No Battleship For Bozo

Christian Crusaders went for Bozo. How come those Christian Leaders, who lay their hands all over our president on the Oval office, didn’t keep Trump abreast of world affairs so he could continue to be the King of Christendom and Protector of the Holy Grail against the enemies of France? How come no Christian prophet saw it coming?

Biden may have made a mistake. He may be shooting from the hip there a need to show he is in control and calling the shots. There is talk about France selling their subs to Vietnam. 

Seer John

Battle of the Chesapeake – Wikipedia

French officials CANCEL gala dinner celebrating ties with US in protest at losing $90bn sub contract | Daily Mail Online

Why the US should offer to buy France’s submarines for Vietnam (

Rosamond Press

The Christian Clown Car keeps rolling! The Christian-right keeps sending VERY WEAK messages to our enemies, telling them our prayers – and votes don’t work. Our Navy did not want to be used to make God look good, they reasoning – He doesn’t want their help, and, He is still good to go with Mr. Bozo! To prove this is so, God bid Gaetz to declare he will nominate Bozo to be the Speaker of the House, after God takes back Congress. I guess it’s O.K. to say these are GOD’S PLANS. Why keep it a secret any longer. God wants His Loyal Ones to line up behind China and Russia and attack the President of the United States and his party.


Trump rally at Battleship Park nixed after political concerns raised | WPMI (

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on Saturday told a crowd of Trump supporters that he’ll…

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