Raising Katie Easton From The Prairie

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Kathleen Ann Easton was steeped in the Art of Parliamentary Debate. She was born on the Isle of Wight. Did she become an American Citizen before she died? Did she have a dream to return to England and live next to her half-brother, Hamish Easton. Did she want to become a MP? I am going to borrow The Soul of Katie to hold several – live debates! The first one is…

“Who can author a better recovery biography of a world famous woman artist who drowned on her first sober birthday, the brother and teacher of said artist – who has thirty-four years of recovery – or, a hired ghost writer who never knew the famous artist, or her family?”

Who wants to take the pro-position on this one? Raise your hand.

When I boarded the train to Boston in 1970, I bought a ticket that allowed me to stop over in Lincoln Nebraska so I could see Rena Christensen who was attending the University of Nebraska. I was practicing several PROPOSALS. One including a wedding – with certificate. I wanted I and my beautiful muse to born a beautiful child. I looked at Royal and Mary Magdalene Rosamond as our role model. I don’t know if I got the words out. Did I express my desire to move to the outskirts of Lincoln and set up a studio in an old barn, where I would execute giant paintings of my Midwest Muse?

I was heading for Rose Dundon’s home in Rhode Island where her son, Michael, and my sister Christine, were staying. We three were going to make leather craft. Jim Dundon, and my sister Vicki were selling leather goods in Venice where I had rescued Rena – late at night. Michael later encouraged Christine to take up art, after she was inspired by the portrait I did of Rena. He bought Rosamond, art supplies. We were a Family Of Craftsman like some of the Pre-Raphaelites who are my heroes. I may start the painting of my new muse, Lara Roozemond, after this post. She will be Fair Rosamond.

Dinner At Dante Rossetti’s | Rosamond Press

I had not slept well on the train, and I thought I was having an acid flash-back when folks started boarding – all dressed in red! It was a Saturday in October when I got off the train, and asked where the campus was, I was told by someone – dressed all in red..

“Just follow the people dressed in red!”

I found Rena’s quad, and had to push a buzzer. A woman told me she would tell Rena I was here. I had to wait outside with the Red zombies – who were everywhere – they marching in one direction – with purpose! An hour went by.

Then….I saw The Green Goddess. She was coming right at me – with bad intentions. She was bent on blowing my mind. The Red Zombies parted as Rena came towards me wearing a velvet green cape – that waved like a flag behind her! There was – a strange wind! She had her head lowered – like a panther stalking her pray. I believe my – jaw dropped. I was captured in the gaze of the most beautiful woman in the world. Behold – my Aries Woman!


The other question up for debate, that I want Katie to tackle, is..

“Who wrote The Little House on The Prairie Books…. Laura Ingalls Wilder, or, her daughter ROSE WILDER LANE?”

Wow! I can hear Montana’s Young Debaters chomping at the bits, they eager to ride THE WILD MONTANA ROSE!

Rose knew Joaquin Miller who carried my father’s mother on his lap when Alice Broderick-Stuttmeister took the train to the ferry, and crossed over to San Francisco. Alice had family in the City by the Bay, including the Jankes. Rose befriended Gertrude and Kanno who lived in the Oakland Hills, then moved to Carmel to be a part of the Bohemian Colony, there! Rose got close with Charmian (seen above in Kimono?) and wrote Jack London’s first biography, that his widow, hated. She sued the Wild Rose who was inventing a new kind of writing and journalism, where exaggeration’s and lies – would enhance THE PRODUCT! Rose would do well today – on the internet! Her style would be worthy of a Forensic Debate. Rose took a vast prairie filled with nothing but meat on the hoof, cowboys, and dying Indians – and created a Great Myth worthy of the myths written in England, by Charles Dickens, for one. How about – Sherlock Holmes? Who are these men and women – in red?

I was going to save the Wild Rose for my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ but, I need her to present my debate before MY attorney.

“Should control of the creative process be turned over to Big Bank and Big Law firm, because, they can glean THE MONEY out of Bohemian types – who have no love for money?”

I am going to dedicate ‘Capturing Beauty’ to fellow artist and writer, Sean Michael Miles, and Kathleen Ann Easton, because we writers – need someone to write to! Was Kate Sean’s muse?This goes for artists – too! We do not have a desk in a bank, or, do we write in a jury box. We…..WORK ALONE….in that alone place. We need a Muse to help us stay focused and grounded. My daughter’s mother agreed to be my wife, then, she started a vile and inane argument at London’s Wolf House. She demanded our daughter be HER muse – only. She was not a writer or artist. She was a Stage Mother.

As I read about the fellowship the Senator Baucus established, he talked about the wonderful things, and the caring vision, Sean owned at the moment of his death. Knowing Katie Easton was in the car, I wondered if they were talking about…..getting married? Could they afford to be wed? There is no money in Saving The Earth. Big Oil and Coal – make sure of that. The Getty family bought a lot of art and do fund artists. How about ecologists? Is the Buck Foundation encouraging young lovers to get married, and live in a little house on the prairie? Is this not…

‘The Great American Experiment’…….?

Kate is the daughter is the daughter I deserve. The dead do not tell lies. Ms. Easton would have a keen interest in my blog and long study. I began a historic-romance ‘A Rose Among The Woodwoses’ – before I discovered Rose Wilder is up in the Oakland Hillls interacting with the wild men The Woodminster has gathered – there. I own a theory that the Puritans were into rhetoric. I am going to reprint Royal Rosamond’s stories and novels, and dedicate them to Sean and Kate.


Thomas Wilson – Shakespeare – Rhetoric | Rosamond Press

U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., announced Friday that he has established a fellowship in honor of Sean-Michael Miles, the 1997 Bozeman High School graduate killed in a tragic car crash one year ago.

The fellowship will offer a stipend to students interested in working in Baucus’ Washington, D.C., office on conservation issues.

Miles, a sophomore at Princeton University, intended to return to Montana and commit himself to a career dedicated to writing and preservation of Montana wild lands. He was the son of Joan and Michael Miles, formerly Baucus’ representative in Bozeman.

146 Cong. Rec. S1659 – TRIBUTE TO SEAN-MICHAEL MILES – Content Details – CREC-2000-03-23-pt1-PgS1659 (govinfo.gov)

Baucus announces fellowship in honor of Bozeman graduate | | bozemandailychronicle.com

Parliamentary debate – Wikipedia

Debate vs. Forensics: Seemingly similar classes vary in technique, structure – BV Tiger News

A Rose Among The Woodwoses

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

A Rose Among The Woodwoses


John Gregory Presco

Copyright 2019

Chapter One


Lady Mary Wilson Webb, inherited the job of  keeping the fire lit below deck. All those who had gone before her, had failed. The fire tendered in a square iron tray, held together with rivets, then filled with sand, had become the altar of the Pilgrims. It, and the black pot hung on a trident, was watched most of the day by the lost souls packed under the creaking and leaking timbers. Moving about was almost impossible. Everyone was frozen in their place. But for the brave excursions above, met by some tempest, and cold sea spray, the wayfarers relieved themselves in a vile oaken bucket that was too close for comfort.  Bible’s were taken out from under pillows when a lady went to tithe the Oaken Monster as they called it. Reading verses aloud, was the polite thing to do.

For the alliance’s battered leaders, it was already victory enough that they were meeting with a U.S. president who, unlike former president Donald Trump, was not threatening to pull out of NATO on the spot. Yet deep divisions remained about how much to focus on Beijing as well as concerns that Biden’s unilateral approach to the Afghanistan pullout was similar to that of Trump.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

Biden, meanwhile, after days of friendly meetings in Britain, was set to have the first tough meeting of his first international tour as president, sitting down with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Biden called Erdogan an “autocrat” during the presidential campaign, and Ankara has been disruptive at NATO and elsewhere. The meeting could serve as a preview of sorts for Biden’s meeting Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The notion of shifting NATO’s attention at least somewhat to China extends the theme of Biden’s European trip, after he also tried to sharpen China-related discussions at the Group of Seven summit in Britain. Biden has repeatedly cast the existential struggle of the current generation as one between democracies and autocracies such as China and Russia, and he reiterated that concern at a news conference Monday in Britain before departing for Brussels.

“We’re in a contest — not with China, per se — but a contest with autocrats, autocratic governments around the world, as to whether or not democracies can compete with them in the rapidly changing 21st century,” Biden said. “And I think how we act and whether we pull together as democracies is going to determine whether our grandkids look back 15 years from now and say, ‘Did they step up? Are democracies as relevant and as powerful as they have been?’ ”

Although NATO leaders were expected to sign off on an effort to pivot the organization more toward China, disagreements remained about the best role for a group that has traditionally focused on Russia and direct threats to NATO countries, such as terrorism.[Live updates: NATO summit]

Just a few years ago, talk about Beijing at NATO was nearly nonexistent. Even to raise the issue in NATO hallways was taboo, with some members wary that doing so would push relations with the country into a Cold War-era framework of superpower rivalry.

But China has become more aggressive on the world stage and Washington has become more hawkish toward Beijing. Trump pushed the organization to be more confrontational. Biden has continued the effort, and even accelerated it.

“China is increasing its expansion, its influence around the world, and it’s increasingly running up against NATO,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday at a forum organized by the German Marshall Fund that ran alongside the summit. “We need to make sure that as an alliance, even though we’re much more Atlantic than Pacific, we are aware of the global influences the Chinese have.”

Wolf House

Posted on September 13, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

When my grandson, Tyler Hunt, were doing a painting together, Patrice Hanson, looked on with disgust. This goes back to our conversation at the ruins of Jack London’s Wolf House where I told my wife to be my families creative legacy was falling into the hands of outsiders the same way London’s legacy came to be owned by hostile outsiders. I told Patrice I am authoring a biography, and my rivals are inventing lies in their biogrphy of my famous sister, Rosamond. All of a sudden, Patrice says;

“Are you saying our daughter get all her talent from you?”

I got angry, for this woman, who had two sons by two fathers, did not allow me to be a father for sixteen years, and did her damnedest to have Heather believe she got all her gufts from her utterly un-gifted mother, who never was an artist, poet, or, writer. Patrice and her family are the people the Seer saw that come into my being and take – via my newborn daughter who Patrice put in the arms of famous parasite convicted of impersonating Bob Weir – twice!

The Rosemondts owned Wolf House in Brambant, and were part of a restoration of Frankish rule in theat area, which suggests they might be descended from Merovingians.

Jon Presco

The Wolf House
“Jack and his second wife Charmian’s dream home was planned even before their marriage. Actual work on it began April 1911. Albert Farr of San Francisco was the architect who transferred Jack’s ideas into blueprints. For earthquake protection, the building was put on a huge floating slab large enough to support a forty-story building. Redwood trees, fully clothed in their own bark, deep chocolate-maroon volcanic rocks, blue slate, boulders and cement were chosen for primary building materials. The roof was of Spanish tile and came from the N. Clark and Sons Pottery, built on the old Davenport place in Alameda. Large redwood trees, with the bark still intact, formed the carriage entrance, the pergolas, and porches. The rafters were of rough-hewn, natural logs. Tree trunks in the gables and balconies were interlaced with fruit twigs for a beautiful effect.”

“Wolf House was not a castle in any sense of the term, though Jack and others referred to it as that. It was big, unpretentious, open, natural, and inviting, just like its builder. It was designed as a busy author’s workshop, and as a home big enough for the many needs of the Londons, and for the entertainment of their friends.

Few twentieth-century American authors have been as frequently interpreted-and misinterpreted-by biographers as has Jack London. As Jeanne Campbell Reesman sums up the shortcomings of London biographies in a recent essay for Resources for American Literary Study, London’s colorful life story attracted some “hero-worshippers” among those who knew him, notably his wife Charmian London, but also biographers such as Irving Stone, who was “obsessed with London’s medical problems and personality flaws” (154) to the point of distorting facts about his life and death. The problems of writing Jack London’s life did not begin with Stone, whose popular Sailor on Horseback (1938) enshrined a number of myths about London that persist in current biographies. In the years immediately following London’s death, London’s life became the subject matter for two women writers: Charmian London, whose The Book of Jack London appeared in 1921; and the journalist Rose Wilder Lane, who became London’s first biographer with her serial “Life and Jack London,” published in Sunset magazine from October 1917 to May 1918. In “Life and Jack London,” by weaving incidents from London’s autobiographical fiction with biographical details, Lane created a romanticized portrait essentially similar to the self-mythologizing that London himself practiced. Frustrated by Charmian London’s refusal to authorize a book-length biography based on the serial, Lane published He Was a Man in 1925, a thinly disguised biographical novel based on London’s life.

The reasons for Charmian London’s refusal, and the conflict between Charmian London and Lane as Jack London’s earliest biographers, have been discussed in essays by Richard Etulain, William Holtz, and, most recently and thoroughly, Clarice Stasz. Their findings establish that Charmian Kittredge London and Eliza Shepard, among others who cooperated with Lane in her research, found her careless handling of facts and disregard for accuracy not only maddening but also nearly inexplicable, and Stasz has speculated that Lane’s biography hastened Charmian’s publication of The Book of Jack London

Little House on the Prairie – Wikipedia

Before writing the Little House series Laura Ingalls Wilder was a columnist in a farm journal.[6] Her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, was the motivator behind Wilder’s writing and publishing of the first book.[5] Since the first book, there have been around 60 million Little House books sold.[5] There are 9 books that fall under the Little House books umbrella.[8]

Rose Wilder Lane (December 5, 1886 – October 30, 1968) was an American 

journalist, travel writer, 


political theorist and daughter of American writer 

Laura Ingalls Wilder. Along with two other female writers, 

Ayn Rand and 

Isabel Paterson, Lane is noted as one of the founders of the 

American libertarian movement.

Lane was the first child of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo Wilder and the only child of her parents to survive into adulthood. Her early years were a difficult time for her parents because of successive crop failures, illnesses and chronic economic hardships. During her childhood, the family moved several times, living with relatives in Minnesota and then Florida and briefly returning to De Smet, South Dakota before settling in Mansfield, Missouri, in 1894. There, her parents would eventually establish a dairy farm and fruit orchards. She attended secondary school in Mansfield and Crowley, Louisiana while living with her aunt Eliza Jane Wilder, graduating in 1904 in a class of seven.[1] Her intellect and ambition were demonstrated by her ability to compress three years of Latin into one and by graduating at the top of her high school class in Crowley. Despite her academic success, she was unable to attend college as a result of her parents’ financial situation.[2][3]

Lane’s role in her mother’s Little House book series has remained unclear.[14] Her parents had invested with her broker upon her advice and when the market crashed the Wilders found themselves with difficult times. Lane came to the farm at 46 years old, divorced and childless, with minimal finances to keep her afloat.[15]

In late 1930, Lane’s mother approached her with a rough, first-person narrative manuscript outlining her hardscrabble pioneer childhood, Pioneer Girl. Lane took notice and started using her connections in the publishing world. Despite Lane’s efforts to market Pioneer Girl through her publishing connections, the manuscript was rejected time and again. One editor recommended crafting a novel for children out of the beginning. Wilder and Lane worked on the idea[16] and the result was Little House in the Big Woods. Accepted for publishing by Harper and Brothers in late 1931, then hitting the shelves in 1932, the book’s success resulted in the decision to continue the series, following young Laura into young adulthood. The First Four Years was discovered as a manuscript after Lane’s death in 1968. Wilder had written the manuscript about the first four years of her marriage and the struggles of the frontier, but she never had intended for it to be published. However, in 1971 it became the ninth volume in the Little House series.[17]

Successful novels[edit]

Located a short distance from the Wilder farmhouse in Mansfield, Missouri is the Rock House which Lane purchased for her parents, who resided there during much of the 1930s

The collaboration between the two is believed by literary historians to have benefited Lane’s career as much as her mother’s. Lane’s most popular short stories and her two most commercially successful novels were written at this time and were fueled by material which was taken directly from Wilder’s recollections of Ingalls-Wilder family folklore. Let the Hurricane Roar (later titled Young Pioneers) and Free Land both addressed the difficulties of homesteading in the Dakotas in the late 19th century and how the so-called “free land” in fact cost homesteaders their life savings. The Saturday Evening Post paid Lane top fees to serialize both novels, which were later adapted for popular radio performances. Both books represented Lane’s creative and literary peak. The Saturday Evening Post paid her $30,000 in 1938 to serialize her best-selling novel Free Land ($551,560 by today’s standards). Let the Hurricane Roar saw an increasing and steady sale, augmented by its adaptation into popular radio dramatization that starred Helen Hayes.

Lane’s occasional work as a traveling war correspondent began with a stint with the 

American Red Cross Publicity Bureau in post-World War I Europe. She would continue with the Red Cross through 1965, reporting from 

Vietnam at the age of 78 for Woman’s Day magazine to provide “a woman’s point of view”. She traveled extensively in Europe and Asia as part of the Red Cross. In 1926, Lane, 

Helen Dore Boylston and their French maid traveled from France to Albania in a car they had named Zenobia. Charmian attended Mills Academy for two years of collegiate level schooling, with course emphasis upon literature, the arts, and philosophy. She learned shorthand and typing from her uncle Roscoe Eames, and paid for her Mills expenses by serving as secretary to founder Susan Mills. For women to graduate from high school, let alone have some university schooling was unusual during that era. Fictionalizing Jack London: Charmian London and Rose Wilder Lane as Biographers on JSTORWho Really Wrote the ‘Little House’ Books? | Mental FlossInside ‘The Little House’ : THE GHOST IN THE LITTLE HOUSE : A Life of Rose Wilder Lane by William Holtz<i> (University of Missouri Press: $29.95; 416 pp.) </i> – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

In The Museum

Posted on August 27, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press

Morrill Hall, University of Nebraska State museum Lincoln

Rena Easton now led me from the art department to Morrill Hall where once was housed the artwork belonging to the University of Nebraska. Rena pulled me upstairs to the second floor, then like a couple dancing – she released me with a flair onto the wood floor!

My beloved muse now began her dance. With her long cape flowing after her she came to stand before a painting on the wall that she appeared to be holding up with two hands for me to behold.

“This is one of my favorite works!” Rena declared, and then gave me the title of the painting, and the name of the artist! Then, with a skip and a twirl across the dance floor, she stood before another work.

“This is__ ___I like this work because of the ______!”

Rena now ran to the opposite wall, did a turn and framed her next choice. I am blown away! I am looking at the most beautiful woman in the world in a green velvet cape give me a tour of the artwork in her town. She has prepared this private showing, for me. There is no one in the gallery – but us! On Saturday morning in Lincoln, all good Cornhuskers are worhipping their beloved football team. The Artist and Muse have the whole place – to ourselves!

I can not begin to describe how honored I felt. This young seventeen year old, got it! Rena – got me, and now understood what I was about, what we were about since we made eye contact on Venice Beach.

“Who are you?”
“I am your beloved Muse.”
“Why have we come together?”
“We seek the Holy Grail.’

As I beheld this miraculous art lesson given by my Muse, I recalled the last picture we made together. I was glaring at Rena in the Greyhound bus depot in Winnemucca as she sat next to James, who told me Rena did not want to talk to me, because she was afraid of me.

“Yeah! Right! Like I was not afraid she would leave me for another man – from the day we met!”

I dared anyone to prevent me from looking at this beautiful young woman, now, like most men have – with lust in their heart. Now that we were not a team, and now that I did not have to fight off a legion of males – icluding my friends – who lusted after her, I now wanted to enjoy Beatuy as they enjoyed her. I took in her sexiness. I undressed her. I did naughty things to her body. I raped her with my eyes – as any complete stranger would! I had me a good ol time, now that I don’t have to be a knight in shining army anymore. I, felt normal for the first time since we met. Gone was the gaze into the waves, and the weird-ass question from some kind of nut;

“Where are you?”

Alas, I was a member of…..the audience!

Meanwhile, in the background, Robert Delano is running all over the station trying to catch a bat with his coat to the amusement of this obese bag lady with swollen legs.

“Would you look at that man! He’s gone crazy!”

Her whole body shook like a bowl of jello. She laughed like the Laughing Lady at Playland at the Beach. She now let go a huge bellow as Bob climbed on a wooden bench, then made a mighty leap into the air – like a super hero! If Robert held a rapier, he would look like one of the Three Musketeers.

I had to chuckle, because if he managed to catch that bat, he would present it to Maiden Rena, the girl of his dreams – down on one knee.

“Let Bob be the Phantom of the Opera, my understudy who spiked my lover with No-Doz so he could get the lead.

From my position as total stranger, my eyes relayed this message to Maiden Rena;

“I’m done getting down on one knee for you.”

Men are such liars!

The last look I gave Rena as she prepared to board, said this;

“C’mon Rena! Is this our Swan Song? Is this the best you can do! How….uninspiring! Look at Robert, he’s doing a ballet for you! The Ballet of the Black Bat!”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Victoria Bond is a Bohemian Buddhist

Posted on August 29, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

I have been getting a response from Asian people to my posts. I have decided Victoria Bond is a Buddhist – for several reasons. China is threatening the Philippines and other nations where Buddhism is practiced. I had a  Tibetan teacher who was being considered as a replacement for the present Dalai Lama. Many Asians want to be part of our American culture, and are being shut out by the Evangelical Facehuggers that POTUS is catering to – while neglecting most of the world. This is insane! I wish they would Rapture already – without destroying the world out of spite! Good riddance!

Of course Hollywood is studying Trump’s base, who want more movies made about them. Trump and his Facehugger leaders are going GaGa over Google. They want more results that say they are in charge of ALL REALITY! Enter………’The Gideon Computer’.

My best friend in Oakland, was Calvin Iwamoto. We were roommates for a year. His mother was a Filipino, and his father a Japanese Hawaiian who practiced Buddhism.  He got mad at me when he discovered I had no Japanese lovers. He asked me if I was prejudice. I told him the opportunity never arose. My other good friend, was a black artist. He was my roommate. I have had black lovers.

Cal looks very much like Takeshi Kanno. The account in the Los Angeles Herald is a classic universal story and would make a movie in itself. I am looking at Japanese directors to do this film, that will be released at the same time ‘The Royal Janitor’ is released. This will be a first. Two films would feed each other in an East meets West – way! Think, cult following. Our mutual friend, Paul Drake played Mick in Sudden Impact.

Let’s call this movie ‘Creation Dawn’. It is based on a Poetic Drama, that is a collaboration between members of the Bohemian Club, and Joaquin Miller’s Japanese Poets in residence, who are secret agents of the Emperor, who sees a coming clash between the two cultures, and believe an understanding of the Bohemian poets will give him an edge on the battlefield. Consider what goes on at Bohemian Grove.

Everything is gong fine, then, Gertrude Boyle enters stage right. She is a schizophrenic doing a Kabuki dance modeled after Isadora Duncan and Lucia Joyce who ends up in an institution. The movie will open with Gertrude’s sister having her arrested for insanity as she tries to board a tramp steamer for Japan. I would like to see a collaboration between the director Hideo Nakata, and Zhang Yimou. Zhang will capture the California landscape and wrap it in an Oriental Mystique, while Hideo explores the inner demons that haunt Gertrude, the Bohemian Grove, and the idea of Free Press and Expression.

The influx of Asians to California should be explored. Did traditional demons come with? The wild west was free of the priggish Christian ministers. The Rapture was just invented in Ireland. The Franciscans had found a home earlier. There is the presence of Yurai, and the want to put it to rest. There is only one Buddhist Priest, and she is a woman.

I just realized this idea resembles the series ‘Kung Fu’ which the younger generation is not familiar with. It also looks like ‘The Hatchet Man’ one of my favorites when I was around twelve. I suspect Mike Pence has been calling up Hollywood directors demanding they make more End Time Horror flicks in order to drive more victims to vote Republican.




So, I am free from this bullshit game going on in the Entertainment Industry. I am taking real action, like the real James Bond. I am doing battle with Russian, China, and  Christian Cult that took over our Democracy, leaving many people WHO WANT C, high and dry! I plan to create a Democratic Cult around Victoria Bond, whose movies will sell tickets on a global scale. then I will have them by the short hairs. Profits will go for a worldwide Bohemian Buddhist Movement that will be the Frontline against America’s real enemies. Women will be honored.

I will show you how the Emperor of Japan sent emissaries to California in order to created a bond between the East and the West.

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018



Los Angeles Herald June 29, 1915

Another chapter was written today in the dramatic romance of ‘Gertrude Boyle Kanno, noted California sculptress, well known in Los Angeles and Pasadena art circles, and Takeshi Kanno, Japanese poet and philosopher, who were married in Seattle in the spring of 1907 after a romantic wooing at The Heights, summer home of the late Joaquin Miller. Superior Judge Troutt in San Francisco today called for trial the secret complaint of Mrs. Kanno. asking divorce on the grounds of extreme cruelty. Jealousy and suspicion and refusal to provide are Mrs. Kanno’s charges. “Several times defendant has accused plaintiff of want of chastity and lack of virtue,” says the complaint, “and has persecuted plaintiff through his extreme jealousy.” When she was absent from home, alleges Mrs. Kanno, her Oriental husband would telephone to their friends and explain his suspicions and fears to them. Mrs. Kanno alleges that she always has been a dutiful wife and has given Kanno no cause for mistrust. None of the details of her sensational arrest last March on charges of insanity brought by her sister, Helen Boyle, are recited in Mrs. Kanno’s complaint. At that time she admitted her affection for Kanno, the poet, had waned in favor of E. Eishagaka, a young Japanese sculptor. Mrs. Kanno says she has supported herself entirely by her own labor. Kanno has filed no answer to the complaint, although it was died March 17, and he was served with a summons two days later. It is expected the suit will go to Mrs. Kanno by default.


According to traditional Japanese beliefs, all humans have a spirit or soul called a 霊魂 (reikon). When a person dies, the reikon leaves the body and enters a form of purgatory, where it waits for the proper funeral and post-funeral rites to be performed, so that it may join its ancestors.[1] If this is done correctly, the reikon is believed to be a protector of the living family and to return yearly in August during the Obon Festival to receive thanks.[2]

However, if the person dies in a sudden or violent manner such as murder or suicide, if the proper rites have not been performed, or if they are influenced by powerful emotions such as a desire for revengelovejealousyhatred or sorrow, the reikon is thought to transform into a yūrei, which can then bridge the gap back to the physical world. The emotion or thought need not be particularly strong or driving, and even innocuous thoughts can cause a death to become disturbed. Once a thought enters the mind of a dying person, their Yūrei will come back to complete the action last thought of before returning to the cycle of reincarnation.[3]

The yūrei then exists on Earth until it can be laid to rest, either by performing the missing rituals, or resolving the emotional conflict that still ties it to the physical plane. If the rituals are not completed or the conflict left unresolved, the yūrei will persist in its haunting.[4]

Oftentimes the lower the social rank of the person who died violently, or who was treated harshly during life, the more powerful as a yūrei they would return. This is illustrated in the fate of Oiwa in the story Yotsuya Kaidan, or the servant Okiku in Banchō Sarayashiki.


Buddhism (/ˈbʊdɪzəm/, US also /ˈbuː-/)[1][2] is the world’s fourth-largest religion[3][4] with over 520 million followers, or over 7% of the global population, known as Buddhists.[web 1][5] An Indian religion, Buddhism encompasses a variety of traditionsbeliefs and spiritual practices largely based on original teachings attributed to the Buddha and resulting interpreted philosophies. Buddhism originated in Ancient India as a Sramana tradition sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE, spreading through much of Asia. Two major extant branches of Buddhism are generally recognized by scholars: Theravada (Pali: “The School of the Elders”) and Mahayana (Sanskrit: “The Great Vehicle”).

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