John Beheaded Because of Incest

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My niece, Shannon Rosamond, wrote in her message I was “disposed” by my family. I was disposed of – cast out – because I resisted – refused to take part in the family incest! The last time I talked to my mother, she said;

“You didn’t get rid of your family, they got rid of you. Do you understand what I’m talking about.”

She was coming on to me, as usual. She had told me she was the only one who could sexually please my brother. Shannon was giving me a list of the family males she claims sexually abused her. She tried to put me on the list of abusers. I told her she – and no one -has anything on me.

Christine was exposing the family incest in her disappeared autobiography. Vicki said she wanted to see me again. She was seeing two psychiatrists. I am sure they made a list together, and I was not on it. Now I know why my family did not contribute to the work of the Ghost Writers. I am sure Stacey Pierrot ‘The Caretaker’ knows of the family incest, because her good friend, Jacci Belford, does. She was Christine’s best friend who told me she was molested by her father.

Shannon’s Death Threat puts an end to my attempt to make amends with any of my blood-kin. This is a form of Death that coincides with my death – and the claim I am the embodiment of John the Baptist. The death threats from Belle and Alley’s people, after falsely claiming I am a sexual predator and stalker – go with Shannon’s threat. Kevin draws a rose on the sidewalk. At the Rose reading a rose was drawn. There is no going back to the way – I was. I understand I will be titled INSANE! Death threats – are insane!

In 1989 I began my novel ‘The Lion of God’. I have it on disc, but left my Brother and Macintosh at my apartment in Eugene. I will read from what I printed out, and video tape it. I can no longer escape from – who I am. My second death – approaches. I have been telling my friends – I am stuck – in regards to my autobiography. This is because it can not escape being authored from a Divine Place. I was doing automatic writing dictated to me by my Divine Muse. I have parents, but, I have no parents.

I believe John the Baptist was the  RECOGNIZED ‘King of the Jews’  and had the full acceptance  of the Jewish People. Why would they reject his cousin Jesus? John was a King-Priest – a Messiah. He may have had blood ties with the Herodians via MARIAmne who was a famous Beauty. We may share a bloodline. I came back as a King who confronted the family incest.

In regards to my post on the suede jacket, Shannon said this after looking at it;

“Science will prove you wrong.”

I was shocked to read this. I understood in the Incest Game, she was the winner, and would protect the Dark Information – by dancing for my head! She is the Queen of Darkness. I tried to file a police report about the alleged rape of Shannon by my father in 1988. She and Christine refused to make a report. They were going to deal with it – their way! I lost my family with these words;

“Stay out of it! This is none of your business.” Christine told me.

“Vic is my father. This is a serious allegation that affects the whole family.”

I believe Christine Rosamond died saving Drew. She was a Hero. She drowned on her first Sober Birthday. The truth could not be told. My family allowed the sale of the estate to “The Caretaker” who hired a ghost writer who depicted Christine and, weak, crazy, deluded, angry, violent, and dependent on members of MY family. Rosamond created the Dark Covert Family Rule by Incest, and ruled this system. OUR family became the devotees of her Rose Cult. Then, in order to save her life and soul, she got sober. She had brothers and sister in AA who heard family secrets. Shannon and my family, were very threatened. They did not want me around in the AD. They disposed me once again. They have been dancing for my head since 1994. They imprisoned Christine and John in their private asylum in the basement of the Rosamond Gallery.

It’s time to open our Rosy Tomb! John the Baptist was a Nazarite for life and abstained from ingesting fermented drink.

Jon Presco

‘The Nazarite’

Mariamne was the daughter of the Hasmonean Alexandros, also known as Alexander of Judaea, and thus one of the last heirs to the Hasmonean dynasty of Judea.[1]Mariamne’s only sibling was Aristobulus III. Her father, Alexander of Judaea, the son of Aristobulus II, married his cousin Alexandra, daughter of his uncle Hyrcanus II, in order to cement the line of inheritance from Hyrcanus and Aristobulus, but the inheritance soon continued the blood feud of previous generations, and eventually led to the downfall of the Hasmonean line. By virtue of her parents’ union, Mariamne claimed Hasmonean royalty on both sides of her family lineage.

Her mother, Alexandra, arranged for her betrothal to Herod in 41 BCE. The two were wed four years later in Samaria. Mariamne bore Herod four children: two sons,Alexandros and Aristobulus (both executed in 7 BCE), and two daughters, Salampsio and Cypros.

Josephus writes that it was because of Mariamne’s vehement insistence that Herod made her brother Aristobulos a High Priest. Aristobulos, who was not even eighteen years old, drowned within a year of his appointment; Alexandra, his mother, blamed Herod. Alexandra wrote to Cleopatra, begging her assistance in avenging the boy’s murder. Cleopatra in turn urged Mark Antony to punish Herod for the crime, and Antony sent for him to make his defense. Herod left his young wife in the care of his uncle Joseph, along with the instructions that if Antony should kill him, Joseph should kill Mariamne. Herod believed his wife to be so beautiful that she would become engaged to another man after his death and that his great passion for Mariamne prevented him from enduring a separation from her, even in death. Joseph became familiar with the queen and eventually divulged this information to her and the other women of the household, which did not have the hoped-for effect of proving Herod’s devotion to his wife. Rumors soon circulated that Herod had been killed by Antony, and Alexandra persuaded Joseph to take Mariamne and her to the Roman legions for protection.

Was there great fanfare when THE QUEEN OF THE JEWS entered Rome?

We’ve always known how ancient Egyptian royalty used incest to retain the sacred bloodline; this continued with the Greek, Ptolemaic dynasty ruling Egypt (after the conquest by Alexander the Great):

All the male rulers of the dynasty took the name “Ptolemy”, while princesses and queens preferred the names Cleopatra, Arsinoe and Berenice. Because the Ptolemaic kings adopted the Egyptian custom of marrying their sisters, many of the kings ruled jointly with their spouses, who were also of the royal house. This custom made Ptolemaic politics confusingly incestuous, and the later Ptolemies were increasingly feeble.

The most famous of these relationships were in the Ptolemaic royal family; Cleopatra VII was married to her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, while her mother and father, Cleopatra V and Ptolemy XII, had also been brother and sister.

Siblings: gold octadrachms of the Ptolemaic Dynasty

I suggest that this practise can be used as a marker for Hellenism in the region originally conquered by Alexander and then colonised by Greeks. Judea ruled by the Herodian dynasty is one example.

John the Baptist vs. Paul
The only New Testament parody that is widely known to have a non-canonical counterpart is the spectacular Gospel tale of John the Baptist’s execution, supposedly demanded by Salome in compensation for the lascivious dance she did for her stepfather, Herod the Tetrarch (aka Herod Antipas). The Gospel versions do raise the issue of an illicit marriage, but their treatment of this is quite garbled, whether because they were working off incomplete sources or were just confused. In fact, it was actually John’s agitation against “fornication” and “incest”, in general, and with regard to Herod in particular, that cost him his life. Herod had divorced the daughter of the neighboring Arab ruler Aretas in order to obtain a more advantageous marriage to Salome’s mother, Herodias, who was King Agrippa I’s sister and so his own niece. Niece marriage was an important strategy of the Herodians for extending and integrating power but was regarded by the resistance, and no doubt much of the public, as fornication. Hence, the issue was central to deligitimizing the Herodian family, i.e., helping to consolidate the popular sense that they were foreigners who did not keep Jewish law or customs. (Robert Eisenman’s “New Testament Code”)

Incest was common among this family; two examples:

Herodias, King Agrippa’s sister is immortalized in the New Testament as the femme fatal who instigated the execution of John the Baptist. According to Josephus, she was first married to her uncle Herod, son of King Herod and Mariamme (II) daughter of the high priest. They apparently had one daughter Salome (II). Later, however, according to Josephus, a visit to her house by another uncle—Herod Antipas, son of Cleopatra of Jerusalem—made her abandon her husband in order to marry his brother (Ant. 18:110). This, according to the New Testament, was the reason for John the Baptist’s condemnation of Antipas’s rule (Mark 6:17–18; Matthew 14:3–4). Jewish law saw such a marriage as incest. (Herodian Women by Tal Ilan)

“Judea Capta” issued by Herod Agrippa II

The New Testament mentions Berenice’s presence with her brother at Paul’s trial (Acts 25:13). Even in rabbinic literature she is mentioned as the queen alongside her brother [Herod Agrippa II], the king (BT Pesahim 57a). In two sources this constant companionship is interpreted as incest. One source is the Roman satirist Juvenal, who mentions their relationship in passing as a well known fact (Juvenal, Saturae 6.155–158). The other is Josephus, who claims that rumors of the siblings’ inappropriate relationship led Berenice to seek a third match (Ant. 20.145–146). (Berenice by Tal Ilan)

In Greece, there were restrictions on incest:

Greek law allowed marriage between a brother and sister if they had different mothers. For example, some accounts say that Elpinice was for a time married to her half-brother Cimon.
Incest is mentioned and condemned in Virgil’s Aeneid Book VI: hic thalamum invasit natae vetitosque hymenaeos; “This one invaded a daughter’s room and a forbidden sex act”.

And, of course, they had Oedipus has an example.

Cleopatra VII offering to Isis, 51 BCE

Rome also placed limitations:

Roman civil law prohibited marriages within four degrees of consanguinity but had no degrees of affinity with regards to marriage. Roman civil laws prohibited any marriage between parents and children, either in the ascending or descending line ad infinitum. Adoption was considered the same as affinity in that an adoptive father could not marry an unemancipated daughter or granddaughter even if the adoption had been dissolved. Incestuous unions were discouraged and considered nefas (against the laws of gods and man) in ancient Rome. In AD 295 incest was explicitly forbidden by an imperial edict, which divided the concept of incestus into two categories of unequal gravity: the incestus iuris gentium, which was applied to both Romans and non-Romans in the Empire, and the incestus iuris civilis, which concerned only Roman citizens. Therefore, for example, an Egyptian could marry an aunt, but a Roman could not.

This places Judea under Herodian rule within the Ptolemaic cultural orbit, even when the rule of Cleopatra VII gave way to Rome. This is how incest is a marker.

Considering how Chrestianity came from Ptolemaic Egypt and included Egyptian and Herodian Chrestians identified earlier, we can say that incest is practised, recognised and allowed within the Chrestian elite.

Saul would not criticise the Herodian monarchy, of which – as a descendant of Costobarus – he was a part:

What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. (1 Corinthians 5)

The Damascus Document lists the objections of the Qumran community to the ruling class and incest is a prime example of this.

We see how even in modern times, men create cults with the intention of gaining sexual access to nubile females and so it was with the Herodian monarchy, who were, basically, dirty old men willing to abuse their power for self-gratification and the pleasure of corruption. Chrestians were unpleasant people by any measure.

Earlier in G+: Incest in the period of Messianic Judaism

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