The Wendlings

The Wendlings
John Presco
Copyright 2021

Royal Rosamond was being indentified as a Stevebson Socialist. As a Socialist candidate, he spoke up about big oil taking over the poltics of Ventura – and destroying his beautiful beach. When he read about the ghost town Frank Buck created in Oregon, he vowed to do something dramatic. Along with other Secret Stevenson Socialists, they came up with the plan for an Exodus to Marin County.

The New Wendling Colony
Posted on August 3, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press


Grade School
This picture was taken in 1946.The people that lived in the company houses had to leave when the mill shut down in 1946.
In 1952 when the school closed, there were 8 kids in the school.
Look at the bright and beautiful faces these children own. They should own a tract of beautiful land in the Oregon Wilderness, but, Frank H. Buck robbed them of their father’s dream. Now he owes his soul to the Buck Company store. He will never get out of debt. After the land is raped and ravaged, and the Buck family can no longer make Big Bucks, Frank closes his capitalist adventure – down! There are no jobs. The city of Wendling – dies! This is what John Steinbeck, and Ken Kesey, wrote about. They championed these poor folks.

I just sent this e-mail to my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, wherein I suggest the founding of the New City of Wendling that was rendered a ghost town by Big Timber Barons. New Wendling will be located in Marin County. It will be home to homeless, poets, artists, writers, and performers who have made their way to Lane County in search of a New Life.

Big Bucks moved to a swank new building in San Francisco. He was a Senator and a Congressman. Did he have inside information on when and where the rails were being laid? Did his agents go north to Whore Town located across the river from Eugene and pay drunks to buy the land grants so The Good People can not follow the dream of my kindred, John Fremont, and own a homestead – from God? The Bucks raided Oregon from California, and snatched those parcels of land away from The Salt of the Earth! He took the trees away from the children, converted it into Cold Hard Cash, and hen dealt gobs of money out to his kinfolks in California.

There needs to be a Congressional investigation into Booth & Kelly stock. How much does Robert Buck know? What is he hiding? I think Beryl overheard The Men bragging and laughing at the sight of poor folks who came from all over America, for some Oregon, only to find dunks and gamblers – got it all – then sold it to Frank H. Buck, who puffs away on a cigar. Women do not own the right to vote, yet!

On July 14, I had a vision of a West Coast Statue of Liberty. A Dirty Dealer for the Billionaire in Chief, insulted the Great Gift of France. I see OCCUPY LIBERTY. This is the real Tea Party. We need to identify other land and property in all Fifty States, that has received the Big Buck treatment. Time to take back America!

New Wendling can be bought for thirteen million dollars. I will not show that listing lest the Land Grabbers and Heartbreakers buy it from under us – out of spite! The Marin Community Foundation should purchase it for The Oregon Poor, because they do not have enough poor folks to hand 1.7 billion dollars to. Problem solved. Get ready for the New Exodus!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

‘The Moses of Oregon’

He continued, about the Statue of Liberty: “I don’t want to get off into a whole thing about history , but the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American liberty lighting the world. The poem you are referring to was added later. It is not actually part of the original Statue of Liberty.”

The Buck and Rosamond family have come together. I would like to see a Statue of Huguenot Harmony standing at the entrance to the Larkspur Landing, where I envisioned a New Atlantis in 1986. How about Sea Cadet training center for poor young men and women? The Huguenot Society and Genealogy center can move to Marin. We live forever via our children and their children.

“This article is a condensation of a paper written for a U of 0 class. The author, Joan Kelley, is not related to Robert A. Kelly Her name is spelled with an additional E.
Oregon’s lumber industry was stimulated in the late nineteenth century by the nation’s expanding economy and the presence of the western railroad. Timber barons and land speculators descended upon the region as well as the entire Pacific Northwest to acquire forest lands and establish lumber companies to extract the great natural resource.
Western Oregon’s inland forests became accessible in the era of railroading. These woodlands were generally purchased from the railroads. The Oregon and California Railroad, later purchased by Southern Pacific, obtained title to immense tracts of land to help finance construction of the railways and to supposedly help the Jeffersonian Lane County Historian 55
farmer acquire land. These generous land grants were instead sold to timber speculators rather than the settlers as the government intended. The lands were often purchased by out-of-state corporations with Eastern or California capital. Within Lane County, th

Issue: ENV

Rosamond Press

I founded a Margical Place.

The Wendlings of Penkill Castle

Tale of the Four Towers


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Christine Rosamond Benton was a New Pre-Raphaelite, like her brother. No other information is needed, for it places her in the cyber-tower at the New Penkill Castle in the Land of the New Wendlings located on the shores of Bodega Bay California.

Millions of people all over the world, will never enter a museum, or, ancient castle, on their two feet. Their fingers will take them there, and almost anywhere they want to go. How many explorers on the internet will visit the Buck Institute, or, Alcohol Justice? Where is the testimony of The Poor the Marine Community Foundation allegedly helped. Can we chat with them? Where is the Art, that is eluded to? Is it too much trouble to create a…

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