Cleaning Up My Reward Act

Capturing Beauty


John Preco

Copyright 2021

Yesterday, my therapist and I talked about my Reward Plan. I told her I was going to be made the manager of four art supplies stores when I was eighteen, but, Melinda encouraged me to drop out and come back up to San Francisco in 1965. When I talked to Vicki for the first time after hearing our sister had drowned, she said she needs me to help her deal with the art. She knows she has been named Christine’s No.1 Executor. In a month she and Jacci Belford will drop out – and name Garth Benton executor. Vicki signed an affidavit declaring our niece committed a criminal act. Garth’s attorney, Robin Beare, wrote a letter to the police suggesting Shannon Rosamond be kept in jail because… would do her some good! The day of the funeral Vicki asked me to stay in Christine’s home and prevent Shannon from stealing. I refused. Garth had his friend lurking in the dark dining room as we talked in the kitchen.

“Who’s that?” I asked

“That’s Garth’s friend. He here to prevent people from taking things!” says Vicki ‘The Betrayer.

A week later I suggested to my Private Investigator friend, that it looks like I was being set-up, and, they wanted Shannon and I to be arrested for stealing from the estate -because they looted the place the day Rosamond died! If Netlfix does a series about this Art Mind-fuck Fest, I want the director to watch the movie ‘The Loved One’. Here’s the Adult Heir, Shannon.

“It was Thursday before a four day weekend . I went to call the lawyer and the phone was dead . I couldn’t believe it , thought maybe Garth does need it for work. Then I went to the neighbors , panicking by 930 because they had to leave for big bear to see their son in college. Then as I’m repeatedly dialing , I look out the window and Garth is getting into Jeep and stealing moms car. So I’m now in the neighbors house (who fear Garth and hate him) and they are leaving I can not get a hold of the lawyer to document the transfer of Executer-ship !! I have no phone in moms house , I have no vehicle because Garth just stole it, and no where to get help or make a phone call. I had to get dropped off at airport where I could call people and find a way back down to los angeles So I could by a car To make it back to Monterey and fix things . No one helped or offered .Vicki and Stacey did conspire . I do have all the records to prove it. I do not have a lawyer or have any interest in wasting anymore of my life going after what’s been lost stolen and pillaged , cost to much. I knew nothing about probate . Garth and Rick stole my money and Garth sold all my art work Stacey stole my my personal work. I had no income. And please explain I only care about myself. I am truly interested in your explanation . Seriously Please no sarcasm. How can I understand if you do not explain your feelings.”

I know I have been in therapy since Christmas, because Shannon called me, and was crying. She had just read the movie script ‘Before The Wave’ by Lynch. Vicki had died, and our niece was staying in her home. She is looking at papers Vicki had.

“I can’t believe what I am reading. Why are they saying all these vile, ugly things about my mother?”

“Shannon. I am in therapy after reading Snyder’s book. Don’t read it. It will make you real crazy!”

I finished Snyder’s book a year ago. I could not help but see, that Garth Benton is being heavily PROMOTED, while Rosamond is DEGRADED and made out to be an insane monster. Why did Vicki and Mark Presco – allow this to happen? This is when I began to look at MURDER, because people – ARE GOING AFTER – my dead sister! Do you think Dead Rosamond is happy about these things being written about her? Are these Art Monsters respecting Rosamond’s last wishes – and the adult heir? How about her brother?

After Vicki told me on the phone she wants me to come to Carmel and help deal with the art, I had a short vision of me in the Rosamond Gallery – selling Rosamond prints! Then….

“Something is wrong!” I said to my friend. “They asked me to deal with – the art. I bet I get a call back in a half-hour telling me not to deal with the art, because, they got someone else.”

“That’s a sucker’s bet!” My detective friend said. And, Vicki called in twenty miutes and said she does not want me to come to our sister’s home because she is holding a meeting with Christine’s friends about rasiding money for funeral costs. I told Vicki that is a family matter, and I deserve to be there.

“You know how you are. You won’t get along with them!”

Thanks to my therapist, I was able to figure out allot of things. The biggest wonderment, was why Garth and Drew Benton did not attend The Family Funeral. Tom Snyder offers the lame excuse about Drew being terrified of the OPEN CASKET controversy. She wanted it CLOSED. This is a RUSE! Garth is getting his way! He is the Cock of the Walk! This is why he did not attend. Everyone would see how cocky and uncaring he was. They would behold THE WINNER of the divorce. And, they would see how Drew – is unfazed! They would see that for the Benton branch, this was a optimum outcome. Garth was given carte blanche to do as much damage as he wanted. I suspect he called his divorce attorney while in the waiting room of the hospital, WAITING for the GOOD NEWS, that that bitch……is dead!

I talked to my therapist in my living room and had a art show. I took my sister’s prints from under my bed where they had been for over ten years. I told her I am the Caretaker of the Artistic Legacy we founded. I told Barbara I could do some paintings – in the Rosamond style and make some money as part of My Reward Plan. Yesterday, I went shopping for new clothes. Here is the New Me. If my niece gets a good attorney, I am willing to help her sell her mother’s prints in the New Rosamond Gallery in Carmel -that the City should own! My bio is on the market. Tourists want to come from all over and talk to me – the surviving Family Artist. I got all the good family stories. Fans want to know what our life was like – when we were young!


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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