Saved By A Wild Rose

Yesterday I was visited by The Spirit of The Wild Rose of Liberty. Alas, I have my daughter and grandchildren back with the divine intervention of a woman author and Journalist. She is The Vehicle I have sorely needed, and have been searching for. With her, I can complete my Family Rosary. I am still waiting to hear back from the City Government of Belmont regards to photographs of my family members. How come Cynthia McCarthy was allowed to copyright My People, and why is The City of Belmont promoting the sale of a historic book.

Belmont Soda Works – Reborn | Rosamond Press

On September 11, 2011, I copyrighted my family names and the City of Belmont. How could members of the BHS miss this post? If you google MY family names, it comes up. How many citizens hated the religious ideas that I put forth – as a Nazarite? Is this why not one of them contacted me to help me in doing a simple genealogy – with real family history? The Mormon have a religion that learned Christine scholars – don’t buy. Yet, they have helped millions do their Family History – with Family Tree!

I own a Special Copyright giving to Ministers to protect their sermons and other writing. Have my Fist Amendment Rights been violated? You can find my copyright at the very bottom blended in with the link to the Daughters of The American Revolution. McCarthy’s book was published March 31, 2014.

Belmont Legacy of Carl Janke | Rosamond Press

After I took my daughter and newborn grandson to the Janke-Stuttmeister crypt, I thought about us, or just Heather, getting into the wedding business at Belmont in order to support herself and her child. I am going to suggest this to her as part of our reconciliation. Being related to founding families has always been exploited in business practices.

EXTRA! I just discovered the Belmont Parks and Recreation are SELLING wedding events! Is the City of Belmont MAKING REVENUE off my family history? I have long thought about conducting weddings as a Nazarite. I now see using the Belmont Soda Works bottle as a ritual device, wherein is The Water of The Baptist that I conduct a Baptism with. The happy couple will take the Vow of Nazarite for seven years.

I just discover there was a Shantytown that used to be shacks for duck hunters, like the ones that were off the entrance to the bay bridge that I captured in my painting I did in 1964. My friend and I tried to get to one at low tide. We were thirteen. Doirs Vannier is the daughter of Carl Janke, and thus my kin. Family Researchers are very thorough and should be encouraged – and never discouraged. Russ Estep would agree. I believe his copyright is still good. I will consult a copyright attorney.

The Old California Barrel Company | Rosamond Press

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

“The Belmont Historical Society was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving artifacts of Belmont’s history. All of our collections are stored in the History Room, located in the back of the Manor House in Twin Pines Park. (Handicapped access is available in the front of the building.)

“While some of our archive has been digitized and is available online, the majority of our collection (photographs, articles, oral histories, etc) is stored in the History Room, available for your perusal. One of our volunteer docents would be happy to answer any questions you might have about local history. Belmont (McCarthy) and Heritage of the Wooded Hills (Dewing), both written by local residents about Belmont’s past, are available for purchase.

The History Room is open the first four Sundays and 1st/3rd Wednesdays of every month from 1-4 PM, holidays excepted. Feel free to stop by!”

The California Barrel Company – Site Title

Belmont (Images of America): McCarthy, Cynthia Karpa: 9781467131353: Books

Weddings at Twin Pines Park | City of Belmont

Beautiful Meadow Ceremony
Sunflower wedding Lodge patio banner

Departments » Parks and Recreation » Rentals

Weddings at Twin Pines Park

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Congrats… It’s time to celebrate!

Celebrate your special day at Twin Pines Park. We have many options to host both large weddings or intimate gatherings. High beamed ceilings, shining hardwood floors, original artwork, modern light fixtures, and beautiful natural light are some of the special touches you will find in our facilities. Nestled among the giant, majestic redwoods and the delicate beauty of ginkgo and wisteria, our venues provide the perfect place for indoor/outdoor events. 

“Midway between San Francisco and San José, Belmont is where an Italian count reconstructed his villa transported from Italy, where a silver king created “the White House of the West,” and where the Warlocks, a fledgling 1960s rock band, honed the sound they would make famous under another name, the Grateful Dead. Spanish explorers called Belmont’s vales “la Cañada del Diablo,” or “the Devil’s Canyon,” either after the locally famous winds or because the native Ohlone believed the canyon to be inhabited by spirits. Belmont’s historic advantage of being on the bay side of the shortest route to the Pacific coast meant easier access to another type of spirits during Prohibition, fueling a minor red-light district across the tracks on Old County Road. A century or more ago, Belmont’s wooded hills attracted sanitariums and prep schools. Today, its woods and trails draw residents from more developed neighboring towns. The Family Wedding in Belmont that took place at Ralston Hall, is a key part of present day history do to the many wedding being performed in the Hall. Who Married Who is vital in making historic family trees. “

Belmont History Book | City Calendar/Events | City of Belmont

Belmont Historical Society |

Belmont Legacy of Carl Janke

Posted on September 11, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

Months after my sister’s death I went to the Sacramento Library and looked at microfish about a legal battle between the heirs of Carl Janke’s estate in Belmont that appeared in the San Francisco Call. I lost the copy I made of that article that I am certain mentioned William O. Stuttmeister, and the sisters of Augusta Stuttmeister-Janke. Carl’s sons did not want Minni and Cornillia, to have anything, and one brother (or cousin) took their side, and was cut out. This has to be William, or W. JANKE. “The bride was attended by Miss Alice Stuttmeister, a sister of the groom, and Miss Minnie Janke, a sister of the bride, as bridesmaids, and Dr. Muldownado and Wm. Janke, a cousin of the bride, were groomsmen.” When Victor Presco turned twenty-one, the the Janke spinsters offered him a moving company in San Francesco. Apparently they saw him as the heir to the Stuttmiester legacy, and the Hope of a return to former glory because they had no children. How about their brother, William? Rosemary said this; “Your father was a made man.” Two days ago, in an e-mail, my cousin Daryl Bulkley confirmed my suspicions that ‘Stuttmeister’ was not the original name of the folks from Berlin. I suspect they were a branch of the Glucksburg family who became Calvinist Evangelicals, and perhaps Rosicrucians. In the top photo we see Minni and Corniallia Janke in the family vault that William Stuttmeister purchased for $10,000 dollars to put the reains of the Jankes and Stuttmeisters in after they were evicted from the Oddfellow cemetery. That William Ralston was a Oddfellow that put up a large sum of money to establish the Oddfellows in Germany – and perhaps elsewhere – makes me wonder about his alleged suicide by plunging into the bay. I am reading articles on the internet about the Oddfellows being the founders of the Welfare State in America, where being charitable to the poor, the infirmed, and the widows, was paramount. They also paid much attention to burying their dead, which suggests they believed in a different hereafter. As a theologian I have pointed out the strange raising of the dead in Matthew 27:53 at the very moment of Jesus’ alleged death.

I suspect Judas was given thirty pieces of silver to purchase Jesus’ tomb, and Jesus was about to practice the ancient Judaic ritual called of the RESUSCITATION, where the soul of the diseased enters the body of another. I believe this is why those who take the Nazarite Vow are bid to keep their distance from the dead. That the Oddfellows titled women as Rebekahs, suggests they are Rechabites, who have been associated with the Nazarites who composed the first Christian church called “The Church of God”. That Jesus came to be seen as God “the Father” is a usurption that began with Paul of Tarsus. That the fall of the Oddfellows in the Bay Area happened overnight, and all traces of their demise, all but disappeared, tells me there was a real Judas and purge. That Daryl pointed out in her research that we knew next to nothing about the Stuttmeisters, whose tomb was lost until seven years ago, tells me William Stuttmeister retired to the Geronimo Valley a disillusioned man, who played a rare violin, and left his Stuttmeister-Janke legacy to his housekeeper. And then he is dead, his remains put in the vault that I went to visit with my daughter and grandson. Before I left for California I told my friend Joy Gall, that I wanted a AA coin to put in this tomb in honor of Christine Rosamond Benton whose funeral fell on he first sober birthday in AA. As I lined up to view my sister in her casket, I did consider the Nazarite Vow I took in 1989. As fate would have it, I ended up putting this coin in William Oltman Stuttmeisters crypt because there was an opening made by the earthquake of 1989.

On this coin is an Angel. In 1992 I began a biography of my family called ‘Bonds With Angels’. It begins with an account of the Blue Angel that appear at the foot of Christine’s bed that woke her and Vicki, who crawled into Christine’s bed and beheld her. Vicki was six years of age, and is clean and sober this day. The Nazarite Vow bids one to not ingest alcohol, not get drunk, so that the Holy Spirit may speak through you, use you as a Horn of Power to broadcast the Word of God. When I entered the tomb of my ancestors and sat down on the marble bench, I noticed the letter A made of brass lying behind the faux fern plant. I picked it up. It was the A in JANKE that had come lose in the earthquake. I looked up at the stained glass window and read; “In loving memory of my beloved wife, Augusta Stutteister,” Was Augusta the Angel that came to visit my sisters? May our bonds with Angels continue – forever more! Amen! Jon Presco

Daily Alta California, Volume 42, Number 14175, 24 June 1888 STUTTMEISTER-JANKE. One of the most enjoyable weddings of the past week took place at Belmont, Wednesday morning last, the contracting parties being Miss Augusta Janke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Janke of Belmont,
and Dr. Wm. Stuttmeister of San Francisco. The house was handsomely decorated with a rich profusion of ferns and flowers, and at the appointed hour was filled with the relatives and intimate friends
of the contracting parties. At 11 o’clock the wedding march was played and the bridal party entered the parlor. The bride was attended by Miss Alice Stuttmeister, a sister of the groom, and Miss Minnie Janke, a sister of the bride, as bridesmaids, and Dr. Muldownado and Wm. Janke, a cousin of the bride, were groomsmen. The Rev. A. L. Brewer
of San Mateo performed the beautiful and impressive ceremony under an arch composed of flowers and greens very prettily arranged, after which the guests pressed forward and offered their congratulations. The bride was attired in a very pretty and becoming costume of the crushed strawberry shade, and wore a corsage bouquet of orange
blossoms. She carried a handsome bouquet of white flowers. After the guests had paid their compliments the bride and groom led the way to the dining-room, where the wedding dinner was served and the health
of the newly married pair was pledged. The feast over, the guests joined in the dance, and the hours sped right merrily, interspersed with music singing and recitations, until the bride and groom took their departure amid a shower of rice and good wishes. Many beautiful presents were received. Dr. and Mrs. Stuttmeister left Thursday morning for Santa Cruz and Monterey, where they will spend the honeymoon. On their return they will make their home in Belmont. 1911: Dr. Willian O. Stuttmeister was practicing dentistry in Redwood City, CA. (Reference: University of California, Directory of Graduates,

1864-1910, page 133).
Records from Tombstones in Laurel Hill Cemetery, 1853-1927 – Janke
– Stuttmeister
Mina Maria Janke, daughter of William A, & Cornelia Janke, born
February 2, 1869, died March 1902.
William August Janke, native of Hamburg, Germany, born Dec. 25,
1642, died Nov. 22, 1902, son of Carl August & Dorette Catherine Janke. Frederick William R. Stuttmeister, native of Berlin, Germany, born
1612, died January 29, 1877.
Mrs. Matilda Stuttmeister, wife of Frederick W.R. Stuttmeister, born
1829, died March 17, 1875, native of New York.
Victor Rudolph Stuttmeister, son of Frederick W.R. & Matilda
Stuttmeister, born May 29, 1846, died Jan. 19, 1893, native of New
York. california-s/records-from-tombstones-in-laurel-hill-cemetery- 1853-1927-gua/page-6-records-from-tombstones-in-laurel-hillcemetery- 1853-1927-gua.shtml Copyright 2011

Belmont Legacy of Carl Janke

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press

Two days ago I was invited to join the facebook group ‘Festival of Eugene – Planning Committee’ by Krysta Albert, who is the founder of the substitute Eugene Celebration, and owner of wedding company. She gave me her phone number and we talked about me sharing my ideas. I looked forward to sharing my family history in regards to the Theme Park my kindred founded in Belmont California, that I believe is the first Bohemian Festival in the Bay Area, if not the west coast. In my book ‘Capturing Beauty’ I will link this park with the festival on Magic Mountain.

Ted Cruz rips new ‘Humans of CIA’ video: ‘We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne’ (

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized a “Humans of the CIA” video recently released by the agency, writing late Monday: “We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne.”

Democrats are backtracking over claims US is a racist country (

“Hear me clearly,” the South Carolina Republican said last week. “America is not a racist country. It’s backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. And it’s wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present.”

Russia Says U.S. Seeks ‘Absolute Dominance’ in Military, but Putin Won’t Allow It (

Speaking with the RIA Novosti news outlet, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova evaluated the recent efforts by U.S. President Joe Biden to expand the Pentagon‘s anti-missile infrastructure by spending an estimated $18 billion for new interceptors in Alaska.

She argued this project, along with new defensive and offensive systems deployed abroad, “can and is already leading to serious consequences in the security sphere.”

“It is upsetting the strategic balance of power in the world and spurring an arms race, including missiles,” Zakharova said.

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