Messiah Cazalet and Rosemond Taylor

On this day, I establish The American Celebrity Service called ROSAMOND that will invite celebrities from all over the world to he help counter the threats from our enemies. The American Tax Payer is being called upon to spend a trillion dollars on naval ships and jets to stop China and Russia. Several million can be spent on celebrity propaganda. Liz Taylor’s Godfather, Victor Cazalet, had a powerful influence on her. Did she share this with her husband, John Werner? Did she know about the British Defence Staff – Washington?

Promoting military ties with America[edit]

Cazalet also termed himself “a booster for America,” and had publicly expressed the gratitude of British citizens for the aid that America gave Britain before and after World War II began.[8] In 1940 he wanted Britain to give the U.S. a free port in the West Indies, with all sovereign rights, in order that the U.S. Navy could have a port closer to South America.[9]

He also hoped that the U.S. and British navies would join together after the war so that their navies could “pool their policies and ideas,” he said.[9] It was an opinion he expressed going back to the disputes at the 1927 Geneva Naval Conference, and which he continued during the revival of those efforts which led to the London Naval Treaty in 1930.[10] He feared that a failure of Great Britain and the United States to reach an agreement among themselves, regardless of the other countries involved, would lead to a dangerous competition in shipbuilding between their two countries which would seriously jeopardize world peace.[11] “Each country should build the ships it needs without regarding the other navy as a possible enemy,” he said.[12]

Rosamond Press

Victor Cazalet was Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor’s Godfather, and thus may be looking down from the Kingdom of Truth and blessing my Quest. Victor was a good friend of Winston Churchill, and promoted everlasting ties between the United States and Britain – that is now in jeopardy due to Trump’s promotion of Putin at the G7 summit.

Victor promoted the Family Art, and gave Liz a horse. This is key because Victor and his father belonged to the West Kent Calvary. Victor put forth an idea to form an army of Jews to fight the Nazis. Would these 20,000 Jews serve in the Kent Calvary? Victor promoted the return of the Jews to Israel, and thus can be seen as a Messiah.

Victor employed the Hopper family to get his Goddaughter out of Britain. The actor, Dennis Hopper could have met Liz when they were children. Consider Sir Ian Easton…

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