The Booth of David

King Herod did NOT COUNT THE JEWS. He knew this would cause a NATIONAL INSURECTION. The Romans knew this too. Many had studied the Septuagint. It was the Romans who counted the Jews, and thus Jesus was taken away so he would not be DEFILED. This article forces my hand, because it hit the nail on the head – and did not know it!

Rosamond Press

The Christians see much in Amos who foretells the second coming of King David and his kingdom, that is compared to his “BOOTH’. In 2011 I posted my conclusion that Jesus was born in a Sukkot booth, and not a manger. A lot of Arabs are requesting to be my friend on facebook after I made a video about David and the cities of refuge. I will now be directing my book of revelations at a Muslim audience who might want to protect me from people who want to do me harm – in a legal manner! Homeland Security just announced there will launch a committee to study the Insurrection of June 6th. that involved many Christians who still want to believe THE BIG LIE that the Democrats stole the election FROM JESUS&TRUMP.

When I read Psalm 31 I saw the light. I had concluded Jesus read from the Book…

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