Went to a Garden Party

Ricky Nelson sang a song about a Garden Party. The photos taken at my wedding reception at my brother’s home, contain images of mayhem and Helter-Skelter. In this post of 2019 I threaten to send OUR STORY to Terantino. I am inspired to write a script tailor-made for Quenton. Garden Party will be about the raid of The Billy Crusaders motorcycle club on the Hippie Garden Party, where Debbie Boone and Ricky Nelson are going to sing. This is the last straw. The BC saw this as a BIG WIN for Satan. Enough is enough! Time to even the score!

I was forced to admit I am a SUCCESSFUL Independent News Reporter who has many novels in this blog, Royal Rosamond Press. My friends, family, and I have LIVED the insane life that Tarentine EXPLOITS. He has made millions. I have not made a dime off my art and writing since I was an adult. Quentin Tarantino has entered MY LITERARY WORLD with the publication of his book, that resembles my REAL LIFE experiences. I suspect he was going to start a blog, then did not want to start giving it away for free – like I do. I will make him a offer. He can purchase Rosamond Press for TWO MILLION DOLLARS. He can own – THE SOURCE! He can opporate Hollywood’s first underground newspaper.

When I was seventeen, Marylin’s mother forced us to go to church and to three Billy Graham Crusades. After I refused to go down – and be saved – she said she would call the police on me if I tried to see my first girlfriend again. When I was thirteen some girls thought I looked like Ricky. One wanted to take my virginity from me.

I was sitting in Burger King when M called. I had just seen ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywod’

“You got to see this movie. It will be like going home!”

“I was at the Spawn ranch. My lover and I bought LSD from Charlie – who wanted us to stay and trip with him and his girls. But, they scared me. We left.”

Bryan MacLean sang at my wedding, but did not show up at my brother’s house like he said he would. He told Sharon Tate he was coming to dinner the night of the Manson Murders, but, changed his mind. When I read Steve McQueen was invited, but did not go, I wondered if Sharon had heard something and wanted so bodyguards – some tough guys – there. I believe Steve and Bryan were friends. Neither considered coming to dine – armed! Enter…..Bond…..

“James Bond!”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

(8) Ricky Nelson- Garden Party (Lyrics) – YouTube

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The Beatnik Murder Case

Posted on April 9, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

In 1964, my girfriend’s father, Donald Frank, called my home and threatened to kill me because I cut school with his daughter, Melinda, who my famous sister did a lithograph of in 1986.

“When I find your son, brother – he’s a dead man!” Don shouted at whom ever answered the phone, he making his promise several times over the course of four hours. Melinda and I were holed up in a motel in back of the Glenwood house waiting for Melinda’s grandmother to wire my sweetheart some money so we could put her on the hound for Texas. Grandma was poised to turn us in. She too heard Don’s promise I would be dead before that day was done, which Melinda and I took seriously, because Don and his two brothers were members of the Purple Gang, owned half of New Mexico, and this gang murdered Melinda’s first lover, a Venic Beat named Sky. He was twenty four, and looked just like Jesus. Melinda was sixteen. She was the Beat Lolita of the New Balladeer Coffee shop where Bryan McClean played his guitar. When he heard I was dating Melinda, he told me drop her, because…..

“She’s a Black Widow. Her father had two of his goons blowtorch my friend’s face off! They jacked him up against the wall in the Balladeer and told him he had twenty four hours to get out town.”

Black Mau Mau’s Killed Our Friend’s Family

Posted on August 4, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Joan Corbett was a good friend of my ex-wife and myself. She suffered from severe alcoholism due to her PTSD she acquired after coming home for Thanksgiving, and finding her family slaughtered. These latest shooters have targeted people of color. The Mau Mau Murders should be be labeled a ‘Hate Crime’.

Joan was at my wedding. Mary Ann allegedly was the wife of Thomas Pynchon, whose novel ‘Inherent Vice’ swirled around the Manson murders. It is clear I have been doing battle to the Real Bad Guys. I survived a hit by a Mafia associate.

I am going to contact Quentin Tarantino and see if he wants to co-author a story on the Mau Mau Murders.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

CHICAGO, Oct. 15 — Eight members of a group called‐“De Mau Mau” gang, which was formed by dishonorably discharged black veterans of Vietnam, were charged today with nine murders, including the mass slayings of two white families.

The police said that the murders, which date to last spring, appeared to have been racially motivated and were linked by ballistic tests.

Six of the eight accused men, wearing Army fatigue jackets, were arraigned early today. The suspects, described by Cook County Sheriff Richard J. Elrod as “the gang leaders and the triggermen,” were held without bail in Cook County jail. Two other suspects were being sought.

Several of the suspects were expelled last spring from Malcolm X University, a city university on Chicago’s West Side where one official described them as “bitter and full of hatred.”

“We are hopeful we can solve a number of other terrible killings in the area,” Mr. Elrod said.

He identified the six arrested men as Reuben Taylor, 22 years old; Donald Taylor, 21; Michael Clark, 21; Nathaniel Burse, 23; Edward Moran Jr., 23, and Robert Wilson, 18, all of Chicago.

The six were charged with the slayings of Paul Corbett, a retired insurance executive, and his wife, stepdaughter, and sister‐in‐law in their Barrington Hills home near Chicago; three members of the Stephen Hawtree family in Monee, Ill.; Army Specialist 5 William Richter, in Highland Park, Ill., and Michael Gerchenson, a Southern Illinois University student whose body was found near West Frankfort, Ill. All the victims were white.

Dr. Charles G. Hurst Jr., president of Malcolm X, said that members of the gang were expelled from the school last spring after they had beaten up students and intimidated teachers.

‘It Was Pure Terror’

“It was pure terror,” Dr. Hurst said. “Members of the Mau Mau would intimidate and beat up students and teachers. They were just frustrated, bitter young men.”

In the spring members of the group were expelled from the college. The ritual hand clasp of the gang was barred from the campus.

Dr. Hurst said that the group had formed in Vietnam and that the men got together when they returned with dishonorable discharges to the United States. He said that he had no idea how many members were in the gang.

“There never seemed any motivation in their violence. They were desperate men venting their frustration within the school. They had no way of living, no way to make money, no saleable skills,” Dr. Hurst said.

‘Disqualified From Society’

“The men had been disqualified from society,” he said. “They were into drugs. The Mau Mau was just bitter men left to wander aimlessly.

“It was never a political group. I don’t think it had to do with color or race. It was just plain hatred.”

At a news conference earlier, Sheriff Elrod told newsmen that four members of the gang had been previously arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

“We had a good tip these linen might be involved in some of the unsolved crimes in the state,” he said. “After questioning, one lead led to another and we were able to charge four more members of the gang. We expect more arrests.” The sheriff added:

“We have the ringleaders and the triggermen now. We are hopeful we can solve a number of other killings in the area.”

Two of the men arrested were karate experts, the police said. The two had been arrested earlier by task force policemen after they attacked an undercover decoy in the subway, the police said.

“There’s not much I can say,” Dr. Hurst said. “I don’t know if these men are guilty. But it is all so tragic.”

Pynchon’s Rosamond Women

Posted on August 4, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

I posted this July 20, 2015. Joan Corbett is in this post. My female tormenters zero in on the truth I spend much time alone. Charles Manson was not a recluse and loner. Tom and my ex lived in the appartment below.

Mary Ann hated hotels and motels so we spent the night in Marilyn Reed’s bed. M spent a lot of time at the Moonfire Ranch. Mary Ann wore a Train Dress she designed, that Debbie Boone wore.  Not everyone becomes a Star. Tarantino explores this in his latest violent movie. The Manson Family wanted to be in a movie – that would change the world! Two shooters have killed nearly thirty people in the last 24 hours. America may be moving into an era of Death Cults.

Mary Ann is in my family tree, and thus is kin to Mel Lyman who married Jessie Benton the daughter of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, Garth Benton’s cousin, whose grandfather was the Senator of the same name, whos name was removed by OSU President, after un-named Latinos picketed for a week, that were targets of a shooters Manifesto. It’s a small world…………of celebrities and their families!

John Presco


– Rock journalist/author, Barney Hoskyns, revealed
in his book, Arthur Lee: Alone Again Or (2001),
that Manson family member Bobby Beausoleil played
rhythm guitar for the rock group Love briefly in
1965, when they were named The Grass Roots.


During a very strange interview in 1992, Lee told me: “We were competing a bit like Lennon and McCartney to see who would come up with the better song. It was part of our charm. Everybody had different behaviour patterns. Eventually, the others couldn’t cut it.” Lee sacked the rest of the band and assumed the Love mantle from mid-1968. He briefly worked with Jimi Hendrix and nearly died of a drug overdose in 1970.
MacLean also fell from grace. “I don’t think I could cope with even the minimal amount of fame that I experienced. It was difficult to stay balanced. To be honest, it almost killed me just to have the notoriety that I had. To have my face more well-known would have been pathogenic. I don’t know if I could have lived through it,” he later admitted.

Canned Heat’s drummer, Fito de la Parra, revealed
–in his book, Living the Blues–that Morrison was
friends with Alan Wilson, one of Canned Heat’s
founding members, rhythm guitarist, harmonica
player, and vocalist.(1) On September 3, 1970,
Wilson was found dead in a sleeping bag near the
home of fellow band member, Bob “the Bear” Hite,
in Topanga Canyon, L.A.(2) Wilson was living with
Hite at the time of his death. De la Parra further
claims Hite (also deceased) boasted of “knowing
Manson family members.”(3) It is quite possible
–given the location of Hite’s home in Topanga
Canyon–that Hite did in fact meet members of the
Manson family at the Spiral Staircase, the Satanic
house in Topanga Canyon where Manson and his family
members once spent a lot of time. And since Morrison
was friends with Hite’s house mate, Alan Wilson, it
is quite possible that Morrison and Wilson may have
accompanied Hite to the Spiral Staircase at some
point where Morrison may have met Manson. In
addition, Morrison had bought his longtime
girlfriend, Pamela Courson, a cottage in Topanga.(4)
So he was geographically close to the Spiral
Staircase through Courson as well as Bob Hite
and Alan Wilson.

– Rock journalist/author, Barney Hoskyns, revealed
in his book, Arthur Lee: Alone Again Or (2001),
that Manson family member Bobby Beausoleil played
rhythm guitar for the rock group Love briefly in
1965, when they were named The Grass Roots.(5)
(Different band than the Grass Roots that had
several hits in the late Sixties.) Beausoleil was
later convicted of murdering Gary Hinman. Morrison
was friends with Love’s founder, Arthur Lee. In
fact, Lee encouraged Elektra Records’ founder and
president, Jac Holzman, to sign the Doors. (6)
Beausoleil claims he remained on good terms with
Lee after leaving Love. (Beausoleil was replaced
by Bryan Maclean because Maclean had been a roadie
for the Byrds and had lots of connections in the
LA music scene through the renowned rock group.)
Beausoleil claims Lee renamed the group Love, in
honor of Beausoleil, because his nickname was
Cupid.(7) Surprisingly, Vincent Bugliosi
corroborated that Beausoleil’s nickname was in
fact Cupid in Bugliosi’s famous book, Helter
Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders.(8)
Given that Beausoleil and Lee apparently remained
friends after parting ways musically, and given
that Morrison was also friends with Lee, and given
that Beausoleil was a member of Charlie Manson’s
renowned “family”, it is quite possible that Manson
met Morrison through the Lee/Beausoleil connection.

Mel & Charlie’s Women-The Souring of Street LifeSome reflections on Ed Sanders‘ The Family,Mel Lyman‘s Mirror at the End of the Roadby Ellen Herst

This isn’t a book review. It’s my response as a woman to reading all the gossip about Charles Manson and Mel Lyman. And, more than that, a response to the whole of hippie / freak culture and the “place” of women in it. I mean, it may be total drag to spend your life at the dishwasher, washing machine, supermarket etc, — and of course we know that — on the other hand it’s not exactly a groove to hustle on the street, bake bread for your hippie farmer, serve the God incarnate, commit murders: to name a few options.Sanders can say “in his universe women had no soul. They were to be slaves of Man” (p. 198), he doesn’t see that Manson is not a universe unto himself. Shocked as I am by the particular viciousness of Manson’s treatment of freak women (or by Calley’s and other Gl’s torture of Vietnamese), I’m not really surprised. Nor am I at a loss to understand why women take it. When I was 21 I had a boyfriend who reminds me of Manson and Lyman in more ways than I care to remember, and I still carry with me the fear that I, like Susan Atkins, etc., could be dominated by some man.

You see, Ed Sanders is stuck with the idea that Manson is some kind of evil genius. Or that he was under the influence of various evil cults — like the Process or other obscure California Satanists. But satanists are, just as Manson is, the symptoms of a diseased culture, not its causes. To use them to explain him is like using the Hell’s Angels to explain Altamont.

skip to Lyman section…

Sanders’ horror at Manson is a relief after the initial response to all the trial publicity, which led people to feel protective of him as a “freak like us.” In fact, certain sectors of the Left, grooving out on his offing some rich white people, were big apologists for Manson; and Stew Albert, one of the original Yippie leaders, (writing, thank God, in the New University Review where not too many people will read him), still sees Manson as a “real victim,” totally ignoring the ways he victimized women.


Many sexual encounters in Thomas Pynchon’s fiction have occurred beyond the mainstream, generating theatres of perversity which dramatise the death wish and enact power relations from wider arenas. However, in Inherent Vice they change in nature. With the exception of scenes which use Charles Manson to fuel fantasies of domination and submission, they have lost their transgressive bite. Instead, the sheer profusion of variations, and the insouciance with which they are greeted, evinces the influence of a sexualised mainstream colonised by hardcore pornography. Paradoxically, much hardcore catering to the mass market is appreciably less transgressive than Pynchon’s fiction has been. The narrative of his seventh novel, with its noir conventions and accompanying sexual motivation, is driven by the commissions his detective protagonist receives from femmes fatales and damsels in distress. The transference of these women from man to man becomes the novel’s sexual currency.

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