I am King of Bohemia and England

This morning I had trouble waking up. I felt very heavy and tried to go back to sleep. As I lie in my bed, I considered being mocked about my answer as to who should be the King of England. I went over my posts on Anne of Bohemia and King Richard. My angel asked;

“Why don’t you declare – you are the rightful King of England?”

I’ll do it! What do I got to lose? I have suffered much rejection in my life! Isn’t it traditional that when some piece on the chessboard makes a move – when a sovereign is taken up to the Kingdom of Heaven -then all the royals take a step into the Divine Light and Right to rule? My claim would bring attention to my discoveries about the Lollards – who may have come to the New World as the Pilgrims. This would explain the plans God has for Harry and Meghan.

I got up, took my insulin, checked my readings, and poured me a cup of coffee. Then I got on my computer….and am reading Putin’s threat to the Czech Republic from where my grandfather, Wensel Anton Prescowitz, hail. I knew what destiny awaited me. I googled Bohemian Royalty and saw the claim of Charles Habsburg to the Crown of Charles Four, the father of Anne of Bohemia. Above is a photo of me before ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’ that I tried to restore to the Austrian People. I told Karel Schwarzenberg about it. I got no reply. I suggested the Habsburg Monarchy was a part of the United States due to Empress Zita fleeing to our shores.

On this day April 18, 2021, I place the Crown of Saint Wenceslas upon my head so I can shoulder the heavy duties I am bid to perform against the enemies of Bohemia and England. I also place myself first in line to the crown that Queen Elizabeth, wears, and shall remain there until all matters concerning the lineage and beliefs of Anne and Richard, are resolved. Any more threats from Putin on the Fatherland of my Bohemian Brethren, shall force me to declare war on Russia. Desist!

The Seven Holders of the Keys ready themselves -alas!

John Gregory Presco ‘The Prophet of Bohemia’

Anne of Bohemia and The Lollards | Rosamond Press

Royal Bohemians In England | Rosamond Press

Many Mansions Put Before Me | Rosamond Press

The crown jewels are not all from the same period. They include the Crown of Saint Wenceslas, the royal orb and scepter, the coronation vestments of the kings of Bohemia, a gold reliquary cross, and the St. Wenceslas’ sword. The crown was made for the coronation of Charles IV in 1347, making it the fourth oldest in Europe.

 The seven holders of the keys opened the door to the royal treasure, January 15, 2018, photo: CTK

Sir John Wilson and Rose of Bohemia | Rosamond Press

10-Barani CN 141-154* (psu.edu)

Enter – The Clifford Dragon | Rosamond Press

UK warships to sail for Black Sea in May as Ukraine-Russia tensions rise- Sunday Times (msn.com)

British warships will sail for the Black Sea in May amid rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the Sunday Times newspaper reported, citing senior naval sources.

The deployment is aimed at showing solidarity with Ukraine and Britain’s NATO allies, the newspaper reported https://bit.ly/32pc4BK.

One Type 45 destroyer armed with anti-aircraft missiles and an anti-submarine Type 23 frigate will leave the Royal Navy’s carrier task group in the Mediterranean and head through the Bosphorus into the Black Sea, according to the report.

RAF F-35B Lightning stealth jets and Merlin submarine-hunting helicopters will stand ready on the task group’s flag ship, the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, to support the warships in the Black Sea, the report added.

French President Emmanuel Macron says international community must draw “clear red lines” with Russia (msn.com)

Antoinette Erasmus Is Vanishing | Rosamond Press

Was Baron Wilson A Knights Templar? | Rosamond Press

waughfamily.ca – The Wilson Family – An historical and photographic perspective

Russia says it will retaliate hard against Czechs over diplomat expulsions (msn.com)

MOSCOW/PRAGUE (Reuters) -Russia said on Sunday Czech accusations that Russian spy services were behind an explosion in an ammunition depot were unfounded and absurd and it would retaliate for Prague’s expulsion of 18 Russian embassy staff.

The Czech Republic said it had informed NATO and European Union allies about suspected Russian involvement in the blast, which killed two people, and the matter would be addressed at an EU foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday.

The expulsions and allegations by the Czechs have triggered its biggest dispute with Russia since the 1989 end of Communist rule, when Prague was under Moscow’s domination for decades.

The incident also poured more fuel on the worst Russian-Western tensions since the Cold War, stirred in part by Russia’s military build-up on its Western borders and in Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014, after a surge in fighting between government and rebel forces in Ukraine’s east.

The Czech Republic kicked out the Russian embassy staff on Saturday after saying investigations had linked Russian intelligence to the blast in the ammunition depot some 300 km (210 miles) east of the capital Prague.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the Czech accusations were absurd as Prague had previously blamed the blast on the depot owners, and Moscow would hit back hard.

“We will take retaliatory measures that will force the authors of this provocation to fully understand their responsibility for destroying the foundation of normal ties between our countries,” a ministry statement said.

“This hostile move was the continuation of a series of anti-Russian actions undertaken by the Czech Republic in recent years. It’s hard not to see the American trace (here),” it said, accusing Prague of “striving to please the United States against the backdrop of recent U.S. sanctions against Russia”.

Putin tests Biden with military buildup as GOP lawmakers call for US show of force (msn.com)

Prague Says Ricin Plot Was a Hoax, and Moves to Expel 2 Russians – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Royal Bohemians In England | Rosamond Press

The current head of the Habsburg-Lorraine family- Charles Habsburg – lives in Austria. And although he has no apparent ambitions to ascend the throne in this country, he is revered by a group of around 130 monarchists who would love to see him representing the Czech Republic. According to Jindřich Holub, the association’s plans to hand over the symbolic birthday gift on January 11th may be hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. However the grandson of the last Austrian Emperor Charles I and King of Bohemia may look forward to a gift worthy of his lineage.

The St. Wenceslas Crown, is part of the Bohemian coronation jewels, together with the royal orb and sceptre, the coronation vestments of the Kings of Bohemia, the gold reliquary cross, and St. Wenceslas’ sword. The copy made for Charles Habsburg is made of gilded silver and decorated with glass stones. It is the exact size as the original.

Although the country’s monarchists have scant hope of seeing their dreams realized, they are respectful of the country’s royal line. A bronze bust of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I was unveiled in Pohled, where the association is based, on the 100th anniversary of his death four years ago. It was the first newly-installed monument to Francis Joseph I in Bohemia in the last one hundred years.

The Bohemian crown jewels: facts and legend | Radio Prague International

The crown jewels are not all from the same period. They include the Crown of Saint Wenceslas, the royal orb and scepter, the coronation vestments of the kings of Bohemia, a gold reliquary cross, and the St. Wenceslas’ sword. The crown was made for the coronation of Charles IV in 1347, making it the fourth oldest in Europe.

Czech monarchists raise money to give the grandson of the last King of Bohemia a crown | Radio Prague International

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