Tyler Hunt of Wolfen House

No modern twenty-three year old California Woman is going to start an e-mail with “Dear Daddy”.  Heather had trouble picking up the phone for me, she was so busy (or so she says) but, here she is, a non-writer and reader, composing a grammatically correct e-mail in response to MY DESIRE to have my grandson baptized at the Carmelite monastery located fifteen miles from where – my family – lived!

Patrice and I were once engaged until she picked a fight with me at Jack London’s ‘Wolf House’ which is very ironic, because my Rosamond/Rosemont ancestors are associated with The Wolf. I had read a plaque whereon is described how London’s wife fought outsiders to keep her husband’s legacy intact, and in the right hands.

“This is what is happening to us! This is why it is so profound that you and Heather came into my life. I have an Heir!”

What upset Patrice, were the words “I have”.  All of a sudden her face turned angry and grey!

“Are you saying Heather gets all her talent from you, just – YOU!”

I was in shock. I had just explained I was Christine’s mentor, who gave me credit for her Fame&Fortune! This is what ‘The Outsiders’ were after. They were not after Dear Mommy&Daughter – as far as I knew! I did not know I was put – and kept – in the dark!

“Well!” I said, ignoring the suggestion from my divine intuition – to be quiet! “If you understand genetics, then you know creative gifts tend to be passed down in the family.  Are any of the Hanson’s famous artists?

The look I got told me I had blundered into the Valley of The tyranny of Women and Mothers, because all women want to give birth to Divine and Gifted Children in order to prove – they are superior to everyone – especially the father. Oops!

This question really pissed me off, for, this Witch did not allow me to help raise our daughter, which is the other source of Creative Gifts. Instead she put my genetic material in the arms of a Thug, a Ex-Convict, who could play the harmonica. Does Patrice believe some of Randall’s musical gifts rubbed off on HER daughter? Was she – generous towards her Lover Boy, the Great Imposter?

What ‘Capturing Beauty’ is about, is, how folks give themselves the permission to take what does not belong to them, what they are not worthy – to own! What STORY did Patrice come up with in order to feel justified in STEALING A MAN’S BABY? The world of fairytale and Folklore – is full of explanations! So, in my suggestion, I cleverly planted a Fairy Seed, so when Tyler Hunt comes of age, he will own the legacy his illustrious ancestors – meant for him! Tyler will unite our families!

The Story of Rosamond

by Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Once upon a time the Silk Weavers of Rougemont went on Crusade. They beheld brave knights heading to the Holy Land with a cross on their tunic, a Coat of Arms designed with Jesus in mind. He was their Lord, and the Lord of the Land where they go to shed their blood. An artist, known for his lace design, step forth;




Dear Heather;

I have been hearing for some time your desire to have Tyler baptised, this coming through loud and clear on the psychic airwaves along with chatter from Victoria Mary, my excomminicated sister. She frets that Tyler will not go to heaven. Right?

I just talked to a woman at the Carmelite monestary and there will be a regular service on Easter Sunday at 9:00 AM. We can attend. Because I am a minister in the Universal Life Church, I can perform legal Baptisms. We can do this at the beautiful fountain. I can purchase a cirtificate and fill it in. There will be no dunking, just a splash of water. I am a Nazarite.

03/28/06 at 10:29 AM

Dear Daddy,

Honestly, it hasn’t crossed my mind to have Tyler baptized.  Maybe it was my subconscious you were hearing.  However, now that you mention it, it might be nice to do that.  Shortly after Tyler was born I wanted to invite family and friends to gather in welcoming Tyler into to this world, but I never got it together.  So his birthday party will sort of be like that.  I am hoping that it won’t rain for his party.  I am thinking that if it looks like it might rain we can have the party at my house.  My room is a nice sitting area now and Heidi has a tent for the porch.  Ryan’s room mate has an outdoor heater we put on the porch to make things cozy.  I’ll put that on the invitation as a rainy day option.  Any how, I hope you are doing well.  Tyler is sick again.  He woke up with a fever at 103.2 so I put him in a cold bath and gave him some Tylenol.  The fever is down and now he is napping.  Poor baby.  I will talk to you soon.






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The Rosamond Woolen Mill will never be overcome!


Clue of the Rose Thread


Mill 075

Mill 066

Mill 064

Mill 022



AAAROSEBennett Rosamond and I look alike. At the Mill I asked our guide, Bill, about a “weaver’s needle”. He showed me an object that could not have been what the Rougemonts wore on Crusade. We talked to five elderly women in the weaving room, and they concluded the needle was a spindle. I found myself in a living Fairy Tale, and Templar Legend.

On the floor of the mill was wool. We were given a sample to touch. The woman next to me asked if we could keep it, and gave half to me. See photo above of my piece of yarn.

Here is a post made October 3, 2011

The Rosenmund cote of arms contains a cross. Only a family that went on crusade can put a cross on their shield. This cross is made up of a weaving hook, according to the Rosamond family genealogists, and was worn as a tunic pin by the Rougemont Crusaders. What this cross is, is a spindle. The Knights Templar of Fontenotte had a spindle on the marker outside their chapel where in the place of roses, they have two camels that represent the Outremer, the Kingdom of God that was lost to Islam. It is time to awaken that kingdom from a long sleep.

The Templar cross is a spindle viewed from the top. We see it laid down on the monument. This is my revelation after attending a weavers convention at the Lane County fairgrounds where I saw a spindle that looked like a cross. I talked to an expert who was present, and he said this cross design had been around before the Crusades. This is evidence my Rosamond/Rougemont ancestors were Knights Templar.

Grimms named Briar Rose, Rosamond. She is pricked by a spindle and falls asleep. Her father’s kingdom falls asleep with her.

My grandfather, Royal Rosamond,was born of two roses, William Thomas Rosamond, and Ida Louisiana Rose. My mother was Rosemary Rosamond. Her mother was Mary Magdalene Rosamond. My late sister was Christine Rosamond Benton.

Gottschalk Rosemont gifted the Vatican with a large building that contained the weavers guilds of the Netherlands. This became Leuvain College where his grandson was master. Gottschalk Rosemont was the master of Falcom Art College, and wrote a book ‘Confessionals’ that he signed with the image of a rose, that is the same rose the Royal Family of Holland wear, but, in full bloom. This is the emblem of the Swan Brethren.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Above is the Rosamond cote of arms that has a cross made of a weavers needle on a mount with two flowers. You can not have a cross in your cote of arms unless your kindred went on crusade. Did the Lords of Rougemont and Florimont go on Crusade? I believe they went as Knights Templar.

The Rosamond family were weavers for countless generations. Surely we took interest in the story of Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps, it is a family yarn whose woof and weave connects us to the bloodline of the Swan Knight? Hans Ulrich Rosemond was a weaver. Ulrich means “wolf ruler’, and Hans is John.

A month into World War Two, German troops entered the city of Louvain and utterly destroyed it because freedom fighter were allegedly sniping at the Kaizer’s men. Atrocities were committed. Nuns were stripped naked in search of weapons. Citizens were herded off to concecration camps. Louvain College was burned to the ground along with four Art Colleges. One of them was the Falcon Art College of which my ancestor Godeschald Rosemondt was the Master. Was his artwork lost in the flames?

Above is a photo of Rosemondt’s book that he signs with a Rose and Mont. There is a Habsburg cote of arms and a emplem for the Falcon College. The Rosemondts were members of the Swan Brethren who wore a pen of a closed rose surrounded by thorns.

Here is the story of the Sleeping Beauty Princess named Rosamond and a beautiful city full of Artists and Thinkers that is destroyed because of the Kulturekumpf (cutlure war) The Kaizer is waging against Catholics. Louvain is a famous Cathlic University that was established in a Weaver’s Hall donated by another Godeschalk Rosemondt. Losing a Weaver’s Rebellion, many weaver families fled to England.

I just found out about the destruction of Louvain this morning. I believe much of the Rosemondt Family history was lost. I believe I was born to raise it from the ashes. I am The Rose of the World.

The cote of arms of Louvain depicts a open book with empty pages. Consider the Faun showing Ofelia the book of the Crossroads – the Rose Crossroads. The Louvain atrocity preceeds the atrocities of Franco against the Freedom Fighters of Spain, and the Jews of Germany. Louvain was a portal into the future, a bell that sounded a warning.

A Seer said I go each knight to a place the Rosicrucians discovered called ‘The Catherdral of the Souls’ where I have a reserved seat at a great wooden table. There is a hood figure standing behind because I am……..The One.

Awake and rise my dear Roses! Arise!

John Ulirch Rosemond

Copyright 2012

Peter Rosemond further reported
information from the Records Office in Basle that “before Basle the
family resided in Holland up to 1338, and it is said they descended
from the estate Rosemont, near Belfort, in France, where also the
village Rougemont is found.” A family coat-of-arms was registered
in Basle about 1537 when the first Hans became a resident there. A
reproduction of this coat-of-arms in the writer’s possession shows a
weaver’s crook conspicuously, and it will be remembered that in
Ireland our people were linen weavers and farmers, and that Edward,
the elder, was a weaver in this country. Peter Rosemond had seen in
print the letters from Erasmus to Gotschalk Rosemondt. He noticed
that a seal used by a Rosemont in Holland, bearing a jumping fox,
was like an emblem he had noticed in a wall of the house Rebleuten-
Zunft in Basle. This seal dated back to 1430, whereas the coat-of-
arms above mentioned dates from 1534, it seems.

World War I was barely one month old when the German forces, fighting their way through neutral Belgium, committed one of the worst atrocities of the war. A crime against humanity, the burning of Louvain on August 25, 1914 was also a crime against history. Louvain was a medieval city on the road to Brussels with a famous university and a library that held priceless medieval works. According to historians John Horne and Alan Kramer, “Louvain was a genteel city, inhabited by wealthy retired people, academics, priests, monks, and nuns.” German troops, however, destroyed the city, skillfully placing the blame on the Belgians, accused of attacking and killing German soldiers and officers.

Six gifts were given to Rosamond at her christening.

-Beauty. The first faerie gave the princess the gift of being the most beautiful person in the world.
-Wit. The second faerie gave the princess the wit of an angel. Wit is intelligence and cleverness.
-Grace. The third faerie gave Rosamond wonderful grace. Grace is charm and elegance. The princess must have grace to be a pleasant person. Grace will also help her treat her subjects in way that will make them love her as their leader.
-Dance perfectly well. The fourth faerie gave Rosamond the gift of being able to dance perfectly well, an important feature at a royal court.
-Voice like a nightingale. The fifth faerie gave the princess the voice of a nightingale, to be able to sing all kinds of music. People with beautiful singing voices are usually held in high esteem.
-Be able to play all kinds of music. The sixth faerie gave Rosamond the gift of being able to play all kinds of music. The ability to perform music was held in even higher esteem before recorded sound.

The seventh gift was a curse, and the eighth gift soothed it.

-Spindles. The seventh faerie said Rosamond would have her hand pierced by a spindle, and that she would die from the wound. This was somewhat undone by the eighth faerie, who said that Rosamond would not die from the wound, but fall into a profound sleep which would last a hundred years, and from which she would be wakened by a King’s son. – Rosamond only needs a small prick from a spindle, and she falls asleep. She can only be awakened from this sleep by her husband, Prince Phillip.

History: Princess Rosamond was born the daughter of a king and queen, as most princesses are. At her christening, seven faeries were invited to be her godmothers, and a great feast was held. Unfortunately, an eighth faerie appeared, and she was mightily offended to not have been invited to this grand occasion. One of the faeries hid to be able to speak last, and somewhat lift the curse of the eighth faerie. Princess Rosamond was given the gifts mentioned under Magics.

Of course, nothing could be done to prevent such a thing from happening, and Rosamond had her hand pricked by a spindle, and she fell asleep in the highest tower of the castle. The whole castle fell asleep along with her, courtesy of the eighth faerie. And while the castle slept, the thorn bushes grew high around the castle so that the princess would not be disturbed by any curious people. Many years came and went, but no prince came to the castle to awake the princess.

Finally, a prince heard about the beautiful princess in the castle behind the thorn hedges, sleeping and waiting for the prince for whom she was reserved. He instantly vowed to save her, and approached the castle.

Princess Rosamond was awakened by a kiss, and it was of course love at first sight for both of them. They talked, falling more and more in love, and the Prince had the good sense to not tell the Princess that she was dressed like his great-grandmother where she laid in the bed. Not losing any time, the Prince and Princess were married that very evening by the castle almoner.

When our troop train reached Louvain, the entire heart of the city was destroyed, and the fire had reached the Boulevard Tirlemont, which faces the railroad station. The night was windless, and the sparks rose in steady, leisurely pillars, falling back into the furnace from which they sprang. In their work the soldiers were moving from the heart of the city to the outskirts, street by street, from house to house.

In each building they began at the first floor and, when that was burning steadily, passed to the one next. There were no exceptions — whether it was a store, chapel, or private residence, it was destroyed. The occupants had been warned to go, and in each deserted shop or house the furniture was piled, the torch was stuck under it, and into the air went the savings of years, souvenirs of children, of parents, heirlooms that had passed from generation to generation.

The people had time only to fill a pillowcase and fly. Some were not so fortunate, and by thousands, like flocks of sheep, they were rounded up and marched through the night to concentration camps. We were not allowed to speak to any citizen of Louvain, but the Germans crowded the windows of the train, boastful, gloating, eager to interpret.

John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Heather;

I have been hearing for some time your desire to have Tyler baptised, this coming through loud and clear on the psychic airwaves along with chatter from Victoria Mary, my excomminicated sister. She frets that Tyler will not go to heaven. Right?

I just talked to a woman at the Carmelite monestary and there will be a regular service on Easter Sunday at 9:00 AM. We can attend. Because I am a minister in the Universal Life Church, I can perform legal Baptisms. We can do this at the beautiful fountain. I can purchase a cirtificate and fill it in. There will be no dunking, just a splash of water. I am a Nazarite.

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