Kirk Douglas Played McMurphy

When I was a boy…I was famous for MY LOVE OF ART. I thought it was impossible that that love would ever be taken from me – as well as my love for my sister Christine….who did not love art like I did. Her biography is all about….THE LOVE OF MONEY! I know her fans were horrified at what they read in Snyder&Buck’s book. If trees were treated like this, there would have been protestors in from of Buck’s law office in Carmel.

Christine Rosamond Presco – fell beautiful women like trees, then, took them into the basement of the Rosamond Gallery -and fed them into The Rose of The World Money Machine. she made Pulp Art. She never loved a woman. I have loved many women.

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Van Gogh – Art Detective


John Presco

4:27 P.M. 5/24/21

I just discovered that Kirk Douglas wanted to play Randall McMurphy in his son’s movie – he refused to sell the rights to. The actor that played Vincent Van Gogh, played him in Kesey’s script that he turned into play! Why aren’t we reading about this? How I came to discover this is an amazing set of coincidences that will begin my blog tomorrow morning. But for this, there exist no connection to Van Gogh by Ken Kesey – who sued Michael Douglas! What did Kirk have to say about this? Was Ken Kesey, and Ken Babbs – along with the Pranksters – afraid of mixing it up with Kirk the King of Hollywood – and that crowd? This is AMAZING. Our tiny Emerald Valley goes to war with Hollywood! Here is another ZARDOZ connection. Why aren’t any Pranksters…

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