LA Bond

LA Bond

Idea for series and or movie.


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Inspired by post I made in 2018 a year before ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was made.

James Bond In La La Land? | Rosamond Press

When Jim Morrison spotted Kaye, he pulled out his wangy-doodle and shouted;

“Hey Kaye! Play some deep base riffs on this?”

Kaye did her best to ignore this obscene jester that had Jim’s audience hooting. Not to be denied, Jim hopped off the stage on to a table, then another as he made his way to where James Bond sat with his first Los Angeles date. He had disobeyed his psychiatrists orders, and gave an infamous wink to Kaye as she got out of the car with Bryan MacLean who took her up to the mansion once owned by Bela Lugosi. As Kaye stood to avoid being trampled by rock and roles latest mad man, James stood, and in one deft motion, body-slammed Morrison down on the table knocking the wind out of him. Feeling a hand tugging on his shoulder, 007 turned to get a blast of lewd poetic rage from Michael McClure.

“You can’t treat my poet that way, you limey bastard!” slurred drunken McClure who went flying across the room after Bond delivered a right cross. The Beatnik Bard…..was out cold, They had met at the castle party a few nights before, and, McClure got pissed when James could recite all the poetry of Keats and Shelly.

Mr. McClure rose slowly wiping the blood that poured from his nose. Pointing his red hand at Bond, he put a curse on this agent – who had a license to kill.

“You don’t know who you are fucking with. I will sick the whole Bohemian Nation upon you. Like a pack of hyaenas. we will bring you down! Mark my words……Mr. Bond!”

(5) Michael McClure reading poetry to lions – YouTube

It is 11:14 P.M. and very hot. It is going to be 114 tomorrow. so I am going to start this post tonight. I wrote the above about four hours ago, and then did some research. I believe the Manson murders were conducted by M15 and the CIA. However, there might be a group in Britain that are extremely cruel and lethal. I got a glimpse of them in a documentary about the Boar War, and the battle for India.

I read an article that says M15 accused John Lennon of funding the IRA. There are unsolved murders in Britain involving people involved with Charlie Manson.

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