The New Topper

The New Topper

Idea for Netflix Series


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Katie and Sean Miller were dedicated to saving the environment, and had gone to college together to learn all there is to know about how to do this. On the day they got married, they got into a car accident – and died! Their dream, was at an end.

Senator Cosmos Topper came from old money. His grandfather founded the First Bank of Bozeman. He was a Traditional Republican who was proud of his family history, and preached family values. He was not happy with the new Republicans, who he found kind of looney. He did his best to ignore them, and, the truth there was a lot of lying going on.

Failing to get his uncle’s old Victorian house declared a monument, so it would not be torn down to make way for a new freeway, at great expense to himself, he moved it to his property he owned near mile post 79 on Highway 191. The ghost of Katie and Sean, at first – were not happy for this move. They were resigned to haunt a cold hill overlooking a barren prairie. Why this was so, they could not grasp. They were certain they would be moved on to a better – place. Yes they had failed to save Planet Earth – but their intentions were good! There was no need – for this cruel punishment!

When the bulldozer showed up to make their hill – flat – they were enraged!

“Why us? What have we done to deserve this!”

They threw themselves down before the evil machine – in protest – but it ran right over them. They did everything to sabotage this rape of their hill. To no avail. After the house was placed, they moved into the basement. When Topper moved in after a spring rain, he asked the contractor….

“Did you bring your dog on the job?”

“No! Why do you ask?”

“Look! Here are big paw prints. Over there -leading to my basement! Go down there to see if there is a dog, or wolf, in my basement.”

“I don’t see any paw prints!”

Sean and Katie looked at each other with goose-pumps all over their arms.

“He can….see Juno!”

“Part of him.”

“No, where he has been!”

“Is there………”


Topper (film) – Wikipedia

George and Marion Kerby are as irresponsible as they are rich. When George wrecks their classy sports car, they wake up from the accident as ghosts. Realizing they aren’t in heaven or hell because they’ve never been responsible enough to do good deeds or bad ones, they decide that freeing their old friend Cosmo Topper from his regimented lifestyle will be their ticket into heaven.

Topper, a wealthy bank president, is trapped in a boring job. Worse still, Clara, his social-climbing wife, seems to care only about nagging him and presenting a respectable façade. On a whim, after George and Marion die, Topper buys George’s flashy sports car. Soon he meets the ghosts of his dead friends, and immediately they begin to liven up his dull life with drinking and dancing, flirting and fun.

The escapades lead quickly to Cosmo’s arrest, and the ensuing scandal alienates his wife Clara. However, because of Topper’s scandal, some of the people Clara would like to socialize with now become interested in her and Topper. Cosmo moves out into a hotel with Marion who claims she is no longer married since she is dead. Clara fears she has lost Cosmo forever. The Toppers’ loyal butler suggests that she lighten up a bit; she decides he’s right and dons the lingerie and other attire of “a forward woman.” After Cosmo has a near-death experience and nearly joins George and Marion in the afterlife, Cosmo and Clara are happily reunited, and George and Marion, their good deed done, gladly depart for heaven.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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