My Wrong Daughter

FACT: My daughter and her two children are my kin, and the kin of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. No one called me yesterday on Father’s Day. Why? Because I was figuring it all out – the truth – but could not accept it. The Mark….was still in a trance! Michael Jackson Looked Like Elizabeth Taylor | Rosamond Press

Tyler Hunt and Samuel Josefa De Mattos | Rosamond Press
Our Oakland History | Rosamond Press

Thorn Rosemary and Patrice Hanson | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Last night I read I am going to be a grandfather again in seven weeks. After I posted my Bling-Bling poem, I looked at Heather’s page. I had concluded I will never see my granddaughter, because three women can’t admit a great mistake and injustice occurred when Patrice Hanson decided the solution to her problems – was not to tell me I am going to be a father – and tell her husband, a famous con-artist and ex-con, he is the father! Sure! Why not? Works every time. Where are the Family Values?

Look at the photo of me above…One minute I am arguing with Sir Knight William Arney, and, Grail Priest, Sir Ian Sinclair, over a Holy Bloodline, then, I am the Father-Grandfather of a linage I never dreamed I would have.

To further complicate the Hanson Problem, my daughter has a child by a young man who is…

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