The Old California Barrel Company

Jack London studied Communism. I guessed at what the wharf area of Belmont looed like when I had Victoria Rosamond Bond, and Miriam Starfish Christling come to Belmont to investigate the California Barrel. Company. Jack’s parents were psychics, I believe involved in Remote Viewing. Company. I saw the coming War of Words between the United States and China. I posted on the facebook of Jon Rosamond yesterday. I introduced him to the Sea Lord Caspar John who is the son of the artist, Augustus John, who is kin to Ian Fleming. The Bohemian Ghost (Caspar) fleet has landed in Bohemian Belmont. The knight under White Mountain – ride out to meet the enemy!

When I began the Royal Janitor I founded a THINK TANK – my think tank! It sits at the end of this wharf in Bohemian Belmont. There is a fading sign facing the Bay….

‘The California Barrel Company’ 


“Look for the man wearing a barrel!

I get $789 dollars of U.S. Government money to live on. No government has got their monies worth like my government!

“Bond!……James Bond!”

“Hello boys! Do you mind if this Old Salt pulls up a chair and joins you?”

China bashes US over racism, inequality, pandemic response (

In Defense of Communism: Jack London- How I Became A Socialist (

To return to my conversion. I think it is apparent that my rampant individualism was pretty effectively hammered out of me, and something else as effectively hammered in. But, just as I had been an individualist without knowing it, I was now a Socialist without knowing it, withal, an unscientific one. I had been reborn, but not renamed, and I was running around to find out what manner of thing I was. I ran back to California and opened the books. I do not remember which ones I opened first. It is an unimportant detail anyway. I was already It, whatever It was, and by aid of the books I discovered that It was a Socialist. Since that day I have opened many books, but no economic argument, no lucid demonstration of the logic and inevitableness of Socialism affects me as profoundly and convincingly as I was affected on the day when I first saw the walls of the Social Pit rise around me and felt myself slipping down, down, into the shambles at the bottom.

Battle At Think Tank

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

This photo of me has been popping up in My Think Tank that I founded yesterday. We are going there, next. Having Victoria Bond’s bodyguard being half Russian is a tell.

William Stuttmeister Janke

A war over Russia has erupted at the Atlantic Council (

In a very rare public battle at a prominent Washington, D.C. think tank, almost two dozen employees and fellows at the Atlantic Council have issued a statement slamming two of their colleagues for writing what they see as a pro-Russia article on the think tank’s website.

Emma Ashford and Mathew Burrows, two senior experts at the Atlantic Council, on Friday published an article that said the U.S. should not focus on human rights in its dealings with Russia and wrote that “democratization in Russia would not necessarily be good for US foreign policy interests.”

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John Presco

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Victoria found the old California Barrel Company in a old phone directory. There were two of them. One was located in the Dogpatch area south of San Francisco, and the other offshore of Belmont on the really old Wharf Road. Making their way carefully down the rickety wharf to the house that sat at the end of it, they passed a chicken coop. Just as they were about to knock at the door, it flew open, and there stood a jovial Santa-looking gentleman in his seventies!

“I knew I was going to have company today! My name is William Stuttmeister Janke, the proprietor of the original California Barrel Company. I’m going to have to fix my ladder and get up there and freshen up my fading sign. Are you looking to buy some barrels?”

“No thanks!,” said Victoria. “We came to talk…

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