The King of the Bohemians

When Sir John William Wilson was born about 1440, in Bradfield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, his father, Sir John Robert Wilson II, Earl of Cuper, Burgess of Edinborough, was 15 and his mother, Lady Ada Antoinette Erasmus, was 15. He married Margaret Baxter Harvie on 19 May 1469, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom. They were the parents of at least 7 sons and 1 daughter. He died in 1536, in his hometown, at the age of 96. Princess Barbara von Abensberg (1398–1448) • FamilySearch Sir John William Wilson (1440–1536) • FamilySearch Vicki Presco and her son, Shamus Dundon, are responcible for the death of the artist ‘Rosamond’. Vicki dropped out as executor in order to avoid the adult heir, my daughter and her family had no respect for. Buck sold our family history to hostile women, who undermined my family dynamics and created a perverted Woman’s Cult who were wanting to castrate me as heir of the art. Robert Buck blessed this witchery that lured my daughter away from her real father and into the witches coven. I was engaged to be married to Patrice Hanson, but when she she realized Buck had altered the natural order of things, she disappeared with my daughter who claims she is the champion of women. I was working on a book about the Holy Blood and Holy Grail, when my daughter came into my life. There was not talk with Rosamond’s kindergarten teacher, or, looting of Rosamond’s house. This is a classic usurpation. If Shannon was in control of her mother’s legacy, then I would have helped her all I could – including publishing a book about our history together. Shannon would have kept the Hanson Witches at bay, and not let them castrate me…..UNFATHER ME! Consider Mordred. It is time to deal with…THE SEVERING OF MY ROSE LINE by a Wilson who approached me two weeks after I wrote Karl claiming the Seinsheim line had not died out. Follow the links of SARAH WILSON ROSAMOND and you are now – CUT OFF!  The law firm of Morris&Buck threw away my Family Tree. If I had not gone down to LA to visit my mother, Rosemary, and had her call Morris, he and Stacey Pierrot would have thrown out of box of family photographs. This will be the crux of my lawsuit as it goes against everything ESTATE PLANNING stands for. Yesterday the statue of Robert E. Lee was taken down. It was revealed unto me, Lee is my kin when I DID A FAMILY GENEALOGY that Pierrot has no interest in doing – nor my daughter – because Buck taught her there is no money in it. The Superior Court of Monterey backed Buck’s claim – family linages do not matter! I was engaged to Virginia, whose ancestors are French Legitimists. I believe Mary Guise in in her tree. Mary declared the Protestant religious – A HERESY! She said it was – THE DEVIL’S FICTION. The cause of the Confederacy – IS THE DEVIL’S FICTION….that many Christian ministers – BACKED! I declare that every artist and writer who has the name Bohemian-Bohemianism attached to their name and history, is a nation unto themselves….as well as Religion! We own religious rights. If you consider yourself a Bohemian, then take the Vow of the Nazarite for three days. John Presco President: Royal Rosamond Presco Robert Wilson (c.1675 – 1745) – Genealogy ( Sarah Rosamond (Willson) (1726 – 1790) – Genealogy ( I am King of Bohemia and England | Rosamond Press The House of Schwarzenberg and I | Rosamond Press The Wilson-Leigh Line To Bohemia | Rosamond Press William Wilson William Rosamond’s 8th. Great Grandfather Posted on March 5, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press Here is the line that appeared on my DNA test. William Wilson is William Thomas Rosamond’s 8th great grandfather. William Thomas Rosamond  → Samuel Rosamondhis father → show 7 relatives → Benjamin Rosamondhis father → James Rosamondhis father → Sarah Wilson Rosamondhis mother → Thomas Wilsonher father → Robert Wilson, Srhis father → John Willsonhis father → James Willsonhis father → Robert Willsonhis father Rev. Dr. William Wilson is William Thomas Rosamond’s 9th great grandfather. William Thomas Rosamond  → Samuel Rosamondhis father → show 8 relatives → Benjamin Rosamondhis father → James Rosamondhis father → Sarah Wilson Rosamondhis mother → Thomas Wilsonher father → Robert Wilson, Srhis father → John Willsonhis father → James Willsonhis father → Robert Willsonhis father → William Wilsonhis father → Rev. Dr. William Wilsonhis father Account Lady Ada Antoinette Erasmus 1430-1480 1430         Birth   •   0 Sources about 1430 England, United Kingdom 1480 Age 51       Death   •   0 Sources about 1480 England, United Kingdom     Family Members SPOUSES AND CHILDREN Sir John Robert Wilson 1425-1492 Marriage: 1445 Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland Lady Ada Antoinette Erasmus 1430-1480 Children (5) William Wilson 1435-1500 Christopher Wilson 1446-1500 Sir Thomas Wilson 1450-1470 Sir John William Wilson 1450-1492 Thomas Wilson 1451- PARENTS AND SIBLINGS Erkinger Eramus Von Schwarzenberg 1362-1437 Marriage:   Princess Barbara Von Abensberg Abensberg 1398-1448 Children (9) Johann ” The Elder”, Baron Of Schwarzenberg 1424-1460 Magdalene von Seinsheim 1426- Erkinger von Seinsheim 1427-1503 Friedrich von Seinsheim 1428- Ulrich von Seinsheim 1429-1465 Kunigunde von Schwarzenberg 1430-1469 Lady Ada Antoinette Erasmus 1430-1480 Sigmund I Freiherr von Schwarzenberg und Hohenlandsberg 1430-1502

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Last month was Black Month. This month we got Woman Month. When is Man Month?

When you reach a certain age, every month is Witch Month – if not every damn day! And, if not the Witches…..It’s the Fucking Christians!

John ‘The King of the Bohemians’

The King of Bohemia (

Of all the larger than life characters that stalked the numerous schools, circles and salons of the literary and art world at the dawn of the 20th century the figure of Augustus John presents a towering archetype of the bohemian artist; wild, promiscuous, proto-type hippie, early new age traveller and commune patriarch – all on top of being the top portrait painter of his generation.
Born at Haverfordwest in 1878 into a somewhat intimidating household – their Grandfather exhorted his grandchildren to ” Talk! If you can’t think of anything to say tell a lie!’ and ‘If you make…

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