Big Bucks in ‘The Big Trees’

The Wendlings


John Presco

Royal Rosamond had Dashiell Hammet, and Lilian Hellman onboard. Plans were being made to bring the Wendlings to Marin. After the two big oil spills by Frank Buck’s oil tankers, one in the bay itself, thousands of poor people in Oakland and San Francisco, were up in arms. The Wobleys were going to supply some old trucks and automobiles. In inconspicuous caravans, they headed north. The children of Wendling knew something was up. The frowns their parents wore, was waning, and they caught radiant smiles aimed at them. Their loving parents could look them in the eye again.

I am the grandson of Frank Wesley Rosamond who adopted the pen name ‘Royal’. With the ex-president’s plan to take back the White House in seven days, I have decided to reveal the oppressed history of The Wendlings. Not only must we stop the Second Insurrection, but, we must launch a Revolution to Save Planet Earth!

Von Trump Attacks Scenic California


The Mad King of Nebraska is out to destroy California with the help of the Corn-fed Children of Christian Cringle. You know who I am talking about, those White Nordic Folks who believe there is only enough room on God’s Holy Mantle to hang their Christmas stockings – for them! This is what Rena meant by nothing there, there – for me!

Here is one of them blessing the Pipeline of Holy Jesus that is going to cut a swath of holy goodness across Nebraska bringing tons of Trickle Down Blessings to The Chosen Ones.

“I love these shiny pipes! I think this Russian thing is a lot of bullshit! Those Leftist Pinkos in California don’t want to see me strike it rich! But, I got Jesus on my side. The Son of God wants to see me prosper. Obama just wanted black people to get ahead.”

Rosamond Press

The Big Trees

A Remake of the Movie


John Presco

Copyright 2021

While on the phone with my friend, Casey Farrell, I missed a live video chat with Michael Dundon who responded to my message. My kin sent me a red rose that he had planted several days ago.

Casey and I talked about my idea of remaking the movie ‘The Big Trees’ after I saw it was just released to the public domain. Michael was by the ocean when he called me. After my hour long conversation with Mr. Farrell, I called Shamus Dundon’s uncle back. At the end of our hour long conversation, I mentioned my movie idea.

“I just saw that movie a few days ago!”

The Big Trees – Wikipedia

I was amazed! Casey and I have been talking for two months about the synchronicity that is occurring, that is giving us permission to carry…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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