Jesus Was A National Messiah

I will now be imparting messages from my church The New Radio Church of God. Herbert Armstrong predicted the End Time Elijah would come just before the war with Russia. For many years I pondered over why they wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff. When I read Psalm 31, I had answer. This is the beginning of the ritual anointing of a candidate for King of The Jews that begins with a forty day stay in the wilderness to replicate Moses in the wilderness for forty years. Jesus must do penitence for David counting the Jews by crossing the Kendron Valley where he is scourged and spat upon. He goes atop the Mount of Olives where he reads the Book of Ruth. He undergoes a ritual crucifixion where the thousands who dies of the plague, rise from their tomb. King David, God, the Plague, and Donald Trump –

Rosamond Press

Jesus was a Nationalist come to save Judea – and not spread a anti-Semitic teaching all over the known world. Jesus was born in a Sukkot Booth and read from the Book of Ruth on the Mount of Olives. The Last Supper was about declaring the land under Herod’s temple belong to him because he descended from Ruth and Boaz. Jesus sent his older brother to pay the Jubilee fee because the land could not be sold – forever! This is why they came and arrested Jesus – and crucified him and his followers! This was later changed by Satan-Paul who claimed the Messiah died for the sins of Pagans so they will know eternal life. He is a liar!

The Sprit of the Lord is upon me, and this Holy Ghost tells me to help restore the stolen lands to the Native Americans. Every document that shows a sale…

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