Gone To The Cosmic Disc Garden

Last night I learned by friend, Ed Corbin died. We played allot of Disc Golf together starting in 1997. Almost everyday we played at the course I mapped at the Odd Fellow Pioneer Cemetery that I just learned the Regents tried to remove – along with the dug up corpses! My Stuttmeister-Janke kin, are howling at the ‘Moon Bitch’ which was the name of the 9th. hole. Then, we made the turn for home for another exciting finish.

Many times we felt like Greek Gods. We achieved enlightenment – there! The balance of mind and body, our immortal discussions about art and literature – amongst the dead! They leant us their ears – and their freed souls. They taught us how to live in the here – and now!

Young students, just passing through, on their way to meet uncertain destinies, guaranteed by the Ducky University would hear Ed’s might roar that echoed amongst the tombstones. Tarzan – lives! The Beast – in his woods! Beauty – the nineteen year old co-ed looks up and sees two white haired men – winding up to throw! Excalibur!

Boys playing games, together. Picking something up, and throwing it. This is how Earth Women will remember us. You find something to throw. You let it go, flying, into the cosmic eye. Then, you turn, not to receive praise….but to say goodbye! When you – got game – you got it all…for an infinity!

I must learn to use my art app so I can place a raised arm holding a frisbee, in the figure above, because I know this is the image and the gesture Ed wants us all to remember him by.

I came upon a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him, “Where are you going?”
And this he told me

“I’m going on down to Yasgur’s farm
I’m gonna join in a rock ‘n’ roll band
I’m gonna camp out on the land
I’m gonna try an’ get my soul free

“We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden”Then can I walk beside you?
I have come here to lose the smog
And I feel to be a cog in something turning”

“Well, maybe it is just the time of year
Or maybe it’s the time of man
I don’t know who l am
But you know, life is for learning”

We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

I suspect this song by Joni Mitchell inspired Ed and Katrin to drop what they are doing and build a homestead in Yachats. An hour after I learned the Ed Vibration was not emanating a beacon light, I found a photograph of the Corbin Men. I began a story about broken people. Ed saw himself as a Savior. Within days of meeting, we found out how we were broken, and who broke us. We had narcissistic fathers who experimented on us with their self-doubt. They were almost perfect. But, what is that voice, that brings us down from our pedestal? This photo testifies to Ed’s total commitment to treat his sons as equals. This entailed being a best friend – and playmate.

It was Ed who noticed Jonny Gall was broken. Jonny and Mark Gall would play Tiger Woods golf with us. We raced cars. Jonny was a tennis and golf player. This was a severe blow to us. Jonny was the first to go – into the cosmic! Standing tall, he waves to us.

I include the deaths of Ed Fadely and Kenny Reed, because the scale has been tipped. There are more of us dead – than alive – now! This is not a unique situation. It happens to the best and worst of us…the man made of straw, the man made of gold. Let us stand and give the saving human beings in the medical profession – a hand! They did all they could – to save us! I am being saved as I type.

Joni Mitchell – Woodstock (Live In-Studio 1970) – YouTube

Our Broken Friends

I met Ed Corben in 1997, the year when everything and everyone was broken. We met in Broken Alley between 18th and 19th, a block from Kindcaid, and the Broken UofO. Students came from all over to live the broken life, like they saw in the movie Animal House. If things didnt crash and burn in a riotous blow-out party, life was not worth living. A week after their parents dropped them off to start school, they were on the corners, rioting. They burned the old couches and funiture grandma gave them, after breaking her heirlooms into pieces. If it wasnt broken, it was – worthless. If it was on fire, they were a hell of lot of fun.

Ed stopped me in the alley while I was riding my broken bicycle home from the library. He picked some books out of my rack, and checked them out. He was impressed. Though, I appeared broken, he commented that there was evidence I had a good mind. I was the new broken being on the block and Ed introduced me to broken Gary. Gary pulled up his pants legs and showed us his bullet and bayonet scars he got in Vietnam. He placed our fingers in the hole in his head, and asked us of we could feel the metal plate. He got that during the Tet Offensive, when our reason for being there, broke down. When Gary was going to die, he gave me his wife to take care of. He trusted me. He said I could take care of her better than he could. I wasn’t so -broken! Barbara was not broken at all, and didn’t need me. She moved out of Broken Alley and we stayed in touch for a little while. She was being – kind.

Then there is severely deranged and broken Kevin, the king of the anarchists. He would go downtown and get broken up by the Eugene Police while wearing a black ski mask. They beat him black and blue. They gassed him, made him choke and vomit. We never knew if he would come home, come back to Broken Alley. When I planted tomatoes in our tiny garden space, he hid his pot plants in the vines. Life lost its meaning, when it became legal. Why not pass a law making it illegal to die. It might work. Let’s give it a try! We’ve tried everything else…….


Have you tried disc golf?

(26) Stewart Pond Disc Golf! – YouTube

Guardians of the Graves (dailyemerald.github.io)

8 Haunted Places | Eugene, Cascades & Oregon Coast (eugenecascadescoast.org)

Disc Golf | Club Sports (uoregon.edu)

  1. University of Oregon Disc Golf Club | Facebook

Kenny Reed Was Offered Ed Fadeley’s Kidney

Posted on October 10, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


On September 26, 2015, Darian Fadeley offered Marilyn Reed, her dying husband’s kidney at the DAC during a Landmark Forum meeting. Ed was in the hospital, dying, and Darian came late to the meeting. There was one vacant seat, next to my childhood sweetheart. During an exchange, where one turns to the person next to you and tells them something meaningful, Marilyn tells Darian her husband needs a kidney transplant and in on dialysis. Darian is alarmed, and tells my dear friend she should not keep this to herself, and the more she talks about it, the chances there are for someone to come forward. Darian talks to the doctor at the hospital and orders a test to see if Ed and Kenny are compatible. She is told Ed’s kidney is toast. Kenny is a black Jazz Artist. Darian did not know who Marilyn’s husband was. She did not know he was a black man. She knew he had a medical emergency, and hoped he could be helped if Ed could not. She wanted a part of Ed to go on living. She wanted Hope to spring eternal.

October 7th. was Kenny Reed’s birthday. I read a comment about Kenny. Someone said he and Izzy are the two most important people in Eugene. He knew all the Jazz greats, and played with many of them, including Les McCann, Marilyn’s good friend. Her sister was married to Ron Jefferson, McCann’s drummer.

Last night, Marilyn took me out to dinner and told me Les wrote a song about a blue Volkswagen he loved. Here is the blue bicycle and chair. Kenny appears in front of Eugene’s oldest mural that contains a figure that Marilyn knew for a long time. The muralist saw Julio walking and asked if he could take his picture.

Ed’s kidney was gone, but Kenny is in need of a transplant in order to save his life. I beseech our community and our group of friends, to put away our distractions, our reasons we are in discord, and concentrate on saving our Jazz Icon. This is a peace offering. We are all close then we know. Only Marilyn knew the identity of the lone man in the mural. They go back aways.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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