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Several days ago, Marilyn Reed, told he her sister Shana loved the show she put on at the Hult Center, and wants her to co-author a book together. Shana co-authored ‘Fela – This Bitch of a Life’ that became a off-Broadway hit that I asked Belle Burch if she wanted to see with me. I had conducted an interview with Marilyn about my chapter ‘Sawtelle’ a neighborhood Shana and M grew up in.

I am considering turning this chapter over to these beautiful sisters – if they help my vision come to fruition! We have been working on ‘Love Dance’ or ‘My Big Beautiful Bicycle’ on a level ‘The Muses’ created for us. Shana does not read by blog. It’s time she does.

Marilyn was good friends of the Pasternack family. Joe fled Hitler, came to Hollywood, and made musicals. The major theme of a good musical is “The show must go on!”  There are obstacles that come close to closing the show – before it’s premiere. Marilyn was a co-producer. When Shana saw one of the performances, she was inspired to author her half of the story. A professional video of the show is due out any day.


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I have been conducting interviews with Marilyn Reed, the wife of Kenny Reed, whose band ‘Stone Cold Jazz’ conducted poetry readings at the Granary for three years. I and Izzy Whetstein read there. Izzy is a original Merry Prankster who was in the movie ‘Animal House’. He and Kenny were in a follow up movie about a frat house that the city of Eugene – tore down! Why? It would have made a great tourist attraction that would have generated much money for the Kenites’. I say Kenites, because years after Kesey died, no one can do anything, or be anyone, or resemble Ken in any manner. We are the City of The Half Dead’. We lost our stadium, our bowling alley, Ken’s cottage, Animal House, The Downtown, and now Kesey square. We are real? Compared to what?

An hour after I posted this, I watched our President talk about DIVERSITY. Kenny and…

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