Elizabeth and Rosemary Rosemond

I have proven that Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Rosemary Rita Rosamond, are cousins. This fact was not known to the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck who gave permission to Stacey Pierrot to create a FAKE celebrity status for my DEAD sister, the artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. Executor Sydney Morris gave his legal seal of approval for a biography of Rosamond to be written, and a movie produced. The Art World did not know who she was, nor, did she ever achieve celebrity status, that we know can be VERY HARMFUL to stars and their family. I sent Bruce Lee Livingston several messages alerting him to the truth that a major alcoholic had a devastating affect on my daughter and the Family Society I founded. I will put Bruce’s name and photo next to Linda Comstock and Flip – in my book. Flip dies of acute alcoholism several months after he toasted my grandson in a bar.

Last night I had a dream my mother came to see my new born baby girl. She is the grandmother of Heather Marie Hanson. Rosemary died not knowing her second son had sired A CHILD that Comstock knew was not sired by the criminal, Randall Delpiano, who may have been involved in criminal activity when Patrice Hanson put MY CHILD in his arms, and said a baby girl belonged to him. Delpiano owned celerity status for being arrested twice for impersonating Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead.

Above is the message I sent Bruce Lee Livingston over four years ago. He did not respond. Why would I not wonder if I was being BLACKBALLED because my niece and I are not happy with the legal input of the law firm of Buck – who helped establish all aspects of the Buck Foundation. How much did Robert Buck have to do with the creation of Alcohol Justice who EMPLOYS REAL CELEBRETIES to go after breweries and wineries? YET – they make a deal with Wells Fargo to promote sober movies and books – in a massive conflict of interest. Is this the vision Beryl Buck had when she left her money to people she trusted?

I am going to create a Celerity Watchdog Legal Firm, that will sue anyone who employs the reputation of a Star, and points to them as an example of BAD CONDUCT. Most Recovery Books are written by those who suffered. The law firm of Buck is responsible for a ghost writer besmirching the reputation of my latest sister – and her family! Our mother is utterly destroyed. She suffered from the disease of alcoholism’s of her life. It killed her.

Rosemary Rosamond worked for Naval Intelligence when was in the WAVES. She had dated Errol Flynn when young. She acted like a celebrity. She resembles her cousin, Liz Taylor.

Alas, Carrie Fisher is going to get her Star!

John Presco

Hot in Hollywood: Celebs Shilling for – and Owning – Alcohol Brands – Alcohol Justice

The latest hot trend among Hollywood’s biggest names is not launching their own perfume or creating a designer collaboration at Target – it’s much more dangerous than that. No, the latest Hollywood phenomenon is celebrity-branded booze. From liqueur to limoncello, wine to whiskey – it seems like everyone who is anyone is jumping on the booze train. 

The phenomenon of celebrity entertainers promoting alcohol brands is clearly dangerous to public health. Celebrities send the message that alcohol is cool, sexy, and socially desirable. As public figures, celebrities are admired and celebrated by their many fans, many of whom are children. And when celebrities own alcohol brands, and sell those brands to bigger alcohol corporations for millions, it sends an even worse message. That is one true Hollywood story without a happy ending in sight.

10. Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor, battled an addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers for much of her life. Often, the star would spend entire days on set too drunk to read her lines. Taylor eventually entered addiction treatment at the Betty Ford rehab center in 1983 and has said she was the first celebrity to do so. After leaving the program – 45 pounds lighter – Taylor was quoted saying, “Not being drunk is the only way I’m going to stay alive.” At 79, her failing health contributed to her death from congestive heart failure in 2011.

I feel like hell. I’m going through withdrawal. My heart feels big and pounding. I can feel the blood rush through my body. I can almost see it, running like red water over the boulders in my pain-filled neck and shoulders, then through my ears and into my pounding head. My eyelids flutter. Oh God, I am so, so tired.- Elizabeth Taylor, Taylor’s first diary entry while at Betty Ford rehab, 1983

“Carrie Fisher didn’t already have a ‘star’????” tweeted Elie Mystal. “They didn’t correct this problem while she was still alive?????????? I need to go back to reading Supreme Court cases. Celebrity news is way more opaque and confusing.”

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher reveals her bizarre friendship with Elizabeth Taylor – the woman who stole her father from her mother | Daily Mail Online

We know her best as Star Wars’ Princess Leia. But Carrie Fisher is also Hollywood royalty, friend to the famous, daughter of American superstars – and stepdaughter of Elizabeth Taylor. Here, in her sparkling and unique style, Carrie tells of the extraordinary day screen legend Liz settled an old score . . . 

My parents, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, weren’t really people in the traditional sense. I think this was partly because they were stars before their characters had a chance to form.

A studio essentially designed my mom – they had her ears surgically pinned back, shaved her eyebrows (which never grew back) and changed her name. They made her into this celebrity someone, new and improved. A star!

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