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Rena was my muse that Christine stole, along with my art. I was homeless when Rena and I met. I took her to my mountain, where we lived, in a tent. Rena responded to this video I posted. Then, she read something in this blog that displeased her. She did not tell me, or Deputy Dan. My life………….is a trip!


Once per month during a full moonrise at sunset, rangers on Mt. Tamalpais, just north of San Francisco have a moonlight walk. This is the only chance to see this place at night because the park closes at sunset. It was hot, dry and windy above the cold fog. You can literally walk from the cold fog to the hot winds and back again in just a few minutes!

A strong breeze and long exposure time softened the flowing grasses and trees on Mt. Tamalpais. It also pushed the fog rapidly through the Golden Gate and into the bay this evening. I used a 1-second exposure to show lots of more motion. Here, I also had to shelter the camera and tripod with my body in order to avoid camera shake.

Rosamond Press

Dear Rena

About ten this evening I put on my slippers and went to get my mail. I pulled a bundle out and noticed your letter nestled in a packet. On the walk back to my apartment I took a peek and noticed the beautiful handwriting, and the name “Rosemond”. There was this energy pouring from the envelope and flowing up my arm. When I opened it and saw the name “Bozeman” I began to cry. For several minutes I sobbed, let go tears of great relief as if you were my child who had been kidnapped, or lost, for all these years. And, now…..you are found.

In the history of letter writing, and receiving, I don’t think anyone was ever so moved. Then, I opened the envelope and read; “Here I am”.

If these were the only words this letter contained, then I had way more then enough to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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