Meeting The Rose Wing

In 2018 I worked on an idea for a HBO series ‘The Rose Wing’ that would take place in Carmel. I am trying to get a hold of Netflix. I see myself sitting in a quaint office in downtown Carmel, looking out a big picture window with headphones on. I am doing my radio show ‘Press On’. Folks stop to watch me. They wave. I wave back. “Play ‘Misty’ for me!” one dude shouts, cupping his mouth. I do not hear them behind my thick bullet proof glass. But, I know the routine, the gag, and hit a button that pipes the song to my outdoor people. I am a tourist attraction. I get write-ups in the Carmel Pine Cone.

(19) Sarah Vaughan – Misty (Live from Sweden) Mercury Records 1964 – YouTube

Rosamond Press

Yesterday, I met her………My Rose Wing. I pushed away from my computer, and said to myself; “I got to get out of here!”

I got on the EMX and went to downtown Springfield. I wanted to celebrate VOG-Day ‘Victory Over Gossip’. I was proud that I defended myself and wanted to make all of Springfield – MY TOWN! It was a – JAIL BREAK!

The first thing I notice is the new Bicycle store with the greatest fence I ever saw. I got the owner of the building’s number. He is going to clean up the rest of that corner lot, and I want to help. I am going to take pics and make sketches for a proposal.

I then had lunch at the new courtyard. I got three veggie tacos for $5 dollars. I then walked into Tattoo Parlor across the street. I made up a story about why…

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