Jesus – on the attack! For this reason I will begin to post on a theory I have been looking at for a very long time. I suspect Mark-John and his mother, founded The Way, that was the first church that Saul-Paul tried to destroy. He succeeded!

I think Native Americans should sue evangelical ministers, and Christian women, who encourage people not to get vaccinated. I am going to attack the Center of Christianity with my weak pawn, who said;

“I have come for the sinner, not the righteous!”

I will take no prisoners – Biblically speaking!

Edward Fadeley – Wikipedia

John Presco

‘The Nazarite’

(27) President Trump signs Bibles at Alabama church – YouTube

John Mark – Wikipedia

Trump signed Bibles. Heresy? Many religious leaders say no (

Letter to Ed Ray | Rosamond Press

Native Americans tribes launched successful coronavirus vaccination drives – The Washington Post

Scarlett Johansson stirred up buzz last month after saying her Marvel character, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, was “sexualized” and “treated like a piece of ass” when she was introduced in “Iron Man 2.” The character has grown in the 11 years since her debut, as has her costumes. Johansson spoke about Black Widow’s evolving look in a recent interview with Fatherly (via Uproxx).

“After ‘Iron Man’ to going into ‘Avengers,’ there’s been an evolution of her look,” Johansson said. “I think part of that is just gaining the trust of the executives at Marvel and kind of sitting in the character and just being able to make decisions for her. That really happened fairly early on. I mean, in ‘Iron Man 2,’ I worked with the amazing incredible costume designer Mary Zophres, who created an absolutely beautiful femme fatale look for the character. And it was very stunning.”

The statue is of two White men — Meriwether Lewis and William Clark — and Sacagawea, who was depicted tracking, according to historians. Those against the statue have said Sacagawea appears to be cowering, according to The Daily Progress newspaper.

“It was a very offensive statue, and not only did it delineate me as a Native American, it delineated our women and their role in society,” said Rose Abrahamson, a Native American woman, in a video obtained by CNN affiliate WVIR-TV of a Charlottesville City Council emergency meeting.

The emergency meeting, held Saturday, resulted in a unanimous vote to remove the statue, according to a tweet from the city. The statue was promptly removed following the removal of Confederate statues featuring Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.


Native American tribes, among the hardest-hit by covid-19, are celebrating a pandemic success story.

Navajo Nation, the largest of the 574 Indian tribes in the United States, is now about 70 percent fully vaccinated, according to Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez.

Other tribes are reporting similar numbers.By late March, Blackfeet Nation in Montana reported that 95 percent of its population had received its first vaccine dose. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation’s vaccine drive went so well that leaders offered surplus doses to a neighboring school district. The Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi, with 70 percent of its eligible population fully vaccinated, is nearing herd immunity.

Taskmaster explained: How Marvel reinvented the character’s origin for Black Widow (

Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova in a ‘Black Widow’ sequel? Here’s where the franchise could go. – The Washington Post

‘Black Widow’: Where Yelena Belova and Red Guardian Go Next – The Hollywood Reporter

Scarlett Johansson Slams Sexualized Black Widow Portrayal in Iron Man 2 – The Hollywood Reporter

Scarlett Johansson: Male Writers Scripted Black Widow Look That I Axed | IndieWire

Sacagawea (/ˌsækədʒəˈwiːə/ or /səˌkɑːɡəˈweɪə/;[1] also spelled Sakakawea or Sacajawea; May c. 1788 – December 20, 1812 or April 9, 1884)[2][3][4] was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who, at age 16, helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition in achieving their chartered mission objectives by exploring the Louisiana Territory. Sacagawea traveled with the expedition thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, helping to establish cultural contacts with Native American populations and contributing to the expedition’s knowledge of natural history in different regions.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association of the early 20th century adopted her as a symbol of women’s worth and independence, erecting several statues and plaques in her memory, and doing much to recount her accomplishments.[5]

Sacagawea – Wikipedia

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