Take The Vow of The Nazarite

Netanyahu did not object, nor any Rabbi, object, to the ex-president of the United States saying he will help restore the old kingdom of David. How many Orthodox Jews objected to evangelicals saying Jesus Christ will restore the boundaries of David’s kingdom? What does the Commandment say about coveting the land of another?

On this day, May 13, 2021, I John, as the embodiment of the Levite Priesthood born in John the Baptist, restore David’s kingdom. If you are inside God’s Kingdom and Promised Land as shown on the map above – and you take the vow of the Nazarite – then you are a Jew – a Child of God – and you will have Israeli Citizenship.

I declare a New Jubilee that will give each citizen a portion of land to dwell on. All old deeds will be burned. You will be a Servant of the Lord – who is King – once again. This is not a religion, but a Holy Deed, as all Zionists have declared. Anyone living outside this New Promised Land can become a citizen by taking the Vow of the Nazarite like Queen Helena of Abiabene and her family did. Because the Philistines gave David a crown, and a city to reign over, then – all those who live in the Palestine territory – will be considered a Jew, and can take the vow to make it official.

On this day, God restores the Cities of Refuge, where anyone can find sanctuary in from those who want to kill you. Note the term “the Israelites have conquered”.

John ‘The Nazarite’

In Deuteronomy[edit]

In the setting of the Book of Deuteronomy, the Israelites have conquered several kingdoms on the east side of the Jordan river, and are about to enter the land of Canaan. At this point, Moses separated three cities of refuge on the east side.[9] Later on, it is prescribed that three cities of refuge be set aside in Canaan once it is conquered,[10] with three additional cities to be set aside ‘if the Lord your God enlarges your territory’.[11] Thus, the total number of cities could be as high as nine. Albert Barnes stated that the additional three cities allowed for “the anticipated enlargement of the borders of Israel to the utmost limits promised by God, from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates” (Genesis 15:8)[12] and the King James Version refers in Deuteronomy 19:8 to the enlargement of the coast of the promised land.

While the Book of Number describes the perpetrator being put on trial, Deuteronomy merely states that if the perpetrator is guilty of murder, the elders of the town in which the crime was committed should demand the perpetrator’s return and hand him over without pity to the avenger of blood to be killed.[13] Deuteronomy does not give any role to the high priest or mention the terms on which the perpetrator could return home, but does state that roads should be built to the cities of refuge to ease the escape of the perpetrator to them.[14]

Cities of Refuge – Wikipedia

More than 100 Republicans, including former governors and lawmakers, are threatening to form a third party if the GOP doesn’t split from Trump (msn.com)

For Israel and Hamas, Hard Choices Before Any Talks Could Begin (msn.com)

Trump says he moved US embassy to Jerusalem ‘for the evangelicals’ | The Times of Israel

US President Donald Trump said Monday that his 2017 decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the city as the capital of Israel was done for evangelical Christians.

“And we moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem,” Trump said at a rally held at an airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, apparently referring to his decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv. “That’s for the evangelicals.”

Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital since its founding in 1948, although much of the international community does not recognize it as under the initial UN Partition Plan, Jerusalem was to be an international city.

Evangelicals aren’t being hypocritical for supporting Trump. They’re being biblical. (theweek.com)

Christ will restore the kingdom of David for the restoration of the entire universe (agodman.com) Christ will restore the kingdom of David for the restoration of the entire universe (agodman.com)

Jesus and the Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom by Michael Barber and Brant Pitre :: (catholicfidelity.com)

Jesus and the Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom (Psalms of Solomon)

Dating the origins of Davidic expectations is a notoriously controversial endeavor. The issue is further complicated by the question of the rise of “messianism”.[1] Some like Fitzmeyer haved argued that the explicit concern for a future eschatological messiach is a later development of an ancient tradition which was principally oriented—not specifically on a single ideal figure—but on the permanence of the Davidic kingdom.[2] Regardless of whenever scholars date the beginnings of “messianism,” it seems clear that the prophetic hope of restoration was originally linked to the belief that God had sworn a covenant oath to give David’s descendants the throne. John Goldingay writes that God’s promise to David, “…encourages the conviction that the deposing of the last Davidic king in 587 cannot be the end of the story. The drive of messianic expectation in Israel issues from Yhwh’s promise to David.”[3]

Here therefore we will bracket the question of “messianism” per se.The fact is, one cannot ingore the early prophetic tradition which linked the return from exile with the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom. In fact, although historical-critics suspect later additions, it is noteworthy that every prophetic book bearing the name of an eighth-century prophet contains a vision for the restoration of Israel under a Davidic king.[4]Whenever scholars date these books, it is clear that first-century readers accepted them as authentic. We will only look at a few passages here.

One of the most influential prophecies in first-century hopes is contained in Amos 9. In Amos 9:11 the Lord promises: “In that day I will raise up the booth of David that is fallen and repair its breaches.” This restored kingdom will include the Gentiles (v. 12) and the re-gathering of Israel in the land (v. 14-15). It is important to note that this book primarily addresses the exile of the northern Israelites.[5]

Read more: https://www.catholicfidelity.com/apologetics-topics/kingdom/jesus-and-the-restoration-of-the-davidic-kingdom-by-michael-barber-and-brant-pitre/

Jesus and the Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom (Psalms of Solomon)

Another significant witness is the Psalms of Solomon.[1] This book contains strong anti-Hasmonean tendencies, describing the Hasmonean rulers as “sinners” who tried to usurp God’s design, having “despoiled the throne of David with arrogant shouting” (Pss. Sol. 17:4-10).[2] Later, it describes the coming of a Davidic messiah: “See, Lord, and raise up for them their king, the son of David, to rule over your servant Israel in the time known to you, O God” (Pss. Sol. 17:21).

Read more: https://www.catholicfidelity.com/apologetics-topics/kingdom/jesus-and-the-restoration-of-the-davidic-kingdom-by-michael-barber-and-brant-pitre/

Zulu Nazarite Prophets | Rosamond Press

(34) Shembe pilgrimage – YouTube

Nazarite Lamp of Helena

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What interests me in these sarcophagi is their decorations. They all display rosettes, resembling flowers. These motifs are well known from the Temple Mount Excavations, where many such fragments were found.”

The golden lamp that Queen Helena gifted to the temple is being constructed in hope that it will hang at the entrance of the new Temple in Jerusalem. I believe this lamp represents the Shekinah that I have installed on Santa Rosa Island for safe keeping. No one will enter the new temple unless they are cleansed in water by me, or, the one that comes after me.


‘The Nazarite’


“Simon held the upper city, and the great walls as far as Cedron, and as much of the old wall as bent from Siloam to the east, and which went down to the palace of Monobazus, who was king of the Adiabeni, beyond Euphrates; he also held the fountain, and the Acra, which was no other than the lower city; he also held all that reached to the palace of queen Helena, the mother of Monobazus; but John held the temple, and the parts thereto adjoining, for a great way, as also Ophla, and the valley called “Valley of Cedron;”

Years ago I suggested Nazarite Queen Helena of Abiabene was the Sleeping Beauty Princess, Rosamond. Her sarcophagus lies at rest under the pyramid of the Louvre, the place where Dan Brown’s Fairytale suggests Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus is interred. There is not name in the whole internet like that of my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, whose granddaughter married a Benton. Jessie Benton and her husband, John Fremont, had Hungarian ex-patriots in their bodyguard, that fought against the Confederated slave masters of the new Roman empire whose false evangelical prophets have taken over Fremont’s party in order to take from the poor, the widow, and the elderly in order to give to the Imperial Billionaires of America.

The Roman swine who pretend to be wolves captured the beuatiful Menorah that Queen Helena gave as a gift to the Jewish people. My story ‘Capturing Beauty’ will bring the Light of God – home! I will overcome the world!

Johanne Wolferose

Judaism in Adiabene survived the death of Izates and Helena. History indicates that the Jewish religion continued to play a part in the kingdom of Adiabene; non-royal Adiabenians converted. “The names of the Adiabenite [sic] Jews Jacob Hadyaba and Zuga (Zuwa) of Hadyab,”33 indicate a non-Hebrew origin and possible conversion to Judaism.

Mindful of the events which in her view were of a positive nature, Helena journeyed with her retinue to Jerusalem and the Great Temple to worship and offer thank-offerings while the throne in Arbela had been safeguarded. Queen Helena offered items of blessing including a special addition to the Kodesh, or Inner Sanctuary of the Great Temple:
The doorway of the Kodesh was 10 cubits wide and 20 cubits high. Over the doorway was a carving of a golden menorah donated by Queen Helena, a convert to Judaism. The morning service could not begin before sunrise. The Temple was surrounded by high walls, and it was not possible to see the rising sun, so priest had to be sent outside to see if it was time for the service to begin. After Queen Helena donated the Menorah, it was no longer necessary to send a priest outside the Temple. As the sun rose in the east it shone against the menorah and the reflected light was cast into the Azarah. The priests then knew that the morning service could begin.18
Kevin Brook cites that the Jewish kings of Adiabene were regularly involved in policy and military affairs. In 61 CE, Monobazus II, the king who Izates meant to succeed him, sent troops to Armenia to try to thwart an invasion of Adiabene. Two years later, he was in attendance at a peace settlement between Parthia and Rome. During the war of Judea against the Roman Empire (66-70 CE), the Adiabenian royal family supported the Judean side.34
According to Paul E. Kahle, there were many Jews in the city of Arbela even after the establishment of bishops and the spread of Christianity in Adiabene.35

Book V, Chapter VI, Section 1 (Entire)

The Vast Slaughters Occurring Within The City

1. Now the warlike men that were in the city, and the multitude of the seditious that were with Simon, were ten thousand, besides the Idumeans. Those ten thousand had fifty commanders, over whom this Simon was supreme. The Idumeans that paid him homage were five thousand, and had eight commanders, among whom those of the greatest fame were Jacob, the son of Sosas, and Simon, the son of Cathlas. John, who had seized upon the temple, had six thousand armed men, under twenty commanders; the zealots also that had come over to him, and left off their opposition, were two thousand four hundred, and had the same commander they had formerly, Eleazar, together with Simon, the son of Arinus. Now, while these factions fought one against another, the people were their prey of both sides, as we have said already; and that part of the people who would not join with them in their wicked practices, were plundered by both factions. Simon held the upper city, and the great walls as far as Cedron, and as much of the old wall as bent from Siloam to the east, and which went down to the palace of Monobazus, who was king of the Adiabeni, beyond Euphrates; he also held the fountain, and the Acra, which was no other than the lower city; he also held all that reached to the palace of queen Helena, the mother of Monobazus; but John held the temple, and the parts thereto adjoining, for a great way, as also Ophla, and the valley called “Valley of Cedron;” and when the parts that were interposed between their possessions were burnt by them, they left a space wherein they might fight with each other; for this internal sedition did not cease, even when the Romans were encamped near their very walls. But although they had grown wiser at the first onset the Romans made upon them, this lasted but for a while; for they returned to their former madness, and separated one from another, and fought it out, and did everything that the besiegers could desire them to do; for they never suffered anything that was worse from the Romans than they made each other suffer ; nor was there any misery endured by the city after these men’s actions that could be esteemed new. But it was most of all unhappy before it was overthrown, while those that took it did it a greater kindness; for I venture to affirm, that the sedition destroyed the city, and the Romans destroyed the sedition, which it was a much harder thing to do that to destroy the walls; so that we may justly ascribe our misfortunes to our own people , and the just vengeance taken on them by the Romans; as to which matter let every one determine by the actions on both sides.

News of the discovery of human bones, and from a Jewish queen moreover, inflamed the Jewish community in Jerusalem. The community petitioned prominent figures in Europe and lobbied the Ottoman authorities. De Saulcy was forced to suspend his excavation, but not before managing to send the sarcophagus and his other findings to France.  Since then the queen’s coffin has languished, largely unseen, in the basement of the Louvre in Paris

News of the discovery of human bones, and from a Jewish queen moreover, inflamed the Jewish community in Jerusalem. The community petitioned prominent figures such as Moses Montefiore and the Rothschild family, and lobbied the Ottoman authorities. De Saulcy was forced to suspend his excavation, but not before managing to send the sarcophagus and other findings to France. Since then the queen’s coffin has been in the Louvre in Paris. According to Maoz Lin, the museum displayed it for a while and then put it in storage. It was brought out again in 1982, for an exhibition marking the centenary of de Saulcy’s death, after which it went back into storage.

The main problems were the technical arrangements for transferring the sarcophagus. At the demand of the Jewish community in France, two rabbis came to make sure there were no human bones remaining inside.”

The Israel Museum’s director, James Snyder, and the French ambassador, Bigot, were also involved in the negotiations. Without their intervention, Maoz Lin notes, the royal coffin might never have left Paris. Snyder says that the French ambassador aided in the operation enthusiastically, and both Choukroun and Bigot stress the good will their country displayed in the matter.

“We have been working on this matter for a very long time, and we are very glad that the sarcophagus is back in Israel,” says Bigot. “The president of the Louvre is an old friend of Israel’s and he wanted to grant the request. A lot of details had to be worked out, to make sure that the casket is transferred safely, and more. So we are delighted that its transfer ended successfully.”

On the Tuesday before Sukkot, a few hours after the ceremony in honor of the burial box’s return to Jerusalem, Snyder entered the room where it is on display to the public, as part of the exhibition “Breaking Ground: Pioneers of Biblical Archaeology.”

“I saw a young family there, visiting the exhibition,” he says. “I realized that they did not understand what this object was, so I explained it to them. The return of the sarcophagus to Jerusalem makes me very happy. If the supposition is correct and it is really the sarcophagus of Queen Helena, the idea that we can look at a coffin in which a queen from the first century C.E. was buried – a woman who converted and who contributed a great deal to the people of Jerusalem – is very exciting. It opens a door to a piece of history that you would have no chance of knowing otherwise.”

“Her son [Izates] having gone to war, Helena made a vow that if he should return safe, she would become a Nazirite for the space of seven years. She fulfilled her vow, and at the end of seven years went to Judah. The Hillelites told her that she must observe her vow anew, and she therefore lived as a Nazirite for seven more years. At the end of the second seven years she became ritually impure, and she had to repeat her Naziriteship, thus being a Nazarite for twenty-one years. Judah bar Ilai, however, said she was a Nazirite for fourteen years only.”[8] “Rabbi Judah said: ‘The sukkah [erected for the Feast of Tabernacles] of Queen Helena in Lydda was higher than twenty ells. The rabbis used to go in and out and make no remark about it’.”[9]


What interests me in these sarcophagi is their decorations. They all display rosettes, resembling flowers. These motifs are well known from the Temple Mount Excavations, where many such fragments were found. None of these fragments were large enough to inform us reliably as to the style of Temple Mount decoration. In order to make reconstruction drawings, we had to turn to the funerary monuments and sarcophagi of the Second Temple period which reflected the architecture on the mount itself.
The variation in motifs was amazing. For instance none of the rosettes on the sarcophagi and tomb friezes was the same as the next. The sarcophagus of this Mesopotamian queen with its arrangements of rosettes resembling a frieze is invaluable as an indication of the splendour and beautiful architecture of Herod’s Temple and the buildings of the Temple Mount.

Nearly 3,000 km [2,000 miles] from Judea, east of the Tigris River, lies the ancient land of Adiabene — nowadays more or less Iraqi Kurdistan (upper middle of map).  In Helena’s time, during the early first century CE, Adiabene was a client kingdom of the Parthians.  According to the Jewish historian, Josephus,** it was also where the remains of Noah’s ark were still visible and could be shown to anyone who was interested in such things.  


Queen Helena lived happily with her husband, Monobaz, in Adiabene. Occasionally, Jewish merchants used to visit Adiabene on business. Through them Helena became acquainted with, and interested in, the Jewish religion. As time went on, she became so deeply attracted by the high moral standard of Judaism that she engaged a teacher for herself to learn all she could about it.

The royal house of Adiabene helped the Jewish state in many ways. Many a time they sent large sums of money to Jerusalem, either to provide for the needs of the Beit Hamikdash or to help the poor. Once, a very serious famine ravished the Jewish land, and soon there was no money left to buy food from other countries. Queen Helena and her son used a large portion of their own state treasury to buy grain in Alexandria and dried fruits in Cyprus, and have all this lifesaving food shipped to Jerusalem.

When Monobaz was criticized by some of his advisers for squandering his money on the poor, both in his own country and in the Jewish state, he replied:

“My ancestors amassed treasures in this world, while I gather treasures for the world to come. My ancestors placed their treasures in chambers, and had to guard them against thieves; my treasures are far from the reach of any greedy hand, and will be safe forever. My ancestors’ treasures did not produce any fruits, but mine continue to bring more and more fruit.”

Such was the piety and charitableness of Queen Helena and her sons.

In the Mishnah we are told of many gifts which Queen Helena and her son gave to the Beit Hamikdash, for which they are remembered for all time. For instance, she had a golden candelabra placed above the entrance to the Beit Hamikdash, which not only had its own light, but early in the morning it reflected the sun’s first rays. Thus, when the priests wanted to know whether it was already time to say the Shema in the morning, they had only to look at Queen Helena’s candelabra.

Another gift of Queen Helena was a tablet of gold, on which she had a certain portion of the Torah inscribed, which was of special interest to women. In addition, King Monobaz and his mother donated golden handles to be attached to all vessels used in the Beit Hamikdash on Yom Kippur.

Once, on a visit to Jerusalem, Queen Helena built a beautiful mausoleum where she and her sons were to be buried after their death. Its door had an ingenious mechanism that opened it once a year at a certain hour and closed itself again, to stay closed for another twelve months. Even now, parts of this beautiful tomb, called the Tombs of the Kings, are still left.

Before her death, Queen Helena traveled to Jerusalem to spend there the last years of her life in prayer and good deeds. According to tradition, she lived as a nezirah (nazirite) for fourteen years, to keep a vow she had made for her son and for herself.

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Zulu Nazarite Prophets

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


When John Gainer came on stage at the Hult Center, I had no idea he was going to sing a Zulu song. Marilyn did not tell me much about the show she was co-producing. She wanted to surprise me. I was surprised!

In 1988 I declared myself a Nazarite, and baptized myself in the McKenzie River. I went to town and got on the internet at the Eugene Public Library. I was looking for other Nazarites. I found them in South Africa. I wrote them.

A year earlier, after reading all of Luke for the first time, I asked Jesus to come into my life and help me with the darkness of Family Incest. He appeared, and said this;

“I and my Father in Heaven are already working on this matter. Be not afraid. Spiritual Courage will be met with Spiritual Courage.”

Rejected by the local church, I found an infinity for John the Baptist who I was named after.  Two hours ago I googled John and Incest. I don’t know why I never did this. I was shocked to see it is a topic being discussed – openly!

After coming into the light, I found my childhood sweetheart again. She invited me to hear the choir she sang in. Inspirational Gospel Sounds of Eugene, is open to everyone. You can be an atheist and sing songs about God. They have always been my Zulu Nazarite Church in America.

Molested children are too young to form a religious opinion. Often, they become super loyal to their abusers. The Truth – does set them free!

At Kenny Reed’s Jazz and Poetry readings, I read my poem ‘Wake Up Ye Africans’ and did a version of the dance you see performed by the men in white.

Play top two videos at same time.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


Nazarite Zulu of Drakensberg Mountain

Posted on December 24, 2011by Royal Rosamond Press

One can conclude that God GAVE His answer when I asked if He came to America. Did God visit his Nazarites in South Africa where the comet Lovejoy is very visible?

After I declared myself a Nazarite, and baptized myself in 1987, I got on the internet and looked for other Nazarites. Was I all alone? I found Nazarites in the land of the Zulu that lie in the shadow of the Drakensberg mountain range where I want to be with my Nazarite brothers and sisters – beholding an amazing site, a pillar of smoke and fire like the one Moses beheld during the Exodus?

Is it possible a comet came and struck the earth causing a tidal wave that destroyed Pharoah’s army? The Drakensberg mountains is where the new Exodus arrives in 2012. I suspect the Nazarites carried the Ark of the Covenant on the Jubilee.

I wrote the Shembe Zulu church and introduced myself.

Jon the Nazarite

He had no formal education. During his youth he became famous as a visionary prophet and healer. He was baptized into the African National Baptist Church (1906), but later broke away to found the Nazirite Baptist Church (1911). Five years later he announced some revelations. He established a holy village near Durban and developed into one of the most prominent Zulu figures of his time. On his death in 1935 he was revered as a black messiah. His son Johannes Galilee Shembe inherited leadership of his church. Johannes – a Fort Hare College graduate – lacked his father’s charisma, and had trouble maintaining his leadership. Nevertheless, he still had 80 000 adherents in 1970.

The pillar of fire by night remained with them until they reached the promised land. The pillar of fire was a symbol of divine guidance and was also God’s way of supplying light for his people during the night.
The pillar of fire by night and cloud by day stayed with the Israelis from leaving of Egypt and arriving in the promised land the time covered about thirty eight years.

The pillar of fire produced enough light so they could travel by night. Traveling by night is cooler.
The pillar if light must have some unusual properties to enable over three million people and stock light to see were they were traveling at night.

Pillar of Fire by night
21 By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. 22 Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.


The Drakensberg (Afrikaans: Drakensberge, Dutch: Drakensbergen, “the Dragon Mountains”) is the highest mountain range in Southern Africa, rising to 3,482 metres (11,424 ft) in height. In Zulu, it is referred to as uKhahlamba (“barrier of spears”), and in Sesotho as Maluti (also spelled Maloti). Its geological history lends it a distinctive character amongst the mountain ranges of the world. Geologically, the range resembles the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.

Any of you who have seen the popular documentary “2012” will know that when the catastrolypse strikes, worldwide devastation on an epic scale will ensue. Even a smaller catastrophe like a simple massive cometary impact could cause significant inconvenience to those living in the areas destroyed by hypersonic shock waves. What can you do to avoid either – and hopefully both – of these outcomes?
Where do researchers claim you can be safe?
Many researchers have posed their thoughts on where you can weather the death-a-palooza, then cheerfully emerge into a post-apocalyptic world not unlike the video game “Fallout.” Where do the authorities point us to?

The documentary “2012” pinpoints the Drakensberg Mountains in the KwaZulu Natal of Africa as the place to survive the world’s end. Although apparently even if you make it you will be forced to put up with Oliver Platt so the desirability of survival is debatable. But other top researchers also point to the Drakensberg Mountains as the survival spot of choice. This location was first popularized by the Belgian researcher Patrick Geryl, who conveniently has a book you can buy about it. Some other authorities specifically recommend a comfy concrete bunker, but made with not too much iron since it evidently “attracts thunderbolts.” Given what we know about the living conditions in the Drakensberg mountains, we will just hope the refuge from the apocalypse turns out to be somewhere with fewer roving packs of wild dogs and more Six Flags Amusement Parks.

Jubilee of the Zulu Zionists

Posted on December 16, 2013by Royal Rosamond Press


“At one spot overlooking Mandela’s compound, several hundred people gathered to watch the televised ceremony. A group of Zulu traditional dancers with spears and shields gathered nearby to pay their last respects to Mandela.”

On CBS I watched members of the Zulu Nation dancing on a hill overlooking Mandela’s memorial they were not invited to. This gathering began with the appearance of a man in white that was titled a “priest”. I believe he is a Zulu Nazarite, a member of a church I belong to.

Above is a photo of young man blowing a trumpet on a hiss, he too titled a Zulu. The Shembe Zulu Nazarites blow a long trumpet, like a SHOFAR. For this reason I believe God Himself has restored the Year of the Jubilee, which is my mission to assist God in this matter, as it was the mission of Jesus, the Jew, when he came out of the Wilderness. My local news carried the same story which I filmed.

Many years ago I dreamed I was in a house in Hebron where the Messiah of the Jews were born. His father came into the living room where very important Rabbis had performed the brisk and the naming of the child. I can still see his face. He was a secular doctor, and was confused by the attention. I them had another dream where I am walking behind the Messiah I with a joyous group on our way to the Waling Wall. I had grey hair. I have reached the age I was in the dream.

This very real prophecy is not put together as it should be, but, I wanted to get it out before this day is done. It is 12:15 A.M.


The Nazarite


A good king has one job. He must stick his neck out for the good of the people. A couple of weeks ago I am declaring I am the Fisher King and am bid to lead brave souls to Sion….BUT FIRST WE MUST GO TO SOUTH AFRICA, AND SAY HELLO TO THE NAZARITE ZULU! How many thought me mad – and not ever a mad king? The center of the universe will be South Africa tomorrow for a new brand of democracy is born!



Before I got to know Amy Amy Sargent Oles she responded to these words and sent a long distance healing – that worked! School is out. Its time to hit the road! The Holy Lance of Destiny. Yesterday I was to undress and lie down on a table because my beautiful doctor was going to try and unblock my urethra with a dicapher. There was pain, and blood. She bid me to drink water to induce urination. The…re was concern in her eyes that I might be blocked. She left me alone in the room. I looked at the bloody lance in a glass beaker. I went into a trance. Suddenly the censor light went off because ot detected no movement in the room. When we parted, after I was able to pass water, she said this. “If you get blocked, and can’t pee, and have to go to the emergency, don’t let just anyone jam a dicapher in you. Insister a eurologist do this.





Caves are frequent in the more easily eroded sandstone, and many have rock paintings by the Bushmen. The Drakensberg has between 35000 and 40000 works of bushmen art[5][9] and is the largest collection of such work in the world. Some 20,000 individual rock paintings have been recorded at 500 different caves and overhanging sites between the Drakensberg Royal Natal National Park and Bushman’s Neck.[9] Due to the materials used in their production, these paintings are difficult to date, but there is anthropological evidence, including many hunting implements, that the bushmen people existed in the Drakensberg at least 40,000 years ago, and possibly over 100,000 years ago. According to drakensbergmountains.co.za, “[i]n Ndedema Gorge in the Central Drakensberg 3,900 paintings have been recorded at 17 sites. One of them, Sebaayeni Cave, contains 1 146 individual paintings.”[10] Southafrica.info indicates that though “the oldest painting on a rock shelter wall in the Drakensberg dates back about 2400 years”, “paint chips at least a thousand years older have also been found.”[5] The site also indicates that “[t]he rock art of the Drakensberg is the largest and most concentrated group of rock paintings in Africa south of the Sahara, and is outstanding both in quality and diversity of subject.”[5]

I am the Fisher King come to awaken the Sleeping Magi for there is a comet coming and in this comet I see SION. Yesterday I was compelled to take pictures of me in my hoody. The first one was taken in my hallway where I keep my great wooden… antique fishing poles. Amy Oles pointed out my FB pic of e looks like a fisherman. Last week I ended my friendship with Mecuria Hermes when she deleted our dialogue on the Magi. I suggested we follow the comet to Sion. I told her I was considering authoring a novel about a Woman Magi. I believe I found her. What will be, will be. Yesterday I saw my beautiful doctor who is trying to heal me of my prostate cancer, my groin injury. There was blood after I was pierced in order to open the flow. She bid me to drink a lot of water. I am ION. I have come to prepare ‘The Way’. Repent! “
We are going here, after we go to Holland. This is the observatory of the Magi in Persia. Does this remind you something. From here we will behold SION.https://rosamondpress.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/babas-magi-castle-and-comet-lovejoy/



Sun 15 Dec 2013
Nelson Mandela
Zulu warriors gathered on a hill above Nelson Mandela’s burial site to say a final goodbye to South Africa’s first black president.



In Luke 4.18-19 we read of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in a Synagogue in Nazareth. He stands up to be recognized, the attendant hands him the Torah roll, specifically the roll of Isaiah, to read, and he seeks a particular, Messianic passage, Isaiah 61.1-2, Luke 4.18-19).
‘The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because God has anointed me to preach good news to the meek, he has sent me to bind up the broken of heart, to proclaim liberty to captives and to those who are prisoners, freedom, to proclaim the Jubilee year of the Lord and the day of God’s vengeance’.

The terms that Jesus was using in his discourse were those associated with Sabbatical Years, and with the Jubilee Year that was observed every fiftieth year. In this year all the debts of the poor were absolved, and slaves set free. Jubilee Years were not being celebrated by the Jews in the 1st century, yet the ordinary seven-year sabbatical cycle was very much in evidence among the Jews and Samaritans. The last time the Jubilee was celebrated was in 121 BCE.
I suspect Jesus was calling for the reinstatement of the Jubilee Year and thus the severe questioning from the Jews as to his authority to call for the freeing of slaves, the forgiveness of all debts by the poor who became slaves to fellow Jews in order to pay a debt, and, the non-payment of taxes during the Jubilee Year, which would get him in trouble with the Romans and the wealthy Sanhedrin who approved of Roman rule because it created a upper class, the very thing the Jubilee Year was designed to prevent from being permently established. The wealthy Jews who saw loss of revenue, and the return of lands to the poor tenants, tried to murder Jesus, who I suspect has produced Revelations, proclaiming himself the Alpha and Omega, the first and last days when God will have his vengeance and Judgement. The Jubilee Year began on the Day of Atonement.
Here is the proof that Jesus was preaching Orthodoxy
Jon the Nazarite
The Year of Jubilee:
Redemption and Freedom for the people of God.



However, according to the first opinion mentioned above, with the exile of the Northern Kingdom the required condition for the Jubilee to be sanctified was lost. Thus, the last time there was a biblical requirement to observe the Jubilee was about 150 years before the destruction of the First Temple.
The question remains, however, whether according to this opinion Jubilee years were designated or observed during this time by rabbinic injunction. This is the subject of debate amongst the sages.2
As mentioned above, though, today the Jubilee year is neither designated nor observed.3
And now for the answer to your question: “When is the next Jubilee year?”
We eagerly await the day when G‑d will bring our entire nation back to our homeland—including the ten “lost” tribes—and we will again resume observing the Jubilee year, as well as so many other mitzvot which we are incapable of performing until that awaited day.4
Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson


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